A recent issue related to problems with Rushcard, Netspend, and Global Cash Card direct deposit spiked people’s interest (and concerns). It appears that a large number of cardholders who deposited their earning onto any of these three prepaid cards issued by MetaBank were unable to get a hold of their paychecks.

MetaBank confirmed that their ACH (Automated Clearing House) application, which is responsible for transferring funds electronically, was the stumbling block that caused all the trouble, but people still have significant Rushcard/Netspend/Global Cash Card direct deposit complaints and queries. Below, are the top consumers' questions about the three prepaid cards and details about their use.

Most Frequently Asked Netspend Questions 

  1. When will my Netspend direct deposit be available?
  2. How do I find my routing number and account number for direct deposit?
  3. How do I activate my prepaid card?
  4. Which government benefits can I have direct deposited into my account?
  5. How do I contact Netspend Customer Service?

Top Rushcard Consumer Questions 

  1. How to get a direct deposit on a Rushcard?
  2. How do I set up direct deposit?
  3. How do I contact Rushcard customer service?
  4. How do I unlock my locked account?

Global Cash Card Questions 

  1. How to get direct deposit on Global Cash Card?
  2. How do I contact Global Cash Card customer service?

Netspend FAQs, Rushcard FAQs, Global Cash Card FAQs

Most Frequently Asked Netspend Questions

When will my Netspend Direct Deposit be available?

According to Netspend customer help, you should be able to access your money immediately after the funds are deposited to your card account. There are some requirements that need to be met, though, so electronic direct deposits are credited successfully to your card account. The company states that:

  • You must have an active card account – This means that you should have loaded or used the card to purchase or withdraw cash in the past 90 days.
  • The account should be in good standing.
  • The card account’s name should be the same as the one linked to the direct deposit.

How to get Netspend Direct Deposit

If your Netspend direct deposit funds are not available, you could be one of the many cardholders that have been affected by the Netspend.com temporary technical issues reported.

“NetSpend I've been with them for years, and on yesterday 10/15/18 I didn't received my funds, I usually get it between 1 to 2 days earlier but in this day it was nothing, I contact payroll and everything was clear on their end I was informed by my employer to contact NetSpend back, but no me being the loyal customer I am I said ok I will give them another day, so 10/16/18 I called again the Rep […]

I HAVE BILLS TO PAY SO HE SAID THE SAME 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS OR WORSE, […] They don't care when I realize there's more than myself involved, the thing is why must werun behind what we work hard for to be missing guided […].”

How do I find my routing number and account number for Netspend Direct Deposit?

The Netspend customer help “Adding Money” section is particularly helpful in this case too as it mentions explicitly four ways that could provide you with these two phone numbers for your Netspend direct deposit:

  1. Call at customer care phone number 1-866-387-7363 - Choose the “Other Services” option, which will automatically give you the required information.
  2. Text DIRECT to 22622 – This applies to those that have signed up with Anytime Alerts. You will receive both the account and routing number via text.
  3. Go Online – As soon as you log in to your account, click on “Direct Deposit” (from the main menu). You should see the required information in a grey box (on the right-hand corner of the screen).
  4. Get it via mail – If you have just ordered your Netspend card, you will be provided with instructions as to how to get the required numbers when you receive the card in the mail.

Note: You need to have your card activated and your information verified so you can track the routing and account numbers.

How do I activate my Netspend prepaid card?

The Netspend customer service does not mention any specific details. However, you may scroll down to the bottom of the Netspend home page and click on the “Activate Card” option. Then, follow the steps required.

How to activate Netspend card

Alternatively, we have found a handy YouTube video explaining a step-by-step process. According to the video instructions, you need to:

  • Go to the Netspend Home page and click on the “Activate Card” tab on the right side of the screen.
  • Type in the number of your card.
  • Type in the security code (the 3 digits printed at the back of the card).
  • Use the same username and password that you used to log in to your online account center.
  • Verify your identity by answering some simple (yet personal) questions, like your Social Security Number and the city in which you were born.
  • Create a 4-digit PIN.

Note: Sometimes, the company may require additional details. In this case, you will have to call the toll-free number on your screen so company reps can help you with the process.

Which government benefits can I have direct deposited into my Netspend.com card account?

According to the Netspend Help & Support section, all the government benefits listed below can be directly deposited into your card account:

  • Regular payments (i.e., pension)
  • Social Security payments
  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service Payments (DFAS)
  • Veterans Administration Compensation and Pension
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • State unemployment benefits
  • Railroad Retirement Benefits (RRB)

Which payments can be direct deposited on a Netspend card?

How do I contact Netspend customer service?

Many consumers’ questions have to do with how they can reach out to a company rep. Netspend lists a toll-free number (Netspend customer care number is 1-866-387-7363) to call if you need to contact Customer Service any day of the week (the fastest way to communicate with them). However, they also provide two extra ways to contact them (1) via email (customerservice@netspend.com), (2) via mail.

What is Netspend.com customer support phone number

You may also share your concerns, questions or worries through their social media pages (G+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn).

Top Rushcard Consumer Questions

How to get a direct deposit on Rushcard.com?

According to the information on the Direct Deposit consumer help section you only need to:

  • Log into your Rushcard account and complete the Direct Deposit form or the blank form.
  • Choose the sum you wish to deposit.
  • Submit the completed form to your Benefits Manager (or Human Resources alternatively).

The company says that you will start getting automatic deposits within two pay periods. However, some consumers are complaining about Rushcard delayed deposits.

“Payroll was done on Oct 12 at about 12:30 pm. It is now Oct 16th and I still have not received my deposit. I spoke to someone yesterday and he stated that my payroll was received but still processing to be deposited. I have tried to call 5 different times today and I cannot get through. I emailed them about 4 times and I get an email back stating that they did receive my direct deposit however there is a delay in processing it…”

How do I set up Rush Card direct deposit?

The Rushcard FAQs section covers this question quite efficiently. All you must do is to complete and to send a Rushcard Direct Deposit form to your benefits provider or employer (see the answer above). If you are handed over a direct deposit form by your employer or benefits provider, then complete it with the following details:

  • Bank Name – MetaBank (member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or FDIC).
  • Routing Number – Fill it out with the number “073972181”.
  • Account Number – This field requires your Deposit ID number that you may get in three ways: (1) text “DD” to 697974 (if you have signed up for text alerts), (2) click on the Rushcard Direct Deposit customer support section , or (3) use the Rushcard mobile app (for both Android and iOS users) and select the option that reads “Set up Direct Deposit”. 

Note: There is also an explainer video that shows you how to set up Rushcard Direct Deposit.

How do I contact RushCard customer service?

A: Rushcard customer support team is available 24/7 and can be reached via phone number (Rushcard toll-free number is 866-787-4227), email or other Rushcard contact info includes mail and Contact Us online form.

Rushcard toll free number

How do I unlock my locked Rushcard.com account?

If you have lost access to your account, you may retrieve account login in three steps, starting here. However, according to a Time magazine article and the Rushcard complaints we have received, it appears that several users had their accounts locked down without warning (or obvious reason) a couple of years ago while many cardholders’ funds had also gone missing from their accounts.

If this happens to you, and you have had several failed login attempts or money missing from your account, you need to report any suspicious activity immediately. You may consider:

  • Contacting Rushcard customer service team.
  • Filing a police report at the local police station.
  • Placing a fraud alert via one of the three major credit bureaus, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Global Cash Card Questions

How to get direct deposit on GlobalCashCard.com?

The Global Cash Card FAQs section gives a clear idea of what is required, meaning you need to (1) log into your card account, and (2) download the direct form to your employer/HR/Payroll office. Of course, you must have registered yourself as a new user before anything else. To do so, go to website home page, and follow these steps:

Step #1 – Click on “Login/Sign up”

How to sing up for a GlobalCashCard.com account

Step #2 – Click “Sign Up Now!”

How to get direct deposits on GlobalCashCard

Step #3 – Fill out the necessary information.

How to activate a Global Cash Card account

How do I contact Global Cash Card customer service?

Global Cash Card customer service team is available 24/7. You may call them (888-220-4477 - Global Card Cash toll-free number in the USA), complete an online form and hit “Submit”, or mail the company.

If you still have unanswered questions, you may:

  • Use our Q&A section and ask a question to NetSpend, Rushcard, or Global Cash Card. We will try to get an answer for you.
  • Check out our free customer call feature and find contact details for the company you are interested in reaching out to.
  • Read or you may write a review for Netspend, Rushcard or Global Cash Card. Many times, some consumers that have faced a problem similar to yours in the past provide valuable insight or handy advice. 

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