Consumer’s questions about refunds are popular. Planet Fitness FAQs page says that company directs all billing and refund questions to the storefront locations. The page states, “Your local club is the best place to go for help with any billing-related issues (including requesting refunds).”

Planet Fitness refund policy

The refund policy may also be addressed on your membership agreement. When answering a different question about canceling a membership, the Planet Fitness customer service tab reminds consumers that “your cancellation request is subject to any obligations of your membership agreement.”

How to terminate Planet Fitness membership

This may include specifics relating to refunds or partial refunds as well. In some cases, this may also require you to cancel your membership before a specific date to avoid being charged on a monthly basis.

Reach out to Planet Fitness customer support in case you need to know more information about the company refund policy. 

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