Consumers have many Skylink TV Antenna questions that regularly show up on Questions and Answers page and in reviews. Many of the consumer questions fall into similar categories about how the antenna works, how many channels the antenna can pick-up, how to contact Skylink TV Antenna customer service, the abilities of the antenna, and the best way to process a return and refund of the antenna should the purchase not work out.

We have selected the most frequently asked questions about SkylinkTV Antenna and answered them here using information found on the, including the company’s terms of service, or fine print.

Most Commonly Asked Skylink TV Antenna Questions

1. Where does the Skylink TV Antenna work?

As a digital antenna, the Skylink TV Antenna allows you to access the free, over-the-air channels produced by local television companies. Therefore, it will work best where new stations and other local channels are broadcast.

The homepage for the Skyline TV Antenna encourages would-be customers to check the reception in their area, as “crystal-clear over the air reception” depends on a number of factors including distance from a broadcasting tower, terrain, surroundings and other “environmental factors.

Skylink TV Antenna reception

Skylink TV Antenna provides a link on the front page of the website to check for signal and to determine if your area is one where the antenna works. That link is

2. Can I get a refund on the

The most popular of the Skylink TV Antenna consumers’ questions is how to get a refund after ordering the antenna.

The company website offers the specific terms for a refund on the SkylinkTV Antenna. According to the “Return Policy” pop-up on the website, the terms for a return are as follows:

“30 Day Refund Policy: If you believe you have received a damaged or defective product, you are entitled to a full refund of your purchase. For technical support or questions regarding your product, please contact our Customer Service Support Team by email at right away.”

There is additional contact information for customers interested in speaking with a Skylink TV Antenna customer service representative over the phone in addition to emailing. The Skylink TV Antenna contact info page contains the following instructions:

“To contact our Customer Service Support Team, please email Please allow 24 business hours for our Customer Service Support Team to respond to your inquiry. Your inquiry will be processed in the order in which it was received. You may also contact our Customer Service Support Team by calling (800) 351-4939.”

Again, according to the “Contact Us” pop-up, you can reach the Skylink TV Antenna help department during limited hours as follows:

“Our Customer Service Support Team can be contacted Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM EST.”

According to the information found on the website, customers interested in a refund for a damaged or a defective product should contact Skylink TV Antenna customer support by email or by phone to get additional information.

Skylink TV Antenna Return and Exchange Policy

3. How do I return the Skylink TV Antenna?

Returning the antenna is an issue brought up frequently in Skylink TV Antenna complaints. The official return and refund policy are laid out in the Terms and Conditions on the company website. The policy urges customers to cancel their orders as soon as possible before the antenna ships:

“If you wish to cancel your order please contact our Customer Service Support Team by email at right away. In-stock items are typically processed within 24 hours, so it is very important that you contact us as soon as possible so we can cancel your order before it is processed and dispatched.”

The policy also gives information about how to proceed with a refund when a product is damaged or defective.

“If you believe you have received a damaged or defective product, you are entitled to a full refund of your purchase.”

The policy does not specifically state how to return the antenna as part of the refund policy. Instead, the website urges customers to contact the Skylink TV Antenna customer service department:

“For technical support or questions regarding your product, please contact our Customer Service Support Team by email at right away.”

You can also contact the company by phone:

“You may also contact our Customer Service Support Team by calling (800) 351-4939”.

The additional contact information is also available through the Contact Us pop-up menu on the website.  You may write a review about Skylink TV Antenna to potentially begin a dialogue with the customer help team.

How to contact Skylink TV Antenna

4. How does the SkylinkTV Antenna connect to my TV?

How to set up the antenna is among the consumers’ top questions about the product. The satellite company provides a one-page Skylink TV Antenna manual to help customers connect the antenna.

According to the schematic, the antenna comes assembled with a single coaxial cord. That cord is attached to the cable input receiver on the television. Once the wire is attached, the antenna should begin pulling in local channels. To see programming on the television, customers should have the television scan for channels.

The full instructions from the company are as follows:

Skylink TV Antenna Set-up instructions

5. How many SkylinkTV Antennas do I need in my home?

Each Skylink TV Antenna comes attached to a single coaxial cable with connector. That single cable is only able to connect to one television. Therefore, if you would like to pull television channels for more than one television, you will need a separate antenna for each. One antenna works on one television. Two televisions would require two antennas.

6. What stations does Skylink TV Antenna receive?

The website indicates that the antenna can receive “Receive up to 100+ premium channels in HD.”

According to the Antenna Web organizational website, however, the actual number of channels received depends heavily on how many stations are broadcasting free channels in your area.

The antenna can only pick up stations in your area, so the specific stations will vary by your geographic location, the placement of the antenna and other geological features, as acknowledged in the antenna’s set-up guide:

How many stations can the Skylink TV Antenna receive

You can get more information about what stations broadcast free channels in your area by using the address feature on the Antenna Web information site.

7. Can I record shows using the SkylinkTV Antenna?

While this is among the most common consumers’ questions, there is no information in the Skylink TV Antenna materials about a receiver or recording abilities. In the installation guide, the components of the antenna are listed as the antenna itself and a single cable. This set-up would not have the ability to record any television shows, but only to give users access to live television channels broadcast in their area.

How many components are there in a Skylink Tv antenna?

If you don’t find the Skylink TV Antenna answers to your specific question in this collection of responses, you have options on how to get additional information. You may:

  • Contact Skylink TV Antenna customer support team directly through their contact information listed in the Contact Us section of the
  • Use the Skylink TV Antenna customer service phone number available on the in the company tab.

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