PissedConsumer is a review platform in which 4 million monthly customers choose to voice their issues or read about others' experiences with products and services. Aligned with the high positions of the platform on Google, a positive profile on this site is a solid competitive edge that empowers the company's online reputation and helps attract new customers.

Although getting a high rating can be a challenging task, requiring regular monitoring and responding to reviews as well as resolving customers' issues, it's totally achievable. Currently, 2866 companies have 4 and 5-star ratings, which is 6% of all rated companies on PissedConsumer. 

The Power of PissedConsumer Features

A сomprehensive approach to addressing customers' issues on review sites is what we recommend adopting to get a high-rated profile. Additionally, PissedConsumer provides companies with special features to increase review management efficiency and make it less time-consuming. Businesses can leverage more than 20 PissedConsumer review management features to address customers' issues effectively and build a proactive reputation management strategy to prevent negative feedback in the future. 

1. Hide a star rating

You can hide the company's rating from your profile until your representatives have solved consumer complaints. This feature aims to decrease the immediate negative impact on a brand image while you are solving customer issues.

2. Get access to the contact information of reviewers

In addition to the ability to respond to reviews through commentaries, you can contact reviews' authors directly. A personalized approach to customer communication contributes to efficient issue resolution because granting exclusivity helps to decrease the tension.

3. Pre-public stage to resolve customer issues

With this feature, you obtain a 5-day pre-public period to solve a customer complaint. The review will not be published if you address the issue during this time. However, it is advised to respond quickly because 82% of customers consider their problems as important or very important and expect the company to touch them in less than 10 minutes.

4. Control on review anonymity

You can decide whether anonymous reviews will be published or not. This feature protects your online reputation from scams and false reviews. Usually, if customers have a negative experience, they leave contact information to a company to solve their issue.

5. Gathering testimonials

This feature allows you to attach testimonials from satisfied customers to your PissedConsumer profile. The algorithm calculating a company's rating considers testimonials the same as reviews, and you can improve your rating and regain customer trust quickly.

The fundamentals of efficient review management

Although PisseedConsumer solutions offer companies numerous advantages, it's not a panacea. To truly harness the power of our review platform and obtain a 5-star company profile, you should adopt a consistent approach to reputation management that includes the following:

  • Monitor your profiles on PissedConsumer, other review sites, and social media. We recommend conducting a monthly review site analysis and a quarterly comprehensive online reputation audit.
  • Respond to all reviews because 97% of shoppers who read customer reviews also read company responses. 
  • Use positive or negative feedback as an opportunity to improve your business because 17% of customers leave reviews on PissedConsumer to help companies improve their products and services. Show your customers that you listen to their opinions to deserve their loyalty.
  • Be honest, polite, and professional in customer interactions to build trust in your brand.
  • Provide customers with excellent customer service at every touchpoint with your company. Satisfied customers will return to you again and can become your brand advocates promoting your business to other people.

In conclusion, businesses can improve a profile rating from 1 star to 5 stars by utilizing business solutions offered by PissedConsumer and adopting a holistic approach to managing their online reputation. This combination will help to set your business apart from competitors and build a robust and positive presence in the digital world.

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