According to the information provided on the Figis FAQ page, you have some options when a package appears to be missing.

what can I do if I haven't received my Figis items

If your package wasn’t received, you can first wait to see if the item is still on the way, which may be the case if it was sent from the supplier.

You can also call the Figi’s Customer Service number at 1-866-855-0203 to speak with the company about your question.

The easiest first step might be to simply track your order through the Figis website. To do this you can log into the My Account feature on In case you want to return your order, find out about Figi's return policy.

How to check Figis order status

You will be prompted to set up a new account if you don’t have one. Once your account is set-up, you can check your current order status to determine where your order currently is in the order process.

Figis order status faqs

According to the Order Status FAQ, you need to set up or sign into your account. Then you will enter your customer number in the pink box to locate the Order History. You can click on the order number or the “View Details” option to see more information regarding the order. For more information regarding the status of your order, you may contact the Figis customer help team.

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