The company does allow discounts and coupons. In fact, Figis promo codes can be sent directly to customers who sign-up for special offers with the company. Those who receive Figis promo codes for free gifts or discounts must meet the criteria of the promotion. 

Fiigis promo codes faq

On the Free Gift page of the Figis FAQ section, the company explains that for a Free Gift offer, customers must place a minimum order of $25 as well as provide the Figi’s discount code. The printed Figi’s catalog or email would have additional information about how to use a particular coupon code or promotion.

Figis discounts faqs

In a separate page about Free Gifts, Figi’s also explains that the only one code can be used per order and that no changes can be made after the order has been placed. Additionally, the instructions encourage users to read the offer details carefully and to double-check the address where the promotion will be sent as it is automatically sent to the first address on the order unless changed. To find out more about the company's promotions, discounts, coupons, promo codes, and free gifts, contact the Figis customer service team.

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