Top Consumer Questions to Companies

Since the launch of the Q&A section on the PissedConsumer website, many consumers have asked different questions to the various companies. These questions are mainly in regards to the products or service offered, billing, and operational issues that the consumers encounter in the course of using a particular product or service.

While consumers are constantly asking many questions, some companies may not respond promptly. In some cases, the company’s customer care team does not come forth to address the questions, or they address some but not all questions.

top questions about companies and products

At, we understand how frustrating it can be to not have your burning questions answered. As a company, we are strong advocates for the consumers’ right. We not only give you a platform to air your concerns, review companies, and seek assistance on any issues you may have, but we are also keen to ensure that you get the consumer help you need.

How Does PissedConsumer Choose the Top Consumer Questions to Companies?

While we continue to encourage the various companies to come on board and address the top consumers’ FAQs, we have taken it upon ourselves and pick the most commonly asked consumer questions and find their answers.

Usually, customers who have previously used the specific company’s services come to the company’s page on to ask questions, leave a review, or present issues they may have. We go through a given company’s Q&A and reviews sections on Pissed Consumer and identify the most commonly asked questions and issues.

Then these frequently asked questions are grouped into the “Top consumer questions to companies” articles.

Where Does PissedConsumer Take the Answers to the Top Consumer Questions to Companies From?

The answers provided in the top consumers’ questions to companies’ articles are taken from the company’s website pages including the help center, About page, Q&A page, FAQs section, Terms and Conditions, Privacy policy, Blog, and Forum.

In most cases, the companies have clearly stipulated the answers to the various questions in one part or the other of their website. If not, we also look at the various reputable online resources such as forums and blogs that are dedicated to the particular company or topic to find answers.

We ensure that the answers we provide respond to your questions or address your issue. For instance, we may provide an answer from the company’s help center and then back it up with more information from the Privacy policy or the Terms and conditions pages. If further explanations are needed on a particular issue, we provide the necessary clarification as per the facts provided by the company.

Please note that answers provided on the PissedConsumer “Top Consumer Questions to Companies” articles do not present our opinions, ideas, recommendation, or advice. Rather, all the information is a restatement of the information provided on the specific company’s website or other reputable sources.

What are Top Consumers’ Questions and Issues on

The most frequently asked consumers questions vary from company to company, and niche. Generally, they are about technical, billing and operation issues that affect the consumers. Below is a list of some of the most common issues that come up in the top customers’ questions and reviews:

  • How to activate or cancel a subscription?
  • How to change profile details?
  • How to sign up, log in, and delete user accounts?
  • How to manage chats, messages, and notifications in dating apps.
  • How to use apps and deal with the difficulties when using them?
  • How to get refunds and dispute wrongful billing?
  • How to resolve payment and credit card issues?
  • How to deal with ticketing, reservation, and luggage policy problems?

Feel free to post your answer under the question or a comment under a review if you have an answer or a solution to the given issue.

What Should you Do if Your Question Hasn’t Been Addressed in Pissed Consumer Articles?

If your concern has not been addressed on our website or the company’s website, contact the company through the contact information provided on the customer service tab on the PissedConsumer page of the company. If you want to draw the attention to issues in regards to a given company, post a review on the PissedConsumer website.

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  • credit card issues
  • customer help
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  • delivery issues
  • how to cancel subscription
  • how to contact a company
  • how to get a refund
  • payment issues
  • reservation problems
  • reviews about company
  • top consumer questions

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