Gearbest's FAQ advises customers to log into their accounts and check “My Orders” to check the status of any order. Gearbest states that once payment is received, an order’s status will go through various stages before being shipped out.

The stages of paid orders are as follows:

  • Paid means customers have successfully paid for their items.
  • Processing means the payment has been received and the processing procedure will take 3-10 business days.
  • Partial Order Dispatched means that some items of an order have been collected by the shipper while other items are still being prepared.
  • Dispatched means the order has left the warehouse and has been collected by the shipper.
  • Partial Order Shipped means a part of the order has been sent out and should be delivered soon.
  • Shipped Out means the order has been shipped.

Unpaid order stages are listed below:

  • Continue To Pay means the order has not been paid for.
  • Pending means that a payment has been attempted through PayPal e-check, but Gearbest has not received payment.
  • Payment Authorized means the item is resale and PayPal has been authorized to deduct money for the order.
  • Payment Failed means Gearbest has not received payment.
  • Canceled means an order has been canceled.
  • Refunded means Gearbest has refunded the order.

Check out how long it takes Gearbest to deliver your order in the next article.

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