Some people consider Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies great business opportunities, while others liken them to pyramid schemes that they would never get involved in. No wonder there are numerous World Financial Group reviews and FAQs on PissedConsumer and other platforms. Many people would like to find out whether there has been a WFG pyramid scheme or if WFG is an MLM. Others would like to know whether the company is legit or a scam. In this article, we answer the following top World Financial Group FAQs in details.

World Financial Group

Number of reviews - 421

Rating*- 2.1 ⭐⭐

Claimed losses - $720K

Successful calls -  68%

  1. What does WFG do?
  2. Is it a pyramid scheme?
  3. Is World Financial Group a scam?
  4. What do I do if I get scammed by

1.   What Does the World Financial Group Do?

According to Wikipedia, World Financial Group (WFG) is a multilevel marketing company which sells various financial products including investments and insurance through a network of distributors and agents. WFG operates in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

The WFG About Us page states the company’s mission is to empower individuals to become independent financial services entrepreneurs for a better future for themselves and their families.  WFG achieves their mission by providing their associates with the products, knowledge, tools, and resources they need to succeed in the business.

World Financial Group mission

The tools and resources listed on WFG FAQs include:

  • A proven and easy to learn power of duplication business system.
  • Technology that allows associates to track sales and income, submit applications and monitor team performance.
  • Digital Marketing tools that enable associates to establish their presence online, broaden their reach and to track responses and engagement.
  • Leadership to help associates succeed including full support from the WFG home office team and field leaders who provide entrepreneurs with advice and support to build their business.
  • A wide range of industry leading financial service products from several financial service providers.
  • Training to help associates learn all you need to succeed in business.
  • Offices across the United States and America to help associates launch their business by offering them support and structure.

WFG tools

According to products and providers page, the company offers a wide range of financial products and services including insurance protection, retirement strategies, business solutions, and legacy management services.

World Financial Group products

These products and services are offered by different providers from both the US and Canada.  The listed service providers on include:

  • AMS Financial Solutions Group,
  • TransAmerica,
  • NationWide,
  • Pacific Life,
  • Prudential,
  • Ivari,
  • Equitable Life of Canada,
  • BMO,
  • iA Financial Group,
  • Everest Funeral Concierge.

2.  Is World Financial Group a Pyramid Scheme?

In one World Financial Group review video on, the user referred to a WFG pyramid scheme. In the video, the recruiter explains that the incoming recruit needs to pay a one-time registration fee of $136.50 and then pay $177 pay for a license to be able to sell the insurance products under the portfolio.

The recruit is then expected to recruit and train 5 people under him. Each of the 5 is also expected to invite and recruit 5 more people. In the video, the recruiter alludes that there is no World Financial Group pyramid scheme. He notes that if the recruit brings more than 5 people, they won’t be paid for the extra people otherwise the model of the business would become similar to a pyramid scheme.

Is WFG pyramid scheme

On their business model page, explains how their business model is different from a traditional agency. For instance, in a traditional agency, individual agents work for the business owner.

However, in WFG, individual business owners come together to work as a team. Another difference is that with the traditional agency model the business owner hires and trains team members to work for the firm. However, with the WFG model, the business owner recruits and trains other business owners to work together as a team.

World Financial Group business model

3. Is World Financial Group a Scam?

A look at the World Financial Group reviews across various platforms indicates that while some customers are satisfied with the company, others felt that their engagement with WFG was dissatisfying. On, World Financial Group’s rating is 2.1 and most reviews are 1 or 2-star, while on Indeed, World Financial Group has a 4-star rating and most reviewers rated the company as excellent.

World Financial Group reviews

The top World Financial Group complaints on PissedConsumer are in regards to over-hyped products, the pressure to recruit family members and friends, difficulties cancelling WFG membership, difficulty getting through the World Financial Group phone numbers and financial loss. For instance, in this  World Financial Group review #1658986 on PissedConsumer, Beryl complained about being scammed by her former Team Leader of about $120,000-130,000.

 …In Apr. 2019, I was back to claim tax and clarify problems with Canada Revenue Agency - to reset my account and was asked for fine of over $4500 which I don't have.

Going back to ask for the copies of my files so I can explain to CRA, my former team leader Sarula Larsen (Sart before 2015) told me she did not have anything on the file. In shock, I got onto to my CRA account, just to realize "Sarula has been moving my money since 2014 and hide my money away which explains why she did not want to give me back my files…

Despite the complaints on, a few reviewers came to the defence of WFG as a legit and reliable company. For instance, in this WFG review #1558172, the reviewer said he had been at WFG for 2 years and attested to WFG being a great company with great people.

The customer says that he has been successful in the business to the point that his wife was able to quit her job and stay at home with their newborn. He has been able to build a team that operates in two offices. In light of the numerous World Financial Group complaints, he gave four caveats:

  1. WFG works if you work.
  2. Everyone looking to make passive income recruits otherwise you are self-employed
  3. WFG is a platform with a system. Just like Uber or Amazon, it is not bad or good and you have to work hard on the platform to make money.
  4. People join WFG thinking that it is a get rich quick scheme and when they realise that they will only get paid for their effort they quit and complain online.

4. What Do I Do If I Get Scammed by World Financial Group?

In one WFG review on, the reviewer wrote to seek help to get out of engagement with WFG.  The user discovered, as a review states, the WFG pyramid scheme and feared that they had been scammed. In response to the review, another Reddit user recommended that the reviewer just walks away and cancels their cards. Another user recommended that the reviewer calls World Financial Group phone number and asks that they cancel the membership.

WGF reviews

This Reddit reviewer is not the only one that would like to cancel their membership with the company. As evidenced in the PissedConsumer reviews, one of the top World Financial Group FAQs is in regards to cancelling membership.

While does not offer a procedure for cancelling membership, it offers a complaint handling procedure if you have any complaints in regards to the Associate Membership Agreement, Marketing and Advertising, internal disputes or any other concerns.

They propose that you get in touch with their customer service representative either via mail, phone,or fax. The provided World Financial Group phone number on the website for Canada customers is 416-225-2121, while the feedback email addresses are for Canadian customers and for customers in the US.

World Financial Group complaints

If you feel that World Financial Group ripped you off, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Under the “Education, Jobs and Making Money” category, select “Multilevel Marketing and Pyramid Schemes”. You will be required to provide information regarding how your engagement with WFG started, if you lost money, what happened and details about yourself. Provide as much information as possible. If there are a number of complaints, the Federal Trade Commission will initiate an investigation into the company.

Federal Trade Comission

For more information about World Financial Group:

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