The Planet Fitness Billing FAQ page directs all billing questions to the storefront locations. Company answers this popular complaint by encouraging customers to talk to representatives at the gyms about billing questions.

What to do to stop unauthorized charges from Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness FAQ section also reminds customers to review their membership agreements that may include more information about their billing practices. Membership agreements and payment information is available online through the Planet Fitness account management.

The fine print on individual membership agreements is important as it often outlines the specific terms that may not be clear in promotional offers. One user discovered this and left a Planet Fitness review.

“…I signed up for a one month trial membership, which the salesman was explicit in telling me that there was no long-term obligation beyond one month back in September 2006 at Planet Fitness High Point, NC…”

He continues… “I came to find out that they had actually signed me up for a month to month membership with no definitive termination date, despite what I was told by the staff member… Planet Fitness had charged me $10 a month for 52 months and I had never even set foot in the gym and was not even in the same state!...”

If you'd like to dispute unauthorized charges from Planet Fitness, you can find the company toll-free phone numbers, email address, and headquarters address on

Find out why Planet Fitness needs access to your bank account or go back to "Top 7 Consumer Questions to Planet Fitness Customer Support".

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