As at the date of writing this article, Amora Coffee has:

  • An average 1.7 rating.
  • Out of the total 658 Amora Coffee reviews, 246 are 1-star reviews, 57 are 2-star reviews, 23 are 3-star reviews, 17 are 4-star reviews, and, 26 are 5-star reviews.
  • So far, only 4 issues have been resolved.

Some of the most common complaints against Amora Coffee include poor customer service, and unclear returns, refunds and cancellation policies and procedures. According to the Amora Coffee complaints, some customers had difficulty getting through to the customer service team, others encountered rude customer service representatives, while others did not get their issues resolved.

In regards to returns, refund and cancellations, customers reported being unable to make cancellations and having difficulty with returning products and getting refunds. These Amora Coffee complaints are the reason some customers have referred to Amora Coffee as a rip-off.

“…I tied to cancel. They claimed they would. They refused and charged any way. They refuse to answer there phone. I'm not sure their website is valid”

However, some customers have had a satisfactory experience with the company according to Amora Coffee review #1179771. Some of the things that satisfied Amora Coffee customers like about the business include the high quality of coffee, helpful customer service, and the convenience of the business.

I see the complaints are mostly due to people not teasing the contract before their infinitely order was placed. I've used Amora with zero complications, slays have exactly what I want, delivered on my schedule. This is NOT a scam, it's a luxury product and should not be ordered until ALL the details are read and understood...

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