Travel is exciting, but also expensive. As often as possible, we try to save money when we travel so that we can do more and do more things when we get there. Of course, finding a travel company that is reliable with its discounts is necessary if you’re going to have confidence as you prepare to spend your money on future adventures.

Choosing the best discount travel company can be challenging. We have done some digging on behalf of our customers to compare Viator with Travelocity and with Hotwire to help you sort through the offerings of these three popular travel companies.

Viator vs Travelocity vs Hotwire Customer Service Experience

When you compare Travelocity vs Viator vs Hotwire, you’re going to find that all three companies make promises and offers to their customers. All three have customer service pages and promise excellent customer service support. But how does it look when you really compare Viator with Travelocity and Hotwire customer service?

When we looked at Travelocity vs Viator vs Hotwire reviews on PissedConsumer we found extensive customer reviews which offer a closer look at real experiences with the companies.

We used Viator reviews, Travelocity reviews and Hotwire reviews to create a snapshot of customer feedback.









Total Reviews




Number of Resolved Issues




Customer Likes

Easy to book, ease of purchase, ease of booking

Prices, website

The convenience of reserving online, what was promised, prior purchases

Customer Dislikes

Customer service, unresponsive, lack of service

Poor customer service, outright lies, huge hassles

Lack of customer service, different product than advertised, unethical business practices

Company Responses to Reviews




Viator Rating

According to Viator reviews, the company currently has only 2 stars out of a possible 5 on the PissedConsumer website. This rating is based on 350 Viator reviews. The collective Viator reviews have indicated that Viator customer service is only one star out of a possible five.

Viator reviews

In one of the many Viator reviews left on Pissed Consumer, one customer explained her interaction with Viator customer service. After being charged four times for the same tour on the Viator website she called customer service. In an interview and review she said, “…When I called to get it fixed I was given the run around. I spent hours on the phone, spoke to countless "supetvisors" , 1 hung up on me- (I was not rude at all)…

After multiple phone calls without resolution, she ends her review by stating, “…My bank has agreed to file a fraud complaint once the charges post... Ruined vacation. Never ever again…Filing a BBB complaint and considering legal action…

You can reach Viator customer service by calling the Viator phone number at 866-648-5873.

Travelocity rating

Travelocity reviews have created a customer ranking of 1.4 out of 5 possible stars. This ranking is based on 150 different Travelocity reviews on our website. According to the Travelocity reviews, customers have lost more than $240,000 collectively. Travelocity customer service is currently ranked at only one star out of five.

Travelocity reviews

In this Travelocity review, one customer explained that the reviewer’s wife had recently called the Travelocity phone number to find out information about a refund that had not arrived more than six weeks after being approved. According to the review, “…It was promised, 10 days ago to be refunded back to our bank. Where can we go with this to get some action. The refund is for $907.50. At first she was referred to the airlines for a refund and was referred back to Travelocity…”

The review continued, “…There have been 7 phone calls to the airlines and to Travelocity. Each time, customer service reps and supervisors were polite, but also lied to her about what was going to happen…

The person ends their review by stating, “…Don't really expect much. This company is very disreputable!”

You can reach customer service by calling the Travelocity phone number at (855) 201-7800.

Hotwire rating

Hotwire reviews left by customers have given the travel company 1.4 stars out of a possible five. This score is a collaboration of 40 Hotwire reviews left on the PissedConsumer website. The Hotwire reviews have indicated that Hotwire customer service is rated only 1 star out of 5.

Hotwire reviews

In this Hotwire review, one PissedConsumer reviewer explained the frustration. The consumer tried to book a special through Hotwire but felt the terms of the ad were not met. When the person called the Hotwire phone number the reviewer found that “…they were TOTALLY UNRESPONSIVE. They understood that a mistake had been made -- but apparently NO ONE in the entire Customer Service Department can correct mistakes…

The person continued the review by stating, “…This isn't "rocket science". If Hotwire cannot fulfill the terms and conditions of its ad _ NO CONTRACT EXISTS -- and Hotwire is obligated to return all money collected. This is NOT a "refund". THis is a "Hotwire did not fulfill its AD -- so they return the Consumer's money…”

According to this reviewer, “…Hotwire WILL NOT CORRECT ITS MISTAKES!”

You can reach customer service by calling the Hotwire phone number with questions or concerns. That number is (866) 381-3981.

Viator vs Travelocity vs Hotwire Types of Travel Services

You have many options when considering travel plans and online travel companies. That’s why it is important to consider the Viator pros and cons, Hotwire and Travelocity pros and cons when it comes to factors other than their customer service departments. We did some digging through the company websites to compare Hotwire vs Travelocity vs Viator.

Our full breakdown of Hotwire vs Viator vs Travelocity types of travel services continues below.

Viator Types of Travel Services

Viator offers “direct access to more than 100,000 bookable activities” through its website. Viator focuses on tours and activities in a destination rather than the means to reach the destination. You can book excursions through Viator, but the company does not offer flights or hotels.

Viator travel services

Viator offers some planning guides and services by grouping popular destinations together by location and offering suggestions on nearby tours and activities as well. Viator also has activities and tours suggested by location, weather, season, and popularity.

In a section of the website designed for travel agents, Viator does offer travel guides and training resources on how to best utilize the Viator website for clients.

Viator services

Travelocity Types of Travel Services

When you look at service offers through Travelocity’s website, you will find that Travelocity offers hotel rooms, car rentals, airline flights, cruise bookings and tickets and booking for activities in travel destinations.

Travelocity also offers inspiration materials, research guides and materials for different destinations, as well as collective ideas on things to do in many popular destinations.

Travelocity travel services

Travelocity also offers vacation rentals like homes and condos in additional standard hotel rooms. Users can set up accounts through Travelocity to plan and store vacation ideas for future trips as well as booking current arrangements.

Hotwire Types of Travel Services

Hotwire’s travel services include bookings for cars, hotels, flights and bundled vacation packages. Hotwire also offers trip protection on travel plans as well as a Low Price Guarantee.

Hotwire travel services

There are not any travel or inspiration guides on the Hotwire website as it is set up for streamlined booking services. The fine print on the home page of the website explains that the company’s mission is to offer cheap hotels and last-minute specials in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Hotwire services

If you have additional questions about travel destinations, you can call customer service directly using the Hotwire phone number at (866) 381-3981.

Viator vs Travelocity vs Hotwire Discounts

Viator Discounts

You can find Viator promotion codes through email distributions from the company. In order to receive the discounts, you must be signed up for promotional emails from Viator. Promotional codes are entered during the check-out process as they are applicable to the purchase.  

Viator discounts

Travelocity Discounts

Travelocity discounts are advertised on the home page of the website as Today’s Top Deals.

Travelocity Deals

Some deals rotate as popular destinations and special change, but other promotions remain consistent. The membership program through Travelocity, for example, offers an extra 10 percent off hotels on a regular basis.

Travelocity discounts

When you sign up for membership with Travelocity, you are also subscribed to the company’s mailing list and you will receive emails with additional offers and specials.

Hotwire Discounts

Hotwire does not provide providers’ names when you are booking but offers discounted rates on hotels by location and quality. Hotwire offers a Low Price Guarantee that allows customers a refund of the rate difference if they find an identical booking for less than they paid through Hotwire.

Hotwire discounts

Hotwire also encourages customers to sign-up for emails that promise “Exclusive travel deals” as well.

Hotwire deals

Viator vs Travelocity vs Hotwire Refund and Cancellation Policies

Viator Refund and Cancellation Policies

According to the Viator FAQ, Viator requests that customers call for a refund if their plans change. In most cases, Viator allows changes and cancellations to travel plans up to one day in advance.

According to the Viator FAQ page about cancellations, you can cancel and request a refund through your account on the website as well. According to the Viator FAQ page on cancellations, you will receive a confirmation email when you have successfully canceled your booking. 

Viator cancelation policy

Travelocity Refund and Cancellation Policies

Travelocity’s cancellation policy for hotels is outlined on the Travelocity FAQ pages. To cancel a hotel room through Travelocity, you will need to sign in to your account on the website and then change or cancel your booking through Manage Booking.

In some cases, you may not be able to change or cancel the booking if you are past the individual vendor’s cancellation deadline or you used a special rate like the Travelocity Unpublished Rate.

Travelocity cancelation policy

Similar cancellation and refund policies apply to airline changes and cancellations. According to the Travelocity FAQ pages, you can cancel or change a flight online through your account on the Travelocity website, but you may need to contact the airline directly.

Cancellation fees may be charged by the airline, and the Travelocity FAQ page encourages travelers to read the details about individual airline rules and regulations.

Travelocity cancellation

If you have additional questions about refunds or cancellations, you can reach customer service by calling the Travelocity phone number at (855) 201-7800.

Hotwire Refund and Cancellation Policies

The Hotwire FAQ page includes information about refunds and cancellations on hotel rooms booked through the site. In some cases, you may be able to change or cancel a hotel booking through Hotwire by visiting your account on page on the website.

However, if the hotel you purchased was a “Hot Rate ® Hotel” booking, you are not able to cancel or request a refund or change as those hotel rooms are “final and cannot be cancelled, refunded, exchanged, transferred or changed, even for a fee.

Hotwire cancelation policy

The same is true for cancellation of rental cars. Some might be changed through your account page on, but those that were purchased as a Hot Rate ® are not eligible for any refunds, changes or cancellations, even with a fee.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the Hotwire FAQ page with potential answers about canceling or changing airfare were not available. In fact, none of the Hotwire FAQ pages about airfare were working on the website.

Hotwire trip protection

Due to a lack of information online, your best source of information about airline changes and cancellations with Hotwire would be customer service. You can reach customer service by calling the Hotwire phone number at (866) 381-3981.

The heavily discounted rates available through Hotwire do not offer much flexibility for travelers. Hotwire does encourage users who may have flexible plans to purchase travel insurance through Allianz Global Assistance, one of their travel partners.

Viator vs Travelocity vs Hotwire Travel Destinations and Partners

Viator Travel Destinations and Partners

All is not equal when you compare travel destinations and options with the various travel companies. Viator is a TripAdvisor company. With over 100,000 different offers, there are thousands of different providers and partners with the company. In fact, any local service provider can sign up to be a vendor and sell tickets or experiences online through Viator and Trip Advisor Experience.

Viator offers tours and excursions across the globe. The programs are offered by individual vendors and companies through the Viator website. You can find a tour for almost any corner of the globe including Antarctica (via Chile), which gives Viator a worldwide client and vendor base.

Travelocity Travel Destinations and Partners

Travelocity is owned by Expedia, Inc., which is “one of the world’s largest online travel companies.”

While there are no direct partners listed on the Travelocity website, the Expedia, Inc. website lists the full range of Expedia holdings, many of which offer similar services as Travelocity. The Expedia holdings include: Expedia,, Expedia group, Egencia, HomeAway, Trivago, Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire, Wotif,, Cheaptickets, Classic Vacations, VBRO.

Property owners can sign-up as partners to have their properties listed on the Expedia, Inc. websites, including Travelocity. This means the partnerships are almost limitless globally as individuals and small companies can sign-up as partners alongside larger travel companies.

Travelocity offers cruises, hotel rooms, flights, cars and experiences across the most popular tourist destinations in the world on six of seven continents. Since small hotels and even individuals can list their properties through Travelocity and partner organizations, there are activities and lodging available in large and small towns across the United States and in other countries as well.

Hotwire Travel Destinations and Partners

Hotwire is listed through the Expedia, Inc. website as a holding of the larger company. That means Hotwire is essentially partnered with the same companies and individuals as Travelocity. Hotwire also allows hotels to sign-up directly as affiliates with Hotwire, again making it impossible to tally or limit the number of hotel partners with the company.

According to the details on the Hotwire home page, Hotwire offers rental cars, airlines, and hotels as well as combinations within vacation packages in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. They sell the majority of these as last-minute deals or cheap travel that is arranged without hotel, car or airline names to provide discounted rates.

Travel is fun and exciting but can be stressful and expensive. You want to book your travel arrangements with a company that gives you confidence in how you’re spending your money. You want to feel comfortable with your arrangements so that you can enjoy your travel experiences without stress or headaches. Fortunately, you can learn a great deal about travel companies by digging through reviews and the company’s own website.

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