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At PissedConsumer.com, we aim to help customers find answers to complaints and questions easily. As such, each company on our website has a review and Q&A pages where customers bring up the topics they are interested in the most.

A look through JD Byrider reviews on PissedConsumer.com reveals the top JD Byrider complaints and questions in regards to the quality of vehicles, customer service, JD Byrider phone number, and contact information, pricing and interest rates, warranty policy, JD Byrider returns, and whether the company is legit.

The following are the top JD Byrider FAQs:

  1. How can I contact customer service?
  2. Is JD Byrider legit?
  3. Does J.D. Byrider offer car insurance?
  4. Does www.jdbyrider.com have a return policy?
  5. How many locations does it have?
  6. What do I need to get a car from Byrider Franchising LLC?
  7. What is the J D Byrider interest rate?
  8. What is covered under warranty?

1. How Can I Contact JD Byrider Customer Service?

JD Byrider does not provide company contact information on their website. However, the following JD Byrider phone number +1 888-240-3595 and email address socialmedia@jdbyrider.com are available.

You can also reach JD Byrider customer service through their Twitter page. Pissedconsumer.com provides an additional JD Byrider customer support email address: 


2. Is J.D. Byrider Legit?

This is one of the top JD Byrider FAQs among customers looking to transact with JD Byrider.

On the Why Byrider page, the company offers customers the following reasons for why they should buy a vehicle with them:

  • Better cars at better prices
  • Quality vehicles that have undergone a detailed vehicle inspection process
  • After purchase customer service characterized by competitive service pricing, discounts on oil changes and limited warranty.
  • Reconditioned vehicles
  • Multiple payments options
  • Credit reporting to improve your credit score
  • Low down payment

Furthermore, according to their Facebook Page, www.jdbyrider.com was started with the goal to put the customer first.

“…. We didn’t want anxiety in the showroom. We didn’t want distrust. And we didn’t want failure in our relationships with customers. We wanted to match good, hard-working people with the cars and financing they needed…

 A look at JD Byrider reviews on PissedConsumer.com reveals that some customers have had a satisfactory experience with the company. For instance, in JD Byrider review the PissedConsumer user gave the company a 4.6-star rating for the affordable down payment he was offered and the excellent customer service he got from a staff member.

So far, everything has ran smoothly and perfect. We went in last week without much money on hand for a down payment (our car messed up without warning) and horrible credit.

Lee went above and beyond and worked with us step by step to get us in a new car. He answered all of our questions, explained everything in detail, and was extremely patient…

On the other hand, the majority of the customers were dissatisfied with the JD Byrider cars, services and policies. In fact, in several JD Byrider complaints, customers referred to the company as a rip-off. For instance, in this JD Byrider review, the customer referred to the company’s staff as con-artists after reportedly trying to have his manual transmission engine replaced at one of thecompany locations only for the engine price to be marked up.


The table below summarizes JD Byrider reviews as at the date of writing this article:

Rating Stats

⭐ – 386 reviews

⭐⭐ – 114 reviews

⭐⭐⭐– 26 reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐– 19 reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- 51 reviews

JD Byrider Pros

Availability of financing options

Affordable Down payment

Nice and helpful staff

JD Byrider Cons

Poor customer service

Rude staff

Low-quality vehicles

Repetitive vehicle repair issues

The high overall price of vehicles

Quick to repossess the vehicle if the customer delays payment even with a day.

Mark on the price of repair parts

Lack of a countrywide JD Byrider return policy

Unclear JD Byrider warranty policy

3. Does J.D. Byrider Offer Car Insurance?

J.D. Byrider does not offer car insurance. However, on their repair and service page, they indicate that they offer a warranty or an optional service agreement to help with routine maintenance and repair of your vehicle.

4. What Is the JD Byrider Return Policy?

www.jdbyrider.com does not stipulate a return policy on their website. According to the article by firstquarterfinance.com, a JD Byrider customer care representative confirmed that the company does not provide universal return policy. However, customers can enquire about JD Byrider returns with the staff at the dealership location they would like to buy from whether the particular location offers an option for customers to return. The article further highlights that according to the Lemon Laws, car dealers are under no legal obligation to accept the return of cars as they are selling used cars.

5. How Many Locations Does JD Byrider Have?

According to the company Facebook page, there are over 150 JD Byrider locations in 29 states across the US. All the locations are listed on www.jdbyrider.com, under the dealerships Page. For each location, you will be able to see their operating hours, contact information, specific location, and inventory.

6. What Do I Need to Get a Car from Byrider Franchising LLC?

The buying process at Byrider Franchising LLC is a three-step process:

  • Find a dealership
  • Get approved
  • Make payment

To find a dealership, click on “Find a dealership” on the JD Byrider homepage. View the inventory of dealerships closest to you and identify a car that best fits your needs and budget.

The Financing & Credit page outlines specific items you need to bring when applying for an auto loan from JD Byrider:

  • Your valid driver’s license
  • Your most recent pay stub
  • Your most recent utility bill to establish proof of residence
  • Initial payment
  • Contact information and addresses of references
  • Trade title, if you have a trade-in

JD Byrider, on their financing and credit page, note that approval depends on

  • your monthly income
  • your budget and expenses
  • how long you have been at a job
  • your credit score
  • history of making repayments among other factors.

There is not set minimum qualifications to get approval, rather assessment for approval is done per case.

If approved for the credit, you will then agree on a payment plan and a down payment. Upon paying your down payment you can go home with your chosen vehicle. The down payment depends on the vehicle. The financing plan and agreement are overseen by CNAC.

7. What is J D Byrider Interest Rate?

One of the most common JD Byrider complaints is that the company’s interest rates are higher than other dealers. The company does not stipulate a specific interest rate on their car loans. However, according to a review by a former employee on Glassdoor, the interest rates are exorbitant. 

JD byrider interest rates

A number of JD Byrider reviews highlight pricing issues whereby customers complained that they ended up paying way more than the book value of the vehicle. For example, in one JD Byrider review the customer complained of secret pricing that saw the down payment increased from $500 to $2400 and the overall price of the vehicle increased from $7000 to $13999.

Secret pricing, deceptive practices. Will charge you double for what the car book value...

look around no prices, year or mileage listed... Buyers beware. I mean nice people but what is usually to good to be true usually is. How you tell me bring $500 for a down payment then tell me you need $2400….

8. What is Covered Under JD Byrider Warranty?

The company does not provide a detailed warranty policy. On the JD Byrider warranty coverage page, they do state that they offer a warranty but the terms for the warranty are not specified. In the inventory, all vehicles have a “24,000 Mile Warranty” label. However, there is no indication of how long the warranty is valid for and what it covers.

jd byrider warranty

There are several JD Byrider warranty reviews on PissedConsumer that reveal customer dissatisfaction with the JD Byrider warranty coverage.  In one JD Byrider warranty review the customer expressed frustration with having to pay for repairs despite having an extended warranty on the car repairs.

“…I’ve been with them for years, now. I added an extended warranty on the car for repairs.

They’ve had my car twice in the past and to fix the repairs it took them a total of 9 months. 4 of those months I was paying them without a car. Recently I had car troubles and they told me that they don’t know when they’ll be able to fix it or how long it will take. But they expect me to still pay them.”

It is better to discuss the terms and conditions of your warranty coverage with the company staff at the location you purchase and have it put down in your contract.

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