How To Respond to Online Reviews

Thank the Author of the Review

Your customers took time to share what experience they had with your products or service. It is good to show that you appreciate that whether a review was positive or negative. Even the worst reviews can help you improve your products or services. To show the reviewer that there is a real person behind your reply, make sure to thank them for something specific they said.

Personalize your Responses

Make the author of the review feel like you are responding to their particular individual concerns. Avoid writing the same generic response over and over again. We recommend that your responses include the following:

  • Apology if needed;
  • Your business name and relevant keywords;
  • Short description of the situation (your side of the story);
  • Steps you have taken to resolve the issue;
  • Outcome/ resolution;
  • Tips for people with similar concerns/ issues;
  • Contact information of your Customer Service Department (email, phone, etc.);
  • Any other helpful information.

Respond in a Timely Manner

A timely response shows that you care about your customers’ feedback. Also, it would be best if you designate one person in your office to handle responses to customers’ communication, including reviews, comments on social media or messages through the company’s website. Thus, your customers will perceive your company as an efficient and dependable organization.

Respond Appropriately

Do not hide your negative reviews, because just positive feedback seems suspicious for a customer. The transparent business attracts more clients than an artificially all-positive one. A negative review about your business may make you emotional, angry and feeling like justifying yourself. These are certainly natural reactions, but they will not help your business or your online presence. When writing your response, we suggest considering the following:

  • Stay polite and professional;
  • Be brief;
  • Avoid using too many technical terms;
  • Remember that everyone can read your responses, and everyone can become your potential customer.

Add a Little Marketing

Your response is public. It will be read my many people, and all of them are your potential customers. Use your response to mention a new feature, deal or upcoming promotion.

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