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TruGreen customers have been asking questions about the company’s services in the TruGreen reviews page on TruGreen complaints and questions that have come up on PissedConsumer are in regards to contacting TruGreen customer service, quality of services, whether the company is legit, TruGreen headquarters address and TruGreen cancellation policy among others.

Our aim is to give the detailed and full answers to questions consumers ask in their reviews to the company. We identified the following top TruGreen FAQs and sought their answers in,, and other reputable websites.

  1. How do I contact customer service?
  2. Is TruGreen legit?
  3. How much do services cost?
  4. How do I cancel my service?
  5. Where is TruGreen Limited Partnership headquarters?
  6. What does it use on the lawns?
  7. How do I get a discount on

1. How Do I Contact TruGreen Customer Service?

There are various channels that you can get in touch with the TruGreen customer service including the TruGreen toll-free phone number and other customer care phone numbers, email address or via the various TruGreen social media pages (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn).

Below is the TruGreen contact information:

TruGreen Toll-Free Phone Number:

(800) 464-0171

Customer Care Department:

(800) 878-4733

Customer Service:

(800) 458-4186

New Service:

(800) 464-0171

(239) 249-3998

(214) 749-0080

TruGreen Email:

You can also contact the TruGreen customer help through the contact form provided on the contact us page. On the contact form, you will be required to provide:

  • your first and last name,
  • contact information,
  • category and sub-category of your query
  • more details in the “notes” section.

2. Is TruGreen. Com Legit?

TruGreen is a lawn care company that offers a wide range of yard care plans to both commercial and residential customers. TruGreen range of services includes lawn care, tree and shrub care, and landscaping. Customers can opt for full-range services or stand-alone services.

According to the why choose Trugreen page, the company promises to offer science-based solutions tailored to keep your lawn healthy. They highlight the following as the top benefits for enlisting TruGreen services: saving time, saving money, and reliable services that guarantee results.

Is TruGreen legit

However, the big question for TruGreen customers is: Does TruGreen deliver on their promise? We looked through TruGreen lawn care reviews on PissedConsumer to find out if customers found TruGreen services satisfactory.

As of the date of writing this article, TruGreen had an average 1.4-star rating on According to the TruGreen rating statistics, the majority of the customer reviews are one-star and two-star ratings.

According to the TruGreen reviews on PissedConsumer, the top TruGreen complaints include:

  • Poor customer service characterized by pushy sales calls by customer care representatives, long response time to customer enquiries and failure to offer assistance on customer issues.
  • Ineffectiveness of treatment and lawn care methods used. In some cases, customers reported that the health and aesthetics of their lawns deteriorated after law treatment by TruGreen specialists.
  • Difficulty canceling TruGreen services.
  • Unexplained cancellation of scheduled lawn treatment appointments.
  • Failure to follow through with their promise for service delivery.
  • Wrongful billing

In TruGreen review, the customer complains about poor customer service.

“I witnessed a Tru Green employee, Dan Buck, drive a large aerating-type machine along my sidewalk. As the machine was too wide to fit, it was crushing the landscaping bricks, which were set on-pointe along the sidewalk.

I spoke with the two other employees on site, who confirmed that they saw him breaking the bricks, and heard the popping sounds as they were breaking.

Dan again past me and I called his attention to the damage, he apologized and said that he intended to speak to me about it, and was meeting with his boss, Allen, tomorrow and that one of them would be in touch with me soon. He took my address, phone number, and photos of the broken bricks, which we counted together. The total was 10. He said, “I will definitely fix them for you.”

They were his last words to me.

Not hearing from him, I called six times over the next month, was passed to several departments, and given several different numbers to call, always repeating the story and given the assurance that someone would definitely call me back...”

With that said, there are a few positive TruGreen reviews commending the company for keeping their lawns healthy. In review # 624499, the customer wrote a review in defense of TruGreen citing that they have been using TruGreen services for over 6 years and their lawn looks amazing. The reviewer also offered fellow customers advise to ensure they mow their lawns properly as part of keeping the lawn healthy. He notes that it takes more than TruGreen services to keep your lawn in good condition.

I've used True Green for over 6 years and my lawn looks amazing! My wife and neighbors say it looks like carpet. However, the property owner has to do SOMETHING. True Green doesn't do magic lawn. Mowing properly is extremely important. Keep the blades sharp. Don't scalp your lawn, cut no shorter that 4 or 5 inches. Watering is important during the right time of day.

A beautiful lawn doesn't just happen because you use True Green. The pictures I saw in some of these complaints looked like cases of cutting to short, and improper watering for the most part. In the case of "brown patch" that is caused by watering in the evening when temps are very warm and no application of fungicide. If you would like a beautiful lawn, you need to work at it and educate yourself about lawn care in the area of the country where you live and not rely completely on some guy stopping by to fertilize and feed your lawn once every 5 to 6 weeks.

3. How Much Do Services Cost?

TruGreen services costs vary from one plan to another as listed on the Plans and services tab on the menu bar on To get a quote for a specific plan, click on the plans and services button under the Products and Services page, and select the plan you would like from the drop-down menu.

Review the particulars of the plan or stand-alone service you are interested in. Click on the “Add cart” button, you will be led to a property details page where you are required to provide your first and last name, your address, your contact information (city, phone number). You will also be required to indicate whether you have an in-ground sprinkler and a locked gate.

A TruGreen customer representative might call you to further clarify the size and details about your lawn. You will then be issued with a quote according to the service plan you have chosen and the size of your lawn.

TruGreen prices

4.  How Do I Cancel My TruGreen Service?

TruGreen does not stipulate a concise cancellation policy. However, to cancel your service plan, contact customer service and request to cancel your subscription.

Some TruGreen reviews indicate that the customers have had challenges with stopping TruGreen services even after requesting to stop services. In other cases, customers reported receiving a call from TruGreen customer care representatives to find out why the customer stopped TruGreen services and to try to persuade them to sign up again.

Review #1625676 is a sample TruGreen cancellation review:


5. Where Is TruGreen Limited Partnership Headquarters?

Below is the TruGreen Headquarters address according to the TruGreen contact information provided on

Corporate Office Address:

860 Ridge Lake Boulevard Memphis, TN 

38120 USA  

6. What Does TruGreen Use on the Lawns?

TruGreen does not specify what they use on lawns. However, they note on the “Our Training and Expertise” page that lawn care solutions differ based on a number of variables including like climates, region, and season.

7. How Do I Get a Discount on

If there is a running discount on a specific TruGreen lawn care plan or other services, it is indicated on the particular service page. For instance, as at the date of writing this article, the TruGreen Trucomplete Lawn Care plan offered a 50% off discount on our first application if you signed up on that day.

TruGreen discounts

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