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An ignition control device like Intoxalock is typically installed after a drunk driving conviction. The small device is a breathalyzer linked to your vehicle, usually installed to satisfy a court order. While the device should allow you to start your vehicle immediately if you’re in a safe position to drive, sometimes things don’t work as well as they should.

Customers who have been using the Intoxalock device have occasionally run into trouble. They have left feedback on the PissedConsumer platform about their experiences as they sought out the Intoxalock customer service number.

Intoxalock Q&A

Number of Intoxalock reviews – 1.3K

Intoxalock rating* – 3.6⭐⭐⭐⭐

Successful calls – 22%/2.8K

Resolved issues – 64

Intoxalock company responses – 1.1K

We have assembled some of the most common questions below.

1. How Do I Contact Intoxalock Customer Service?

If you’re trying to contact Intoxalock, you have several options. According to the Intoxalock customer service page, you can call, email, or use the company’s website to contact the company.

intoxalock customer service contacts

  • The Intoxalock phone number for customer support claims to be available 24/7. If you want to call Intoxalock, the number is (844) 677-9243.
  • If you are looking to communicate with customer service in writing, perhaps to have written Intoxalock instructions, you have an option to chat with a customer service representative. To access the online chat, you are asked to log into the Intoxalock My Account page and select “customer chat” to get started.
  • The My Account page has a live chat feature as well as instructional videos that answer common questions like how to access the Intoxalock sleep mode or change your battery. You can log into your My Account page to find those resources.
  • Finally, the Intoxalock customer service team manages several online, social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You can access information and perhaps leave Intoxalock reviews and questions through social media posts or private messages on the company’s accounts.

2. How to Put Intoxalock in Sleep Mode?

One of the most common questions that customers have is how to put Intoxalock in Sleep Mode. These customers have worthwhile Intoxalock complaints that the device has a heavy energy pull when the car is turned off. Many consumers are frustrated that Intoxalock is killing battery power.

Fortunately, turning on the Intoxalock power save mode is straightforward. If you are looking to save time and battery power, here’s how to put Intoxalock in Sleep Mode

Step 1: Before you turn off your vehicle, press and hold the button on the Intoxalock device for three beeps.

Step 2: Release the button after the third beep.

Step 3: After three beeps, you will have activated Sleep Mode on your device. You can turn the device on again by pressing the activation button.

Intoxalock Sleep Mode

Intoxalock customer service recommends using the Sleep Mode setting if you are leaving your car for an extended period. If you have any issues with the device or activating its Sleep Mode setting, you can call the Intoxalock customer service number at (844) 677-9243.

3. How Does an Intoxalock Ignition Device Work?

According to Intoxalock instructions on the website, the device measures the amount of alcohol on the driver’s breath before allowing the car to drive. The device is set to measure the legal limit in each state. Once you turn off the Intoxalock power save mode, the user will blow into the device. If the device reads the alcohol content as below the state’s legal limit, the driver can insert his or her key and start the vehicle.

How Intoxalock ignition locker works

The Intoxalock device may also request a “rolling” test while the driver is operating the vehicle. In these cases, the device will request that the driver breathes into it while driving to ensure no alcohol has been consumed while driving.

Intoxalock locker tests

Once you have parked at the end of your drive, you can activate the Intoxalock sleep mode again to save battery power.

While the process seems straightforward some customers have had issues with the device and left Intoxalock reviews about their experience. Many of these customers have also reached out to contact Intoxalock to get their issues resolved.

One customer left a review (#3517500) about his experience with operating the Intoxalock. According to the reviewer, he was cited for incidents that were not alcohol-related and was charged $500 in two months for those incidents.

Intoxalock review

The reviewer encourages other users to call Intoxalock phone number to report maintenance and to “never turn the key without blowing.”

4. How Do I Remove an Intoxalock Ignition Lock from My Vehicle?

Intoxalock removal must be done professionally. The Intoxalock system must be professionally installed, and it will be uninstalled by the professional as well. According to the Intoxalock instructions on the company’s website, you will first confirm that you are eligible to have the device removed.

Then you will schedule an appointment with an installation company for an Intoxalock removal. The company will remove the device and return it to Intoxalock. You will also be provided with the necessary paperwork your state requires at the time of removal as well.

Intoxalock device removal

Removing the device is one of the chief Intoxalock complaints. Many customers have left feedback online about their frustrations with Intoxalock killing battery power and asking how to have the device removed. Thankfully that issue can be solved with the Intoxalock power save mode. Still, others have issues finding an Intoxalock service center that suits their location and needs.

To have the device removed, you must work with an Intoxalock service center. To find the center nearest you, call the Intoxalock customer service number.

5. Can I Keep Intoxalock from Draining Battery?

One of the top complaints from customers is Intoxalock killing battery power. Battery drainage is a top Intoxalock complaint. The company recognizes this as frustration for many customers as they routinely contact Intoxalock about battery issues and has provided an Intoxalock customer help page dedicated exclusively to preserving your battery life.

According to the page, the best way to protect your car’s battery is to use the Sleep mode on your Intoxalock ignition device.

The Intoxalock battery drainage issue is common to all ignition devices. The issue is due to an internal heater within the device. By putting the device in Sleep mode when the car is not in use, you are able to turn off that internal heater and preserve battery life.

To activate the Sleep Mode setting on the Intoxalock ignition device, follow the instructions on the Sleep Mode page.

The directions state you should:

  1. Press and hold the button on your device for 3 beeps before you turn off your vehicle.
  2. Release the button after the third beep.

how to stop Intoxalock from dranining car battery

The company's website encourages customers to use the Sleep mode if the ignition device will not be used for eight hours in warm weather and two hours in cold weather to best preserve battery life.

Among the Intoxalock reviews, one customer explained that he struggled with the device killing his battery. According to the Intoxalock device complaint (#1407359), “…They told me to take out of vehicle at night to save battery, I would. Then I would get a violation and an additional $70 charge. Customer service wasn’t very helpful...”

His Intoxalock removal technique continued to cause him issues. The reviewer decided to call Intoxalock phone number. The company reached out to the reviewer to further resolve the issue.

Intoxalock removal

6. How to Change My Battery with Intoxalock?

When the Intoxalock service center installs the device, it is linked to your car battery for necessary power. This can present issues. Many Intoxalock problems are tied to battery life issues caused by the device. While the Intoxalock sleep mode is designed to help preserve battery life, it isn’t always enough. Many Intoxalock complaints center around trying to preserve and even replace batteries with the device installed.

To have work done to your vehicle once the Intoxalock ignition interlock device is installed, you will have to notify the company. You can call the Intoxalock customer service number at (844) 677-9243 or by going to MyAccount and choosing “Report Vehicle Maintenance.”

Once you have reported the maintenance, you can download instructions for how to manage your Intoxalock ignition device for even simple vehicle tasks like replacing a battery.

It may be worthwhile to avoid potential issues by contacting Intoxalock customer support to find the best location for your battery replacement as well. Since Intoxalock removal can only be done in an official service center, these service centers will likely have the best knowledge of how to handle the device. Working with someone familiar with the device will let you avoid the fees and calls that might come with an Intoxalock missed calibration as well.

Intoxalock maintenance

Have been using the Intoxalock device? Write a review of your own experience. You can also ask questions about your device in a review to get feedback from others or from the company.

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