Intoxalock is a specialized provider of ignition interlock devices. These devices may be required after a legal situation involving a drunk driving conviction. Those who have been using Intoxalock have left feedback about the device on the PissedConsumer platform.

Other customers have left questions about the device on our page dedicated to Intoxalock consumer questions. We have grouped some of the Intoxalock frequently asked questions onto this page to help consumers find the answers they are looking for.

Top Intoxalock Consumer Questions

The Intoxalock FAQ that appear the most include concerns about how to use the device, how to care for the interlock system and how to reach Intoxalock customer service.

1. How does Intoxalock work?

According to the Intoxalock website, the Intoxalock is an ignition device that does two things: prevent you from starting your car if you’re intoxicated and maintains sobriety while you’re driving.

After the device is installed in your vehicle, you will be required to provide a breath sample before you are able to start or drive your vehicle. The legal Intoxalock alcohol limit will vary by state according to the laws in each specific area.

According to the information pages on, the device uses “a fuel cell technology to measure the amount of alcohol on the user’s breath. If the breath sample detects alcohol at or above the limit set by the state (usually 0.02), the car will not start. If the breath sample returns a breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) below that set limit, the driver will be able to insert their key into the ignition and start their vehicle.”

How Intoxalock ignition locker works

Additionally, while you are driving, you may be asked for a rolling, or random retest. The device will signal you that a retest is required while you are driving. You will have a certain amount of time to blow into the device to confirm that you are still below the legal limit.

Intoxalock locker tests

2. How do I contact Intoxalock customer service?

You can contact Intoxalock in multiple ways according to the company’s Customer Support page. In order to contact the company, you can:

  • Call Intoxalock customer help around the clock at (888) 283-5899.
  • Call the Intoxalock toll-free number at (844) 535-0260 if you are an existing customer.
  • Fill out an online contact form for Intoxalock customer service.
  • Log into your Intoxalock MyAccount page and chat with the customer care team.

intoxalock customer service contacts

3. Why do I need calibration appointments for my Intoxalock ignition interlock?

As part of a legal situation, a state requires a customer to install the ignition interlock system and it also requires the interlock to be calibrated on a regular basis. According to, all states require that you have your device calibrated on a regular basis, either every 30 or every 60 days. The exact requirements for an Intoxalock calibration will vary by state.

The website also explains that the calibrations are required to “ensure it is still measuring alcohol levels accurately” and also some states require calibration appointments to allow installers to check for signs of tampering.

Intoxalock calibration appointment

Your state may also require calibration visits before removing the device from your vehicle. A frustrated customer explained in their Intoxalock complaint why this became an issue. According to the customer’s Intoxalock review, the device had been installed “…for over a year…”.

The reviewer was determined eligible for removal by the state, and took the vehicle for a final calibration before removal. They received a letter that “…explains that in order to receive my unrestricted drivers license that I must have my final re-calibration before 11-29-2018 and that Intoxalock must submit the final "declaration of compliance" to PA DMV…”

After working to get the final calibration scheduled and completed, the Intoxalock customer posted that “…I have been informed today----12-4-2018---that Intoxalock will not send the "declaration of compliance" to PA DMV because they claim on 11-6-2018 I failed a retest…”

The reviewer continues, “…This is mind-boggling because the device work when I went to work, the device worked when I took it to get the final re-calibration at the vendor and has functioned properly to date. I did not fail to take any required test or retest in over 1 year!!...”

4. How do I go about removing Intoxalock ignition locker from my vehicle?

The Intoxalock system must be professionally installed, and it will be uninstalled by the professional as well. According to the instructions on the Intoxalock website, you will first confirm that you are eligible to have the device removed.

Then you will schedule an appointment with an installation company for an Intoxalock removal. The company will remove the device and return it to Intoxalock. You will also be provided with the necessary paperwork your state requires at the time of removal as well.


5. What can I do about Intoxalock device draining my battery?

Battery drainage is a top Intoxalock complaint. The company recognizes this as frustration for many customers and has provided an Intoxalock customer help page dedicated exclusively to preserving your battery life.

According to the page, the best way to protect your car’s battery is to use the Sleep mode on your Intoxalock ignition device.

The Intoxalock battery drainage issue is common to all ignition devices. The issue is due to an internal heater within the device. By putting the device in Sleep mode when the car is not in use, you are able to turn off that internal heater and preserve battery life.

To activate the Sleep Mode setting on the Intoxalock ignition device, follow the instructions on the Sleep Mode page.

The directions state you should:

  1. Press and hold the button on your device for 3 beeps before you turn off your vehicle.
  2. Release the button after the third beep.

how to stop Intoxalock from dranining car battery

The company's website encourages customers to use the Sleep mode if the ignition device will not be used for eight hours in warm weather and two hours in cold weather to best preserve battery life.

One customer wasn’t aware of the Sleep mode option and had his battery die regularly. According to the Intoxalock device complaint, “…They told me to take out of vehicle at night to save battery, I would. Then I would get a violation and an additional $70 charge. Customer service wasn’t very helpful. I wouldn’t wish this product on my worst enemy…”.

The reviewer contacted the Intoxalock helpline but has not found a solution yet. The customer states, “...My car has probably died 100 times, I live in Minnesota, in the winter it is a safety issue. Do not use this product...

6. How does the “Lock Out” state work on Intoxalock ignition lockers?

An Intoxalock lockout occurs when the device locks and prevents you from using your car for a certain period of time or permanently. According to the FAQ on the company's website, this is a function that is required by the state and can vary based on location.

Intoxalock ignition lockout

If you blow into your ignition device with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit, your device will prevent you from using the vehicle. If you try too many times to register a legal limit but instead create an Intoxalock failed test multiple times, the device will lock you out for either a temporary amount of time or permanently. This type of Intoxalock violation is the most common reason for lock outs.

According to the Intoxalock customer care page, you can also trigger a lock out on your Intoxalock device by tampering with the system or trying to bypass it.

Lock outs factor highly in the top consumers’ questions about Intoxalock. One Intoxalock customer left a review while he was waiting to speak to Intoxalock customer service. According to the Intoxalock device review, the driver complained that he “…was unable to drive for five days because they put a defective device in my car…”.

The poster had spoken with Intoxalock customer support multiple times, replaced a battery at the driver’s own expense and “...The car still wouldn’t start...” The customer continues by saying, “…They said they would reimburse me but now will not answer my calls or emails regarding the issue. I’m locked out right now after my device malfunctioned while I was driving…

Have a question that isn’t answered here? You have a few options on how to get more Intoxalock answers.

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