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The momentum toward streaming services that started before the pandemic has continued as households leave behind cable services and look for good options to stream their favorite channels and shows. Sling TV, through, offers streaming services that suit the needs of many families looking to cut their cable bills while keeping access to the specific channels they want to enjoy.

Based on the number of Sling TV subscription reviews on, however, not every new Sling subscriber is wowed by their purchase. Sling TV customer service is mentioned frequently in reviews, and while some customers seem to be satisfied, many others are frustrated. Those customers are looking for answers or help from Sling TV support, and many complain about not finding it.

Number of Sling TV reviews – 2.1K

Sling TV rating* – 2.1 ⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $290K

Successful calls – 38%/32.2K

Issues resolved – 3

Here is the Sling TV frequently asked questions and answers the customers are looking for:

1. What Channels Are on Sling TV?

Many would-be customers wonder, “What is Sling TV? What will I be able to watch?” To try it out, many opt for the Sling TV free trial, which includes several viewing options and introduces customers to the streaming equipment provided by the company.

Sling TV offers two primary packages. Customers choose the one they want based on the Sling TV channels offered on each. The Sling Orange plan is anchored by ESPN and Disney. It also includes other popular channels like CNN, HGTV, The History Channel, and the Food Network.

What channels are on Sling TV?

The Sling Blue package is anchored by FS1, FX, and Bravo. It includes NBC, HGTV, AMC, and many other channels.

In addition to the standard Blue and Orange packages, Sling TV customer service also offers a premium option that includes additional paid programming services like Showtime or STARZ.

Sling TV subscription plans

The full list of available channels, additional packages, and the differences between the Orange and the Blue plans are outlined on the Sling TV Channels webpage.

At the end of the free trial, if the channels or cost aren’t a good fit for you, you may call Sling TV to cancel the service. The Sling TV contact number is (888) 309-0838. You might also be able to cancel your service via the Sling chat support option on your ‘My Account’ page.

2. How Much Is Sling TV Subscription?

According to the company website, Sling TV services start at $35 per month. There are two overlapping packages of Sling TV channels, and you can subscribe to one of the packages for $35 per month or both for a discounted $50 per month. Premium movie channels and streaming on more devices than the original package includes come at an additional cost.

How Much Is Sling TV Subscription?

According to the Sling TV FAQ page, you can change your channel selection or service at any time. You can also try the basic Sling TV services at a discount. While it’s not a Sling TV free trial, you are offered half-price streaming for the first month.

If you decide to cancel Sling TV after the trial, you can do it through your personal account. You can also get in touch with Sling chat support. Finally, you can call the Sling TV customer service number to make changes or cancel your subscription.

3. How to Contact Sling TV Customer Service?

Sling TV provides a comprehensive Sling TV customer service center online. There is a list of specific questions answered to help customers resolve certain situations without contacting the company.

The information about how to contact Sling TV is linked through the extensive Sling TV FAQ pages. There you can find answers to the questions: What is Sling TV? What channel options are there?

The preferred means of contacting the company is through Sling TV chat support. There is a large chat button at the bottom of the screen on the Sling TV Help Center page.

Once the chat window opens, you are offered suggestions and guidance on typing your question or concern. If you type “chat with an agent” you’ll be offered additional suggestions for how to speak with customer service.

How to contact Sling TV customer service

It’s worth noting that the “contact us” option in the chat menu does not work without a login, so you must be a current customer to use that feature. There is also no Sling TV phone number offered. If you’d like to speak with the company through the Sling TV customer service number, you can call 888-309-0838. offers social media support through three different social media platforms. You can contact the company through Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Whatsapp. The social media accounts customer support is available from 8 AM to 1 AM eastern time, seven days a week.

4. How to Cancel My Sling TV Subscription?

Sling TV FAQ pages offer customers two ways to cancel their subscription. If you’re looking for how to cancel the Sling TV plan, your first option is to simply log in to your Sling TV account and choose the ‘Cancel Subscription button. After you do this, follow the further instructions on the page.

The other way to cancel is with the help of the Sling TV chat support. To use this option, you’ll click on the chat icon on the bottom right of the page. Then Sling TV customer service will ask what they can help with. Type in “cancel” and the chat feature will help guide you through the process. You will have an option to contact Sling TV agents through the chat feature as well.

The website does not provide a Sling TV phone number on the FAQ page as they prefer you cancel through your account or with the help of chat support.

How to cancel a subscription

5. Is Sling TV Good?

It can be hard to say if Sling TV is a good fit for everyone. Sometimes the company will offer a Sling TV free trial or discount to let you sample the service with lower risk, but you may cancel it to avoid frustrating extra costs.

The Sling TV FAQ page tries to help users with a wide range of ready answers to popular questions and issues. You can find out what is Sling TV, what channels, and the plans there are. You can also learn how to contact Sling chat support.

While the company seems to provide enough Sling TV channels many people are dissatisfied with the services. When you look through the Sling TV reviews online, you can find customer complaints from Sling TV subscribers.

One reviewer from Austin complained about many issues with the service in an online Sling TV review. According to the customer, Sling TV often freezes and buffers for long stretches of time. Even when the user was able to call Sling TV, the only suggestion was to “let you switch the TV off, unplug, wait and re-plug.” The customer went on to explain that, “Customer service is absolutely useless” and warns that would-be customers should “stay away.”

Sling TV customer complaint

6. How Can I Get a Refund from Sling TV?

Sling TV refund policy is addressed in a few places on the company website. The instructions for canceling your account tell customers what to expect in terms of billing after they terminate their subscription.

According to the company’s cancellation policy, if you cancel a Sling TV subscription, you will not be offered a refund for prepaid or partial months of service. The Sling TV cancellation policy is very clear that there are no contracts, but you cannot expect a refund for using less than the month of service you paid for. Despite this, according to reviews, requesting refunds is one of the top reasons why customers contact Sling TV.

The cancellation policy does explain that you can cancel at any time and if you call Sling TV during a free trial to cancel you will not be charged.

How to get a refund: Sling TV cancellation policy

If you have additional questions, you are encouraged to contact the company using the Sling TV chat support, which is accessed by clicking the chat bubble at the bottom of the company’s Help Center page. You can also call the Sling TV phone number, even though it is not easily provided on the website. The Sling TV customer service number is 888-309-0838.

Thanks to a decent Sling TV channel list, many families have been enjoying the streaming service. Sling TV packages are affordable and easy to set up for most households, making them a good option for many. 

However, not every customer is satisfied. Some of them are frustrated by the Sling TV cost being a bit higher than expected. Others are trying to figure out how to cancel Sling TV subscription without being charged. Many are struggling with finding Sling TV customer service number and contacting them.

Before you sign up for your own account, do a bit of reading and research to be sure the company has the right plan at the right cost for you.

Have you been subscribed to Sling TV? Write a review and share your experience of using the service.

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