Consumers may wonder if Gearbest is legitimate because they offer so many good deals on products. The company is a "strategic brand product" of the Chinese cross-border enterprise Globalegrow, according to its "About Us" page. Gearbest claims to work with many thousands of Chinese brands, boasting more than 1,000 brands arriving at its warehouses daily. The company ships worldwide and provides several shopping options for customers.

The company also claims to keep its inventory in a secure state of the art warehouse facilities, while adhering to "exceptional" quality control procedures. The company also states that its servers and website are security scanned, authenticated and fully verified by Norton Secure on a daily basis to protect customers.

That being said, Gearbest is not without its share of customer complaints. Consumers who have any questions about the company or their policies should seek answers to their questions before making purchases. Consumers can also contact the company directly through their contact form or through the Gearbest Questions & Answers section on Pissed Consumer's website. Another option is to leave a review and maybe someone there will have an answer.

Learn how you can track your GearBest order further.

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