Canceling an order does not appear to be possible with Figi’s. According to the FAQ page about order cancellations, “changes or cancellations may not be possible.” Check what can be done in case your Figi's pre-approved credit has been canceled in the part "What Is Figi’s Pre-Approved Credit?"

Figis cancelation policy

The company encourages patrons to ensure that the order is correct before actually submitting it online.

One PissedConsumer user found this out the hard way. In the  Figi’s complaint, the person states that when the consumer called “...for assistance with incorrect order...” the “rep claimed old orders were canceled and new correct ones would be placed.”

After calling multiple times about the status of his orders, the customer was told “…I called in too late to cancel any orders and there were no notes in the system from the previous calls stating that any orders were to be canceled, thus this rep insinuated that because their people put no notes into their system as to the nature of the call that I was lying…

After “being charged $800 for two orders when both were finally supposed to be canceled,” ...the customer was offered “a 25% refund...

Have any other questions about the company cancelation policy, call Figis toll-free phone number.

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