TempurPedic manufactures and distributes mattresses made from a special foam that conforms to an individual's body shape. The company also sells sleep systems, pillows, and other accessories.

Most TempurPedic reviews and TempurPedic complaints have to do with poor customer service, uncomfortable mattresses, and refund/exchange issues. We have compiled and answered the top Tempur-Pedic questions and hope they will help some customers find answers. 

Top 10 TempurPedic Questions

  1. How do I contact TempurPedic customer service?
  2. What are mattresses made of?
  3. Are pillows and mattresses worth it?
  4. Can Tempur-Pedic get bugs?
  5. What is TempurPedic.com guarantee?
  6. What warranty does it offer?
  7. What is www.tempurpedic.com refund policy?
  8. Why is my mattress sagging?
  9. How do I clean my mattress?
  10. What is the softest TempurPedic mattress?

1. How do I contact Tempur-Pedic customer service?

Customers can call the Tempur-Pedic customer service number at 800-821-6621. The company states that customers should wait 90 days before making calls about mattresses or warranties.

Specific questions about orders or information kits should be directed to 800-821-6621.

Users can also contact TempurPedic customer service by completing an online form.

Tempur-Pedic customer service can also be reached at:

Tempur-Pedic North America, Inc.

1000 Tempur Way

Lexington, KY 40511

TempurPedic customer service

2. What are TempurPedic mattresses made of?

The Tempur-Pedic FAQ states their mattresses are made of a special material that conforms to each body shape, which makes for more restful sleep.

TEMPUR® material is composed of millions of moveable cells, designed to cushion and support your body during sleep. It is sensitive to body temperature and weight, so it conforms to your body contours, distributing your body weight and allowing you to fully relax—so you can sleep and wake refreshed.”

What are TempurPedic mattresses made of

3. Are TempurPedic.com pillows and mattresses worth it?

This is a Tempur-Pedic complaint for consumers. One way to know if products are worth the money is to read TempurPedic reviews what other customers have to say. The company has an average 1.8 out of 5 stars rating on Pissed Consumer from 85 reviews. According to data compiled on Pissed Consumer, the average customer loss amounted to $3,000.

In one TempurPedic mattress review left on PissedConsumer.com, a customer wrote that even after almost two years, they were not as happy with their TempurPedic mattress as they were with their previous, cheaper mattress.

"…It has now been almost 2 years later and I still miss the Embody mattress that I paid $1200.00 for, instead of the $3200.00, (Included the platform), I paid for the worthless no-sleep Tempurpedic mattress…"

Another TempurPedic bed review explained how a customer woke up with aches and pains every morning because the mattress was so hard.

"…My circulation is being cut off. SO I sleep on my back, now my neck, back and tailbone hurt from sleeping on my back. The bed is so hard, my tailbone hurts?!! You spend 3k for a bed you expect it to be at least comfortable to say the least…"

4. Can TempurPedic mattresses get bugs?

TempurPedic.com does not address this question specifically. However, according to NBC News, bed bugs can live just about anywhere, including in the seams of a mattress cover, or in a bed frame, behind pictures hanging on a wall or in popcorn ceilings. So, while bugs may not be able to live in the foam itself, it is possible that they could live in the cover or in a frame. 

Can TempurPedic mattress get bugs

5. What is www.tempurpedic.com guarantee?

Tempur-Pedic offers customers 90 nights to try out their mattresses and foundations purchased with the mattresses if they are bought directly from the company. If customers are not happy with their purchase, they can call Tempur-Pedic's customer service number at 800-821-6621. The company states it will work with consumers and if they cannot find a way to make them happy, they will take the mattress back, and refund their money, minus any shipping charges. For more information in regards to company guarantees you need to reach out to TempurPedic customer help.

6. What warranty does Tempur-Pedic offer?

A common Tempur-Pedic complaint is the company not honoring its warranty.

One TempurPedic review on Pissed Consumer stated that their claim was rejected even though it was within the 10-year warranty.

“…I requested they send someone to do an inspection and was told they did not have anyone in area to send and they have rejected our claim. So we spent thousands of dollars on a mattress that has now caused back problems…"

Each of the company's products offers a different limited warranty, ranging from 1 to 25 years. Tempur-Pedic FAQ lists each of these products and their warranties individually.

That being said, the company offers a limited 10-year warranty for most of its mattresses. Customers should note that any warranty is voided if the customer uses "inappropriate foundations, box springs, adjustable bed bases, or bed frames" with the mattress.

TempurPedic warranty

The limited TempurPedic warranty for mattresses does not include:

  • A normal increase in softness
  • Comfort preference
  • Physical abuse or damage
  • Damage from an improper frame, foundation, or base
  • Floor models or demonstration samples
  • Products sold by unauthorized retailers
  • Certain replacement stipulations
  • Products sold “as-is,” “reconditioned,” “used,” or “returned”

TempurPedic limited warranty

7. What is TempurPedic's refund policy?

Tempur-Pedic's refund policy states that if customers are not satisfied with their mattresses after the 90 night try out period, the company will take the mattress back and issue a refund, minus shipping charges.

TempurPedic refund policy

The company does not offer a refund on foundations, bases, pillows, bed linens, bed frames, mattress toppers, slippers, or travel and home products.

What is TempurPedic refund policy

8. Why is my Tempur-Pedic mattress sagging?

This problem was acknowledged in a TempurPedic review on Pissed Consumer, where a customer noticed their mattress sagging after only two years of use. The review claimed that Tempur-Pedic customer support was of no help.

"after only two years of usage the mattresses do sag it is not possible to find easily the hot spot for sleeping since it is like a sleeping in a hammack…"

The company addresses this question in

Tempur-Pedic frequently asked questions products and warranties section, stating that sagging is most likely "because the mattress is not properly supported on a flat solid surface that can adequately support it."

The company recommends a Tempur-Pedic foundation to prevent sagging.

TempurPedic mattress sagging

9. How do I clean my TempurPedic mattress and cover?

The company states that the first step in cleaning any spills is to remove the cover, if there is one. Wash the cover in cold cold water with mild detergent, and hang to dry. Using towels and applying pressure, soak up as much of the liquid on the mattress as possible. Once the moisture is removed, allow the mattress air dry.

How do I clean my TempurPedic mattresss

10. What is the softest Tempur-Pedic mattress?

The TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe is the softest mattress, according to Tempur-Pedic's website. The mattress offers a deep level of adaptive support with layers of soft foam support. Underneath the support layer, another support layer and an additional base layer support body weight without creating pressure points.

What is the softest TempurPedic mattress

This list concludes the most common Tempur-Pedic frequently asked questions. If you did not see the answer you were looking for, you can try one of the options below:

  • Ask the company via our Questions and Answers page.
  • Contact Tempur-Pedic customer support using the contact info on PissedConsumer.com.
  • Post a TempurPedic review to share your experience with others and possibly get insight on how to solve your problem.

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