Different consumer questions have arisen from the CliqStudios reviews on the PissedConsumer website. Some of the top CliqStudios complaints and questions are in regards to how to contact customer service, CliqStudios replacement and/or refunds policy, CliqStudios vs IKEA, and CliqStudios financing and delivery options among others.

We looked through the CliqStudios reviews and identified the following CliqStudios FAQs.

  1. How can I reach out to CliqStudios customer service?
  2. What financing options does it offer?
  3. Does CliqStudios.com offer warranty for their products?
  4. What are the delivery options?
  5. What is www.cliqstudios.com return policy?
  6. How does CliqStudios compare against IKEA?
  7. Is it any good?

Top 7 FAQ to CliqStudios

We then went ahead to find answers to your top CliqStudios FAQs from the company’s website, CliqStudios customer help response to consumer reviews and complaints on PissedConsumer, and other reputable websites.

1. How can I reach out to CliqStudios customer service?

The PissedConsumer website provides the following contact information that you can use to reach the CliqStudios customer service by following

CliqStudios Customer Service phone numbers:
(888) 350-1242, (612) 425-2725, (888) 995-1348
CliqStudios Fax: 877-675-4394
CliqStudios Email: customerservice@cliqstudios.com
CliqStudios Headquarters Address:

5600 West 83rd Street 8200 Tower, Suite 400
Bloomington, Minnesota 55437
United States

You can also get support via the CliqStudios social media networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

CliqStudios contact info

2. What financing options does CliqStudios.com offer?

According to the CliqStudios financing page, the company has teamed up with Bread to offer customers a Pay-Over-Time financing option. To determine whether you qualify for Bread’s Pay-Over-Time financing option, CliqStudios provides an easy to follow pre-qualification process.

CliqStudios has teamed up with Bread® to offer our customers a quick and easy way to apply for financing. With simple, straightforward terms, and easy-to-understand monthly payments, Bread® can turn your CliqStudios dream kitchen into reality

CliqStudios financing options

They also provide a payment estimator on the finance page that enables you to estimate your monthly installment payments to Bread depending on your purchase value.

CliqStudios payment estimate

The Pay-Over-Time option with bread works as follows: You work with your CliqStudios designer to finalize your design. Once both of you have finalized the design, process the order and on the payment section, select the Pay-Over-time payment plan to be able to make easy payments at members.greatbread.com

CliqStudios payment options

3. Does CliqStudios offer warranty for their products?

One of the top complaints about CliqStudios cabinets has been in regards to damages on the products on delivery. CliqStudios, on their warranty page offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The warranty is only valid for residential application and runs from the day of delivery of the products. It does not cover defects that result from improper handling, installation, storage, intentional damage, negligence, or accidental misuse.  Repairs and replacements are at the discretion of CliqStudios.com

CliqStudios limited lifetime warranty

The warranty does not cover natural variations in products that result from exposure to the environment.  For instance, woods may vary in their color, texture and exhibit changes as they age and these variations are not covered in the warranty.

What does CliqStudious warranty cover

Additional limitations and disclaimers include that: the warranty is null and void for orders shipped outside the lower 48 united states. The limited warranty is only limited to the original buyer and is not transferable. CliqStudios shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages to the purchaser or third-party including damages that arise from personal injury, loss of profit, economic losses, loss of property among others.

CliqStudios warranty limitations

You can table your complaints against CliqStudios cabinets in writing and submit your replacement claim to the following address:

“Cliqstudios.com Claims Department,

5350 W 78th St.,

Minneapolis, MN 55439.”

Once the claim has been received, CliqStudios will inspect the cabinets and accessories and at their own discretion will either replace or repair defective cabinets and accessories.

4. What are www.cliqstudios.com delivery options?

The company offers free shipping on orders over $2,500.  CliqStudios notes that they work with various dedicated carriers across the lower 48 states to make the deliveries. Once your order is ready for shipping, the logistics support staff will get in touch with you to notify you when to expect delivery and who your delivery carrier will be.

According to the CliqStudios delivery page, the standard order lead time is between 4 and 6 weeks for production and delivery.

You may also incur additional charges depending on the layout of your home and the specific place where the cabinets and accessories will be offloaded to. For instance, if you have a narrow driveway or the driveway has low-hanging branches that restrict easy access of your home by a 28’ box truck, your delivery is considered a limited area delivery and will be charged an additional $250.

On the other hand, if your delivery location qualifies as a restricted area delivery characterized by either remotely rural area, or the delivery will need to be carried upstairs, or a ferry will be required or any other conditions that make delivery by a 28” box truck inaccessible, you will need to get in touch with CliqStudios customer service for a delivery charges quote.

CliqStudios delivery options

CliqStudios also provides particular shipping details in regards to delivery schedule, charges, delivery address, and estimated shipping dates. The details include that the person receiving the order should be at least 18 years, deliveries are made Monday-Friday between 8 am and 5 pm and no deliveries are made on public holidays among others.

CliqStudios shipping policy

5. What is CliqStudios’ return policy?

According to the CliqStudios returns policy page, the company provides a 30-Days Return Policy in the event that you have mistakenly ordered a product or you have changed your mind about the order. Once you have returned the product, CliqStudios staff will receive and inspect it, and you will be reimbursed for the product less a 25% restocking fees. You will also not be refunded for return shipping costs.

However, CliqStudios provides a caveat for the returns on products as follows:

All Return & Replacement orders must be authorized by Customer Service

  • Product that has been installed is not eligible for return
  • Modified product (by CliqStudios.com or Installer) is not eligible for return
  • Custom modified cabinets, specialty cabinets, power assisted products and custom accessories are not eligible for return
  • Designer Paint Collection cabinet colors are not eligible for return
  • All returned product must be in original packaging”

In addition, the customer bears some responsibility in the return. For instance, the customer is responsible to open and inspect immediately after they receive it and then request a return or replacement order as soon as possible. The customer also incurs the cost of return shipping.

CliqStudios cabinets return policy

According to the CliqStudios cabinet reviews, a number of customers have had to seek a replacement for orders delivered that were damaged during shipping or that fell short of the standards of manufacturing.

“…The initially looked like quality cabinets but when they arrived the cabinets were damaged and had quality control issues…

The company offers a no-charge replacement policy for such cases under the conditions that either products were damaged during shipping or damages are covered in the Lifetime Limited Warranty or that they do not meet CliqStudios manufacturing standards. You can replacement claim by contacting CliqStudios customer service number or emailing the customer support.

CliqStudios replacement policy

6. How does CliqStudios compare against IKEA?

IKEA and CliqStudios are both independent companies, owned and operated separately. While both companies offer furniture, CliqStudios specializes in kitchen cabinets and accessories while IKEA offers a wide range of home furniture, appliances, and accessories.

IKEA products and services

Another main difference between IKEA and CliqStudios is in regards to geographical market reach. IKEA has over 52 stores worldwide and caters to customers across the globe through its online store. On the other hand, CliqStudios only caters to 48 States of America.

7. Is CliqStudios.com any good?

On the PissedConsumer reviews website, as of the date of writing this article, CliqStudios has an average rating of 3.7. The company’s YouTube channel banner indicates that CliqStudios was nominated for the 2018 Houzz Service award.

CliqStudios rewards

With that said, a look through the CliqStudios reviews on PissedConsumer reveals that customers have had different experiences with CliqStudios.

According to the CliqStudios kitchen cabinets reviews, there are customers who were fully satisfied with CliqStudios and gave the company a 5-star rating. Others, were satisfied with certain aspects of the business and dissatisfied with other aspects, while some customers expressed complete dissatisfaction with the company’s products and service delivery. The most common CliqStudios complaints are in regards to poor customer services, returns and replacements and quality of the products.

Below is a CliqStudios cabinets review, in which a customer who was fully satisfied with the company and gave the 5-star rating:

I couldn't have been more pleased with clique studios. The service was not only excellent through the whole process, but the follow up afterwards was …

This reviewer was satisfied with the quality of the products but referred to delivery, assembly and CliqStudios customer service and gave the company a 2.8-star rating.

The cabinets themselves are good quality (except for the unfinished bottoms so that you can see plain color wood if you put any cabinets up high at all, though that's not totally uncommon but did not expect at this price point). The delivery, assembly and customer service relating to a number of incorrect items was a nightmare...

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