JustFlowers is an online flower retailer that offers international delivery for floral arrangements and other products. Like many online floral deliveries, they work with local vendors and suppliers worldwide to make those deliveries. The company has an average 1.4 out of 5-star rating on PissedConsumer.com from more than 300 JustFlowers reviews.

According to the data compiled on Pissed Consumer, the average customer loss totaled $189. Most JustFlowers complaints have to do with poor customer service, late delivery, or no delivery at all. We have compiled and answered the top JustFlowers questions like how to contact JustFlowers.com customer service and hope they will help some customers find answers. 

  1. How do I contact JustFlowers?
  2. Where does the company operate?
  3. Where does it deliver?
  4. Is www.JustFlowers.com a legitimate company?
  5. What is its delivery policy and do they deliver on time?
  6. Does the company offer same-day delivery?
  7. How do I get a refund from JustFlowers.com?
  8. Will my flowers look like the ones on the JustFlowers.com?
  9. How can I complain about the company?

Top 9 JustFlowers FAQs

1. How do I contact JustFlowers?

This is a JustFlowers frequently asked question. According to the company's website, customers can contact the customer service by calling JustFlowrers toll-free number at 1 (800) 290-5919 or emailing at service@justflowers.com. International customers can call 1 (213) 867-0630 to speak with a JustFlowers customer service representative.

To inquire about an order, the company suggests customers visit this link https://www.justflowers.com/cs_inquiry.asp?do=acct_inquiry for JustFlowers customer help and complete the form with their questions and the account number associated with the order.

JustFlowers customer service

The site also has a live chat feature, which can be found on some of the company's web pages.

2. Where does JustFlowers operate?

JustFlowers operates out of Los Angeles California, according to their “About Us” page. Their mailing address is:

11999 SanVicante Blvd. Ste 340

Los Angeles, CA 90049 

JustFlowers mailing address

3. Where does JustFlowers deliver?

The company’s “International Delivery” page states that floral arrangements and products are delivered worldwide, including Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, and Mexico.

JustFlowers International flower delivery

4. Is JustFlowers a legitimate company?

According to the JustFlowers.com “About Us” page, the company is legitimate and has been in operation for 20 years.

Is JustFlowers a legitimate company

5. What is JustFlowers’ delivery policy and do they deliver on time?

JustFlowers guarantees “fresh and beautiful floral arrangements and quality gifts that will make your recipient smile,” according to their website.

The company also claims that if customers “are not completely satisfied please contact us within 7 days of delivery using any of these convenient methods listed below, and we will gladly exchange your item, so as to rectify the issue.”

JustFlowers delivery policy

The company also explains that most of the time, deliveries on weekends are available. In cases where they are “unable to arrange for delivery on Sunday and time permits we will setup for delivery on Saturday, including Birthday and Anniversaries, Valentine's, and Mother's Day Orders. If Saturday or Sunday is not available, then the order will be delivered on the next available day with a note of apology from our company.”

JustFlowers weekend delivery policy

However, the company does claim that they are “unable to guarantee delivery at an exact time.”

If a delivery is late, the company also states that it will credit customer accounts. “If your item is not delivered within 4 hours we can credit your express delivery fee back to your account,” the company's "Delivery" web page.

JustFlowers specific delivery times

6. Does JustFlowers offer same-day delivery?

For the same-day delivery, JustFlowers suggests customers check to see if the item they are planning to order is available for the same day delivery in the state they wish to have it delivered before placing an order.

That said, if a state does qualify for the same-day delivery, JustFlowers claims it can typically deliver a floral arrangement the same day on weekdays as long as orders are made by 3:00 pm in the recipient's time zone. For the same day delivery on the weekends, orders must be placed by 1pm Saturdays and 11am on Sundays. During major holidays, such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, delivery times are 8am to 9pm.

JustFlowers same day delivery

According to JustFlower’s Customer Service Guarantee page, same-day orders are processed immediately and cannot usually be changed. “Due to the urgent nature of florist delivered products we are unable to cancel or change orders already in process at the florist, en route or delivered,” the page states.

JustFlowers order processing time

To cancel or change an order that has not been processed, customers can call JustFlowers toll-free number 1-800-716-7559.

7. How do I get a refund from JustFlowers.com?

A question about JustFlowers refund policy is another one of consumers’ top questions. Based on the information found on www.justflowers.com, there is no JustFlowers refund policy. However, they offer an item in exchange or store credit for customers who are not satisfied with their orders.

If you are not completely satisfied please contact us within 7 days of delivery using any of these convenient methods listed below, and we will gladly exchange your item, so as to rectify the issue,” according to the JustFlowers website.

JustFlowers refund policy

The company answers this question on JustFlowers customer support page, explaining that the company may be able to credit customers $10 for floral arrangements or other products that were not delivered on the day they were requested that can serve as a substitution for a JustFlowers refund policy.

8. Will my flowers look like the ones on the JustFlowers.com?

This is the top JustFlowers  FAQ and complaint. Consumers have left JustFlowers reviews on Pissed Consumer that explain how orders did not look like the pictures on the website. For example, one JustFlowers review stated, "…What was delivered to my mother for Mothers Day was nothing close to this photo or description..." (review #846114 ).

In addition, another customer wrote a JustFlowers complaint claiming that the bouquet he or she purchased was "…absolutely gorgeous on the website but what was received was nothing in comparison, and I mean no where in comparison..."

That being said, JustFlowers.com clearly explains on many of its web pages that flowers and arrangements “are designed to be delivered as close to the arrangement pictured as possible.”

JustFlowers flower arrangement reviews

The company also explains that JustFlower gift baskets, vases, and other items may vary from the image shown, depending on what local florists have in their inventory.

JustFlowers gift basket reviews

The company specifies that plants may also vary, depending on what local florists have in stock.

JustFlowers plant reviews

The same goes for flowers and arrangements to be delivered to funerals and special occasions.

9. How can I complain about JustFlowers?

Customers can email the company at service@justflowers.com or call JustFlowers customer support number 1-800.290.5919. Another way to complain about the company is to post a review on PissedConsumer.com to get JustFlowers customer help. A JustFlowers.com customer service representative may reach out to consumers on the site and attempt to resolve any problems.

This list concludes the most common JustFlowers FAQs. If you did not see the answer you were looking for, you can try one of the options below:

  • Leave a review for JustFlowers and perhaps someone will have a solution.
  • Ask the company via our Questions and Answers
  • Contact JustFlowers using the contact info on PissedConsumer.com.
  • Post a review to share your experience with others, and get an insight on how to solve your problem.

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