Furniture plays a pivotal role in creating healthy atmosphere of your home and describing your personality. Read about the best ideas on how to choose furniture and the best furniture stores and what the most common issues you need to beware of

The most pleasant trend of 2018-2019 is having nothing in your home but things that bring you joy. Furniture and decor become more flexible. There is the rise of the vegan home which includes meditative colors, rattan, warm materials like wood, natural fibers, furniture made entirely from sophisticated recycled materials like plastics, cans, smartphone screens etc. Not to get lost in the vast diversity of options, read the following tips on how to choose the best furniture.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Furniture

Choosing furniture can become a real challenge. It is an investment in your home, creation of a comfortable life and display of your personality. Thus, you should take into account so many things which are as follows:

1. Furniture design and shape

If you think about a furniture piece, you should choose solid and heavy construction. Try to avoid particleboard and light aluminum frames. The best pieces are made of solid wood frames which guarantee longer life of your furniture. However, if you’re going to change the position a lot, choose engineered wood. Don’t forget about a silhouette, general shape, and finish.

The fabric is also important. For example, if you going to use a piece of furniture frequently, choose a darker fabric. As for trends, tables, dressers, cabinets, and even floors should be designed with ornately patterned inlaid bone tile add dimension and texture to a room. Tactile fabrics like velvet and enveloping silhouettes are going to grow in popularity in 2018.

Tips to choose the best furniture

2. Your living space

The average room size is critical when choosing furniture. The best device you need is a measuring tape. Measure the room to ease up your task of choosing the pieces that will fit in best. When you need furniture for small spaces, the best options are to choose multiple functions and built-in pieces. For example, ottomans can be used as a coffee table or an extra seating, a floor-to-ceiling storage can contain everything from books to a media center.

Small living room furniture stands for everything that has more than one function. Designers also recommend creating space beyond the furniture (so-called float furniture). All the seating should be low as it keeps the space from feeling crowded. Perfect furniture for small spaces may become, for example, a swing-arm lamp. It doesn’t occupy a lot of place and draws the eye upward.

3. Theme and interior décor

Pick a theme that suits you and the whole interior of the house. You can find a wide range of styles to choose from: classic, contemporary, modern, minimalistic, Scandinavian, rustic, transitional and coastal. Don’t forget about details: colored lifestyle furniture can display your bright personality.

Try to match the furniture with the walls or existing pieces of furniture, curtains and covers, doors and window frames. Think of accessories which also add a personal touch to the home.

4. Furniture on a budget

If you need inexpensive furniture, take advantage of last season’s offers and discounts. For example, a furniture set of last year’s design may be priced lower than a single piece of a brand-new item. And you can also find what you need in used furniture stores. However, you should be very cautious to the signs of bed bug infestations like dark spots on furniture, bed bug eggs and eggshells about 1mm and white.

Thus, inspect secondhand furniture, beds, and couches before bringing them home. Wash all items and dry on the highest setting for at least 20 minutes. The heat from the dryer kills the bugs, vacuum luggage and then empty it, or seal and dispose of its bag outside of your home after each use.

5. DIY furniture

Breathe new life into your furniture with new paint, stain and sealant ideas. Homemade furniture is much cheaper than new. It gives you a perfect opportunity to express yourself and your lifestyle. There are many things to upcycle. Good examples of DIY furniture can be to use old doors to make coffee tables, desks or an old ladder to make a towel rack, etc.

6. Healthy home

The up-to-date trend is organic and non-toxic furniture. If the healthy home is important for you, you should consider buying not only affordable furniture but green and chemical free. For example, particleboard manufacturing involves the use of formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program. If you suffer from allergy, the best variant is to choose leather and vinyl furniture. A good quality leather sofa is expensive but at the same time easy to clean.

Choose sofas and chairs where the base is raised on legs and does not sit on the floor. As for fabric, it should be cleaned more often than leather. However, the organic fabric doesn’t mean hypoallergenic because such materials as wool can still cause allergies. A leather coach doesn’t also mean that it is organic. The leather industry uses many carcinogenic chemicals and solvents that are very toxic.

So, try to avoid plastic, artificial fabrics, MDF, press board, particle board, and plywood with toxic glue. To correspond to modern requirement some manufacturers started to produce lines of eco-friendly and recyclable furniture. Check out your furniture with GREENGUARD  Certification which helps buyers identify interior products and materials that have low chemical emissions.

How to Choose the Best Furniture Store

A consumer should consider a lot of aspects while choosing a furniture store as each shop offers a huge selection of items and pieces and promises a lot. To single out the one that will fit your needs, consider the following factors :

Warranty and company policy regarding product guarantees

Warranty should cover defects resulting from material and/or workmanship like cracking and peeling. Most shops provide you with manufacturer’s (factory) warranty. It can be one-year, five-year limited and lifetime warranty. The last is, of course, the best. So, read the fine print on the warranty. Don’t forget to save your sales receipt. There are also optional extended protection plans. They are not a warranty.

Warranties cover manufacturer issues with the product. Plans help protect your new furniture from accidental stains and damage caused by you or someone in your home. They provide service for stain removal, repair, and replacement of irreparably damaged items. The kind of services depends on the plan type you chose. Customers should review carefully the warranty coverage and optional protection plans offered by a furniture store to make the right decision.

Return policies

It includes information on how many days a customer has to return a product, details about the refund (credit or replacement), who pays for shipping to return the product. All merchants are required to post their return policies. If a shop doesn’t post it, a customer has a right for a refund within 30 days of purchase with a receipt or purchase verification provided.

Pay attention: most stores do not refund delivery, transportation. In case of any violation concerning return policies, you can notify the consumer protection division of your local district attorney’s office, or file a complaint with this office using online complaint form


Consider pricing and analyze why this item is more expensive than that, pay attention to suspiciously low prices for furniture which may be of low quality and whether they are competitive. The price should be reasonable for the type, complexity, and materials of the products.

Delivery and its cost

Sum up delivery fees and product cost. If the fees are unusually high, you may want to move on. Some stores offer free delivery or provide with a free lightweight truck rental service for customers in case you buy in bulk. Additional fees may be applied for delivery on specific time, e.g. at the weekend and public holidays and to remote locations. You should also ask whether the delivery includes product assembly and installation by delivery staff and if not, about their cost.

Measurements on any product

Some unethical stores will alter photographs or arrange sets so that their furniture looks far larger than it actually is. Checking measurements ensures you won’t order a high chair and end up with a low stool.

Company’s website

The best online furniture stores should provide its physical address and offline contact information. Read their “About” page. It should express a commitment to offering beautiful products at competitive prices from high-quality sources and ensure that their products and services stand out from others. Also, check how often company updates its website and assortment.


Make a detailed research about the product; compare some websites that sell similar pieces and their prices. Examine details and the construction of every piece which should look well-constructed. Read consumer’s reviews about the product and its quality on websites like

top furniture issues

The Most Common Issues with Furniture to Beware of

While buying furniture, consumers expect it to be of good quality. But sometimes their expectations aren’t met and furniture buyers may face some issues among which are:

1. Furniture peeling

It is one of the worst and wide-spread problems. After a report of NBC5, they got more than 500 complaints connected with furniture peeling. One of the pissed customers  told:

“...Within six to eight weeks it was coming off in sheets..."

Thus, furniture peeling led to $125K in refunds.

In another Ashley Furniture review, a person wrote:

“...Every day, all day, with chronic back pain, I pick up pieces of the sofa and loveseat. I find pieces on my clothing and in the shower ... everywhere! I weigh 98 pounds and have no pets. The sofa and loveseat continue to peel and come apart. There is no excuse for such poor quality...”

As a result, a customer is very disappointed with the quality.

2. Misleading warranty terms

In this Rooms To Go review, a person shares bad experience with warranty. The person purchased the "extended warranty.

“We purchased a living room set, master bedroom set and kids bedroom set along with the warranty for all. We also purchased the "stain resistant coating."

However, when the consumer found strain and called the customer service, the service tech told that that was an area stain and walked away. The disappointed customer called such a warranty as “a waste of money”.

3. Allergies

Nowadays, manufacturers use toxic materials. When buying furniture, it is good to smell it. In this Ashley Furniture complaint, a person complains about toxic gassing from a piece of furniture:

“...I have had this for WEEKS now & even sit it out on my screened porch all day to no avail. Still smells as strongly toxic as it did when I first opened it!!!! I have now removed it from inside my house & the air still reeks of it even with my ceiling fan directly over where it was on high & all of my windows open! This smell got into my clothes & skin & gave me severe headaches, made my nose develop swollen turbinates, & chronic cough from lingering in my head & chest...”

The customer tried to figure out why it smelled so toxic but the store said it was ok and refused to take it back. 

4. Issues with delivery

Sellers should abide not only the agreed delivery date but be cautious with the maintenance of items. In this Bob’s Discount Furniture review, a person purchased furniture and asked for the definite time of delivery. However, the reviewer received a damaged piece. The Pissed Consumer wrote:

“...Delivery was made and China cabinet was damaged and never even entered my home. Delivery man called Bob's before even leaving and I was told a replacement would be added to the Saturday deliveries. Never received my call with time window, so I called back. Got the total run around for more than an hour on the phone with no definitive answer for my delivery...”.

As a result, a person paid a delivery fee of $250.00 but didn’t get adequate customer service.

To protect customer’s legal right, check out the agreed delivery date which should be written on the contract of sale. Before concluding the sale, you may also request the seller to include a clause which states that if the ordered furniture is not delivered by the agreed date, the trader will be charged a daily penalty until the goods ordered are delivered.

Buying a piece of furniture is a big commitment. It improves the interior of your home but at the same time influences your health and the whole atmosphere of a house. Before purchasing the furniture and deciding on a furniture store, read the above-mentioned tips to make the right decision and to avoid regrets.

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