From the Hayneedle customer reviews and Q&A segments on PissedConsumer, it is clear that customers have questions and complaints against Hayneedle. The most common Hayneedle complaints and questions are in regards to poor customer service, delivery and shipping, Hayneedle return policy, warranty, Hayneedle contact information, and Hayneedle products among others.

We looked through Hayneedle reviews and identified the following Hayneedle FAQ:

  1. How do I contact Hayneedle customer service?
  2. Is Hayneedle Inc any good?
  3. How long do deliveries take?
  4. Why were my products never delivered?
  5. What does the warranty cover?
  6. How do I return my products?
  7. What are the career opportunities available at
  8. What types of products does the company offer?

Top 8 Hayneedle FAQ

Here are the answers to your Hayneedle FAQ according to and other reputable websites.

1. How do I contact Hayneedle customer service?

PissedConsumer on the Hayneedle contact page provides Hayneedle phone numbers including a toll-free number and business sales number.  PissedConsumer also provides additional Hayneedle contact information such as the Hayneedle Chat link, company headquarters address, links to the various social media pages like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and also indicates the time when you can reach Hayneedle customer service.

Hayneedle Toll-Free Phone Number:

(888) 880-4884

Hayneedle Business Sales Phone Number:

(866) 736-2084

Hayneedle Customer Service Hours
Mon - Fri 7 am - 12 am ET
Sat - Sun 8 am - 8 pm ET

Hayneedle Sales Assistance Hours
Mon - Fri 8 am - 12 am ET
Sat - Sun 9 am - 12 am ET”

Hayneedle Headquarters Address:

9394 West Dodge Road, Suite 300 Omaha, Nebraska 68114-3319 United States  

2. Is Hayneedle Inc legitimate?

According to Hayneedle’s About Us page, the company is driven by the following four main core values: integrity, relationships, innovation, and accountability. Hayneedle also indicates that they are committed to offering customers an incredible selection of products, unbeatable value, and top-rated customer service.

Is Hayneedle legitimate

The Hayneedle Customer Satisfaction Guarantee promises customers great products at great prices.

Hayneedle customer satisfaction guarantee

On PissedConsumer, Hayneedle has an overall rating of 1.8 as at the date of writing this article. According to the Hayneedle reviews on PissedConsumer, most reviewers are dissatisfied with Hayneedle products and customer service.

I have ordered one desk and chair set for my daughter and I paid $211.36

when the product arrived it was damaged. The table"s main part was damaged we contacted them and they told they can give a discount. I told I can not give more than $50. They told return our product, we returned the product and expecting our money back.

But from their customer care, they are returning only $94.44 plus tax. Can you imagine that?...”

The most common Hayneedle complaints include wrongful billing, low quality of products, poor customer and delivery services, unexplained cancellation of orders, and unfavorable Hayneedle returns policy. On the other hand, some customers like the wide array of Hayneedle products, the quality of some of them and the fair pricing.

3. How long do deliveries take?

According to the Hayneedle shipping and deliveries page, you can find shipping and delivery details for each product in the shipping section of each individual page.

Hayneedle shipping policy

The Hayneedle customer help centre indicates that delivery times for each product may vary based on the size of the product and the delivery location. The company provides a “check arrival & shipping cost” calculator on individual product pages that you can use to estimate the delivery date for various methods of shipping. The total delivery time includes both the time taken to process your order and the time taken to ship it.

Hayneedle delivery service

For instance, if you are buying a Hayneedle TV stand, you can estimate the delivery time for it by going to its product page. Under deliveries and returns, enter your zip code, and country. You will be presented with the shipping options available, how much it would cost and when the product would be delivered to you shipping address.

Hayneedle delivery options

To view the status of your Hayneedle order, go to the track order page. You will be provided with a form where you fill in your order number, the first and second name or the email address of the person who will receive the delivery and you will be able to look up your order.  If you don’t have your order number, get in touch with Hayneedle customer service.

Hayneedle notes the following in regards to tracking your order:"

  • Tracking is available only after an order has shipped.
  • Packages shipped via freight may not have accessible tracking information for up to 48 hours after you receive the tracking number.
  • Some items require special shipping arrangements and may not be trackable.”

4. Why were my products never delivered?

Some of the top Hayneedle reviews on PissedConsumer are in regards to customers never receiving products they ordered. In some cases, the products get lost in shipping. Some customers have reportedly received a call letting them know that their deliveries will be arriving in a few hours only for the delivery not to arrive and several weeks have passed.

Here is such a case:

 “Purchased a bathroom vanity from Hayneedle but bought through Ebay. Also  through EBAY. The product was lost in shipping…”

The company in Hayneedle FAQ advices that if you have checked your order status and there are some discrepancies or if your order is not delivered within 5 days of the scheduled delivery date, you should get in touch with the Hayneedle customer care. The team will help to locate your order and resolve the issue.

What should I do if I didn't receive my Hayneedle order

With that said, Hayneedle reviewers on PissedConsumer have expressed frustration with the Hayneedle customer support when they reached out to seek help for orders never received. Some complained of their phone calls and emails not being answered while others felt that they were being take around circles with no real help being offered.

5. What does the Hayneedle warranty cover?

Hayneedle does not offer a standard warranty on products. Rather, warranties are available by suppliers or manufacturers of specific products. To determine whether the product has a warranty cover, go the product page and scroll down to see whether there is a warranty provision.

If there is no warranty segment, then the product does not have a warranty cover otherwise the section will stipulate the terms for the warranty. Since the warranty is provided by the manufacturer or the supplier, in case you need to make a claim, you will have to get in touch with the supplier or manufacturer’s customer service team.

For instance, the Klaussner Pantego Fabric Queen Sleeper sofa, is supplied by Klaussner Furniture that provides the following warranty terms:

Klaussner products include a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and springs of applicable items as well as a 1-year warranty on cushions, fabric, and construction.”

Hayneedle warranty

6. How do I return my Hayneedle Inc product?

The Hayneedle returns policy allows customers to return products if they are dissatisfied. On their return center, Hayneedle indicates that if you are not satisfied with your product you can return it within 30days from the delivery date as long as the product is eligible for returns. Orders placed between November 1st and December 31st have a return window of up to January 31st.

To determine whether a product is eligible for Hayneedle returns, sign in to your account and go to your order’s page. Beside each ordered or bought product is a return/exchange link. When you click on the link, you will be able to see whether the particular product is eligible for returns.

If it is, start the the returns process. You will be issued with a return merchandise authorization (RMA) that you should print and include on the return package.

You should return the product in its original packaging. Outside the packaging, include the RMA number, your contact information, the return address, order number and your reason for return.

Depending on the reason for returning the product, you may incur the return shipping cost.  Hayneedle notes that shipping fees are non-refundable.

Once Hayneedle receives your returned order, they will credit your original payment method with the amount charged for the item. In the case of a gift certificate, you will be refunded with an in-store credit for an equal amount as that of the gift certificate or gift.

Hayneedle return policy

7. What are the career opportunities available at

At different times, Hayneedle has different job openings that are listed on the careers page on the job openings section.

According to the life at Hayneedle page, Hayneedle employees are driven by four core values (integrity, relationships, accountability, and innovations). They also enjoy numerous benefits such as competitive benefits package, 401k match, bonuses, paid time off, casual dress code, employee discount on products, open communication, family-friendly activities, weekly meditation classes, employee assistance programs, ongoing learning, and lunch&learn sessions among others.

Hayneedle job opportunities

Hayneedle also offers periodic internships opportunities for students studying different courses including graphic design, human resources, quality assurance, merchandising, systems, internet applications development, various technology courses, user experience design, and web application development. Usually, interns are brought in as full-time employees upon successful completion of their internship program.

8.  What types of products does offer?

According to the Hayneedle home page, it is evident that the company offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor home furnishing, electronic, and decorations products. Their selection of products includes home furniture, outdoor furniture and accessories, home décor products, bed and bath products, kitchen and dining furniture and equipment, pets’, babies’ and kids’ furniture, and equipment as well as storage equipment.

Hayneedle products

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