Acceptance Now is a famous company that provides customers with access to items they wish to buy but are unable to purchase from the retailer. To achieve that, the company partners with local retailers, from electronics and appliances to computers and furniture, and enables its customers to select the merchandise they want. Then, Acceptance Now purchases that product on its customer’s behalf and leases it to the consumer that wanted it.

In return, the buyer makes affordable monthly payments with no long-term obligations. Acceptance Now has been operating since 2005 and already has more than 1,000 locations across the US. The purpose of this article is to provide detailed and comprehensive answers to Acceptance Now consumers’ top questions posted on our Q&A section and/or questions consumers ask in their Acceptance Now reviews to the company.

11 FAQs Based on Acceptance Now Reviews & Complaints

The majority of consumers asking questions about the business had concerns about the fine print of the Acceptance Now payment schemes and wondered whether they could, for example, return an item, or what will happen if they stop paying their monthly settlements.

There were also questions related to getting in touch with an Acceptance Now customer assistance agent either via an AcceptanceNow customer service phone number or another way. The full list is provided below:

1. How can I contact Acceptance Now customer service?

According to information provided at the company’s official website, there are several ways to contact Acceptance Now customer service:

  • Online contact form
  • Telephone (Mon-Fri from 08:00-20:00 CT)
  • Traditional mail
  • Via the Find a Location tool that helps find the contact number of the nearest Acceptance Now location.

Acceptance Now contact customer service

Kindly visit AcceptanceNow contact page to access the full list of Acceptance Now customer service options.

2. How can I complain about AcceptanceNow?

You could try to contact the Acceptance Now customer service department and share your issues, worries or Acceptance Now complaints or post a review at a reputed consumer advocacy websites, such as Pissed Consumer.

3. Can I cancel leasing?

The is seriously lacking details related to canceling a lease agreement. However, the FAQs section states that customers can buy out the agreement if they wish to gain ownership of the leased item or renew the lease “by making affordable payments”. This implies that a customer indeed has the option to cancel a lease and that this is somehow linked to the scheduled payments. Nevertheless, the “how” is not mentioned.

Acceptance Now lease cancellation

Researching some more the Terms and Conditions of Use pertaining to payments made via AutoPay, it became clear that those who choose this payment method can cancel their scheduled payments by logging to ePay and deselecting the agreement. This could, potentially, allow them to cancel the leasing too.

Acceptance Now Agreement Cancellation

Alternatively, you could try to contact the Acceptance Now customer support staff or use the Acceptance Now customer service number to get in touch with a company agent and ask for assistance. No matter which option you choose to go by, make sure you read the terms and conditions about cancelations when you lease an item, before asking for a refund.

An increasing number of Acceptance Now reviews mention issues with getting their deposit back after canceling an order:

“We ordered a table and chairs from rooms to go and after thinking about the high payments. We went to store the next day and cancelled transaction and were told we would get our money we paid for deposit back. It has been months and we still are being told it in the mail. We are told we will receive a phone call and we never do. Today we were told to stop coming to store and asking for our money!”

4. How late can payment be?

Again, the official site doesn't give any details about late payments. Nevertheless, the AutoPay terms and conditions make a note of automatic payments that take place on the terms the customer has chosen (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly).

Acceptance Now Automatic Payments

So, it is safe to assume that Acceptance Now clients have time to pay until the date each renewal payment is due, especially considering that customers might be charged a returned item fee if there are no funds available at the time of the expected payment.

Acceptance Now payment terms

Also, in case an AutoPay scheduled payment is unsuccessful due to lack of funds (for whatever reason), the AutoPay program enrolment is no longer in effect or active because the customer is regarded as not fulfilling their obligations (hence, violating the terms and conditions of the agreement).

Acceptance Now autopay program

Nevertheless, we have received numerous Acceptance Now complaints about company practices where company employees even entered customers’ homes and got their house keys along with the merchandize that had not yet been paid off, like the following consumer, who says:

“Acceptance now has put a $3493.00 charge off on my credit report. I was hassled by these people they took my truck keys out of my door so i couldnt drive it until i go another ignition put it to it...”

5. How can I return Acceptance Now furniture?

Unfortunately, there was no Acceptance Now return policy we could find online. Nevertheless, Acceptance Now is owned by Rent-A-Center (RAC), a Texas-based electronics and public furniture rent-to-own company. Based on information found on the RAC website, you may return an item, furniture included, at any given time. This will automatically freeze your payments too.

Acceptance Now return item

6. What retailers does partner with?

The company has a long list of partners displayed on their website, from a wide range of categories, including, furniture, electronics, appliances, and more. Among them are, for example, Rooms To Go, RCWilley, Walker Furniture, Bob's Discount Furniture and others.

Acceptance Now partners

7. Does AcceptanceNow build credit?

There are several complaints against Acceptance Now related to late payments that resulted in hurting consumers’credit after the company reported them (the customer) to the credit bureau as having been delayed in their payments:

“I would like to dispute a late payment with your company, I've never been 30 days late with my payments to Acceptance Now (ABC Warehouse in Roseville Mi). I mistakenly thought I had made my last payment in Nov. 2018. […] I went in on January 9, 2019 and paid the account off. As of January 9, 2019 this was reported to the credit bureau as been 30 days late. I've been working to reestablish my credit for the last two years and I've made great success in doing so. This late payment would defiently set me back credit wise.”

That aside, based on information found on Bob Mills Furniture website, Acceptance Now partner, the company reports to all three major credit bureaus and gives customers the chance to build credit via on-time monthly payments.

Acceptance Now credit building

8. How does Acceptance Now work?

The AcceptanceNOW FAQs page mentions that the company cooperates with brand name retailers and allows customers to purchase items they are otherwise unable to get from the retail store without any credit required; they only pay a monthly payment.

What is Acceptance Now

9. Does affect your credit score?

The Acceptance Now FAQs section has an endnote about the “no credit required” claim, where it mentions that although it is not necessary a customer has a good credit history of FICO score, it is possible the company makes an inquiry of creditworthiness or credit history.

Acceptance Now credit history

Depending on whether that inquiry is a hard or soft one, your credit history could be affected. According to Experian, hard inquiries hurt your credit score.

Acceptance Now credit scores

10. What is the initial payment for Acceptance Now?

According to Rent-A-Center Worry Free Guarantee, you can rent-to-own products like smartphones, electronics, appliances, furniture, and computers via three available payment options:

  • 6 Months Same As Cash – You get to keep the cash price for 4 and up to 6 months, depending on which state you live it and the item you buy.
  • Early Purchase Discount – The majority of Rent-A-Center locations, Acceptance Now included, usually offer a 50% savings on the sum you have left after the Same-As-Cash period.
  • Low, Fixed Payment Option – You can choose to schedule smaller payments until you own the item.

Acceptance Now initial payment

11. What is the interest rate for AcceptanceNOW?

Again, there is not the slightest hint about the interest rate applied to company leases. As we couldn’t find Acceptance Now answers related to this question, we turned to the biggest authority, Rent-A-Center, and did a thorough research online about this matter.

So, based on a Nerdwallet article, the company’s annual percentage rate ranges between 43% and nearly 470% (except for New Jersey where a 30% cap in enforced by law). Based on calculations that help determine the monthly rate, it could be anywhere between 3.6% and 38% (monthly interest rate).

Acceptance Now interest rate

However, Rent-A-Centre notes that their customers can choose a funding option that enables them to purchase an item at the cash price for up to 6 months or schedule a fixed number of weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payments enjoying a stable interest (though, it is not stated how high that interest rate actually is).

Acceptance Now payment options

We have noticed a growing frustration on behalf of consumers, who try to figure out what taxes and interest rate they are called to pay when doing business with the company, like in the following review:

“would never buy from them purchased furniture from them yet they lied and said I be paying 1,650 yet I'm paying off another 1,000 dollars seems like when I pay them the b[a]lance stays the same...”

You can view the entire list of Acceptance Now complaints and reviews and share your experience by leaving a review? Want to ask a question that has not been answered here? You could contact the Acceptance Now customer care service or call them directly.

Find the contact details you will need, including an AcceptanceNow toll-free number and several available telephone lines across the country on Acceptance Now Contacts tab on Pissed Consumer.

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