Traveling should be about adventure and new experiences. Too often, however, the hassles and stress of travel overshadow the joy. Top travel tips should help you reduce the drama and minimize anxiety about the more frustrating elements of travel that you can control. The best holiday tips cover many things, including:

  • Staying healthy while you travel to new destinations.
  • Packing wisely and keeping up with your luggage.
  • Making the best choices for your accommodations.
  • Enjoying the best your travel destination has to offer.
  • Saving money when you travel to expensive destinations.
  • Transportation to and around your holiday destination.
  • Ensuring your safety as you travel to new areas.

There are some aspects of travel that are simply a part of the adventure, and can’t be controlled. Other areas can be simplified and improved by taking advantage of some basics tips for traveling.

Tips for Traveling and Staying Safe and Healthy

Travel First Aid Kit Checklist

  • A travel first aid kit should include all of the basics you need for small injuries, headaches, burns, blisters and insect bites. You can buy a first aid kit or make your own based on your specific needs. Our travel first aid kit checklist can help you to stay organized.
  • Before you leave make a copy of your passport, preferably multiple copies, and travel with the original and copy in separate areas. That way if the original is lost, you’re still able to use the copy to prove your identify.
  • Print out copies of important documents like tickets and reservations. There is no guarantee that your cell phone will be working to pull up your tickets in the middle of a foreign city.
  • Once you’ve arrived in your destination, store your hotel name, address and your room number in your cell phone. You won’t have to worry about forgetting these key details when you’re trying to get home again.
  • Be wary of the free Wi-Fi that is available in public places. Avoid using passwords and account details until you’re using a more secure network.
  • Even if you’re traveling in a city, you may be spending more time outside than you’d anticipate. Sunscreen keeps you protected now and for the future.
  • Before leaving on a trip, be sure someone else knows your travel plans including flight numbers, hotels and contact information.

Traveling Tips for Packing and Luggage

  • About a week or so before your trip, start your packing with a list of important items to take. Jot them down as you think of them to avoid forgetting in the heat of the packing moment.
  • Always pack extra batteries for your camera and chargers for electronics. Two chargers for your phone, one in your carry-on and one in your suitcase, will protect you from loss or damage.
  • Before packing day, think carefully about your outfits and plan them ahead of time to maximize space in your suitcase and still feel comfortable while on the go.
  • The most important daily items like deodorant, toothbrush, electronics, important documents and medications should all be in your carry-on luggage to keep them close.
  • If you are traveling with multiple checked bags, each bag should contain a bit of toiletries, personal items and clothing. That way if you lose one bag, you still have some of what you need from the other. In case you need to file an airline complaint you can find more tips in our article "How to Complain about an Airline".

Travel Tips for Accommodations and Transportation

  • Before you hop in the cab or on the gondola, get a clear price. You should always know what you’ll be paying (and have funds ready) before taking public transportation.
  • You can prevent discomfort and shorten jet lag by staying hydrated on the plane. Drink plenty of water, and you can hydrate your skin as well with a small bit of lotion.
  • Choose your hotel based not only on the accommodations, but by the proximity to the most important things you want to see and do. If you are thinking of buying a timeshare accommodation, make a good research and check all pros and cons of timesharing.
  • Look for bundles or pairing that will help you streamline your transportation options. If you’re going to have a layover, look for a layover long enough to let you explore a bit of the new city before boarding again.

Traveling Tips for Saving Money

  • Travel insurance will help protect you if you become ill or get hurt while traveling. If you’re traveling outside of your home country, this can potentially save you thousands.
  • Before you leave, give your bank and credit card company a head’s up that you’re traveling out of the country. This will hopefully prevent holds being placed on your cards.
  • The least expensive souvenirs are photographs. Take pictures of what you see and experience. You can turn the pictures into a photo book when you get home or store them online with captions to revisit your trip.
  • Fly into one city and out of another. You don’t need to spend more to travel back to your starting destination.
  • Consider staying in a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel. You’ll experience more culture and save quite a bit of money as well.

Tips for Traveling and Enjoying Your Destination

  • While it’s tempting to plan every detail of a big trip, add in some flexibility. Planes are late, trains run slowly, rooms aren’t ready on time, hotel staff is rude and you want to complain about hotel stay.  Anticipate it, allow for it, and skip the stress of it.
  • Do your research ahead of time and priority the things you’d like to see or the experiences you’d like to have. Plan for one or two important things per day and fill the rest of your day with other interesting, but not as critical plans.
  • When traveling to a new country, you should know how to say the basic things like “please”, “thank you”, “how much” and “where is the bathroom”. Otherwise, you can always buy one of "Icon Speak" t-shirts. These t-shirts let travelers to communicate anywhere, in any language.

    Travel Icon T-shirt

  • At least occasionally on your trip, you should make a point of asking the locals for a favorite restaurant or something interesting to do. This will likely lead to some of the most interesting memories of your trip.

Traveling should be fun, not overwhelming and stressful. Enjoy your holidays more by planning carefully, doing a bit of preparation ahead of time, and finding the necessary travel tips to minimize anxiety and maximize adventure.

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