Many governments in the world have issued a stay-at-home directive as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The latest coronavirus (COVID-19) news indicates that the pandemic is still spreading as cases continue to rise across the US. As such, the stay-at-home directive is likely to be extended for longer.

Consequently, the telecommunication sector has come to the forefront due to increased video streaming and global internet communication as a result of most people working remotely. Also, one of the side effects of coronavirus pandemic is that more people are consuming TV for extended periods.

Therefore, companies that offer television services such as Sling TV are likely to see an increase in demand. According to a recent Deloitte report on understanding COVID-19’s impact on the telecom sector, telco businesses should plan for a surge in demand. The report recommends that telecommunication businesses should take the necessary measures to improve customer experience by:

  • Testing their network’s reliability.
  • Equipping their customer service centers to handle an increase in the volume of inquiries.
  • Automating customer processes and internal operations.

As evidenced by the increase in Sling TV reviews on PissedConsumer in the last month, is seeing a surge in demand for their services. However, conversely to the Deloitte recommendations, there are numerous Sling TV customer service complaints. While the Sling TV price is quite affordable, customers have expressed frustration in the poor quality of service and difficulty canceling.

Sling TV

Number of Successful Connections – 34%/15.4K

Number of Resolved Issues - 1

Sling TV Rating* - 2.0 ⭐⭐

Sling TV Reviews -  1.3K

Claimed Losses - $260K

Below are the Sling TV frequently asked questions and the answers customers are looking for:

  1. How can I contact Sling TV customer service?
  2. How do I cancel my subscription?
  3. Is Sling TV good?
  4. What do I need in order to watch Sling TV?
  5. What channels can I watch?
  6. How does DVR work?
  7. How can I get a refund?

1. How Can I Contact Sling TV Customer Service?

Sling TV provides a comprehensive Sling TV customer service center online. There is a list of specific questions answered to help customers resolve certain situations without contacting the company.

At the bottom of the webpage, there is a link to the Sling TV customer service contacts page to find other Sling TV answers from the company's representatives.

The Contact Page on the website does not have a Sling TV phone number or address listed but does have links to social networks where customers can find support as well as a chat feature. Support is provided through Facebook Messenger and Twitter as well as through a website-based chat feature.

While the contact page does not list a Sling TV customer service phone number or address for the company, you can find this information on PissedConsumer’s Sling TV Customer Service page and reach out to the company at (888) 309-0838.

2. How Do I Cancel My Sling TV Subscription?

A page dedicated to Sling TV cancelation policy includes screenshots and steps broken down to help customers cancel their accounts.

Sling TV cancelation steps will ask you to:

  • Log into your Sling TV account page.
  • Click the Cancel Subscription button you will find on your account page.
  • Deny the retention offer they will ask you about.
  • Leave feedback as to why you are leaving the company.
  • Confirm again that you would like to cancel.

When you have finished on-refund your account, you will see a confirmation screen.

Sling TV cancelation policy expects customers to follow their procedures but, according to one Sling TV review (#1372626), the company does not honor cancellation requests over the phone. Here’s what happened when the subscriber contacted Sling TV customer support:

“…I asked about a few channels which I didn’t see listed. They did not have the channels so I decided to cancel. The continue to charge my card for 3 months although I have NEVER logged on to the service. When I called to complain and have them refund my card…”

In the review, the customer states, “They claimed that I never cancelled.”

3. Is Sling TV Good?

Sling TV is a live TV streaming service that allows subscribers to watch a wide range of live and on-demand television on TVs, computers, tablets or phones via an internet connection. According to their website, members can access news, shows, movies, and kids & family-friendly programs depending on their membership.

To evaluate whether Sling television is good, we looked at Sling TV reviews and ratings on PissedConsumer and other review websites. On, Sling TV has a 2.0 rating with customer experience distributed between 1 star and 5 stars. On, it has a 4.0 rating, while on Consumer Affairs it has a 1.6-star rating.

Satisfied customers were happy with the affordable Sling TV prices that gave them access to top networks such as ESPN, CNN, Fox, Comedy Central, Discovery, National Geographic, and NBC among others. These Sling TV LLC pros are echoed in a Sling TV review on Consumer Affairs:

Sling TV review

On the other hand, dissatisfied customers complained about poor Sling TV customer service, poor streaming quality, insufficient DVR storage, service not working, child inappropriate commercials, not being able to cancel Sling TV, and unauthorized billing among others.

For instance, according to the Sling TV reviews on PissedConsumer, one customer complained that Sling television was not working. Another customer complained that they had been wrongfully charged but they could not get through to the customer service.

Sling TV review #1864356

I am unable to watch because sling continues to return to home screen

Sling TV review #1847334

“They hanged up on me and then blocked me i could not go through i had to deal with my bank to dispute the charges of a service that i dont even use.”

4. What Do I Need in Order to Watch Sling TV?

According to the Sling TV FAQs section, in order to watch Sling TV, you will need high-speed internet access (which is not provided by and a supported device. The Sling TV customer help section also includes an offer for a free or discounted device.

What I need to start with Sling TV

5. What Channels Can I Watch on Sling TV?

Sling TV offers two primary packages. The Sling Orange channel package is anchored by ESPN and Disney. The channel package also includes other popular channels like CNN, HGTV, The History Channel, and the Food Network.

Sling TV Orange Package

The Sling Blue packages is anchored by FS1, FX, and Bravo. The Sling TV Blue package also includes NBC, HGTV, AMC and many other channels. According to the Channels page on the Sling TV website, both the Sling Orange and the Sling Blue package of channels are $25 per month. If you want both groups of channels, you can arranged a joint package for $40.

Sling TV Blue Package

You have additional options on how to customize your base channel package. For example, you can add the Kids package of channels to gain access to popular children’s television channels like Disney Junior, NickJr, Nicktoons, and Disney XD. There are packages with additional channels for categories like Sports, News, Lifestyle, and Comedy. There are other local channels and premium channels available ala carte.

Sling TV Kids Package

The full list of available channels, additional packages, and the differences between the Orange and the Blue packages are outlined on the Sling TV Channels webpage.

6. How Does Sling TV DVR Work?

Sling TV also offers a DVR or channel recording option through its streaming cable services. The Sling Television DVR option is offered with a $5 monthly fee as an add-on to a Sling TV channel package. Some information is available through the Sling TV Channels page in the carousel of add-ons and additional services or channels.

Sling Television Cloud DVR

There is a separate page of additional information and restrictions about Sling TV DVR. The DVR package is not available on the Xfinity X1 platform and many popular channels including Disney, ESPN lineups as well as On-Demand local channels will not record through the online DVR. They are restricted.

Sling TV also notes that their policy about DVR recordings can change at all time without notice.

One PissedConsumer user left their own thoughts about the Sling TV DVR service. In their Sling TV complaint (#1395900) the reviewer states, “The is the second time in a row that I have tried to record a champions leagues game…double-checked all was set correctly and come home to find…NADA!”

The customer says that his DVR “never records as it’s supposed to….worthless service for an extra $5/mo…” It is unclear if the Champions League game the Sling TV customer was trying to record might be on one of the ESPN channels with restricted recording.

7. How Can I Get a Refund from Sling TV?

Sling TV refund policy is addressed in a few places on the company website. The instructions for canceling your account tell customers what to expect in terms of billing after they terminate their subscription.

Sling TV refund policy states that the company does not provide refunds for prepaid or partial months of service. If you cancel before the end of your billing period or a prepaid period, Sling TV indicates that you will continue to be billed without the refund until the designated end period.

On the same page, a dropbox asked about accounts that were billed after a subscription ended.

These instructions ask customers to use Sling TV contact info to have an agent look into the billing issue.

Customers are pointed toward the company Terms of Use page in regards to Sling TV refunds and cancelations. This page contains a long list of disclaimers and account information along with certain features related to billing questions.

In the Fees and Charges section, Sling Television states that they charge a monthly fee in advance for the Subscription. They also state that they may “change the amount of or basis for determining any fees or charges…as determined by us.” All charges are billed to a credit or debit card registered with the account.

Refunds are specifically discussed in the Terms of Service as well. Sling TV states that customers are agreeing that their payments are nonrefundable and that customers “…WAIVE ANY RIGHT TO ANY CREDIT, REFUND, PRICE ADJUSTMENT OR ANY DISCOUNT, COMPENSATION OR RECOMPENSE FOR ANY PARTIALLY USED OR UNUSED SERVICE.”

Sling TV does also state that “although not required or obligated, we reserve the right to evaluate or elect to provide credits, refunds, price adjustments or other discount…from time to time, and at any time in our sole and absolute discretion.”

In short, Sling TV has laid out careful legal terms that they do not owe customers any refunds for partial use of the Sling Television service unless they feel like it.

One customer left a Sling TV complaint  #1392867 about a billing and refund issue. They write, “…Before my subscription ran out HBO cancelled their contract with Sling. So they offer me a credit for not supplying HBO any longer on my next months bill but since I've cancelled they cant give me a credit & they wont issue a refund...”

Frustrated, the customer “Got fed up so I cancelled service...which basically took an act of congress.” is an affordable entertainment option for cable TV during the COVID-19 lockdown. Although its pricing is affordable and members get access to a wide range of channels, some customers have complained about the poor streaming quality, poor customer service, and difficulty canceling. Sling TV is currently offering a free 7-day trial. However, before signing up, it’s important that you do due diligence by checking customer reviews. Contact the company for clarification on any questions you might have.

Did you not find your question answered here?
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- Use our Sling TV Customer Support information to contact the company directly by phone or email.

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