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Households have gone beyond cutting cable and are now trying to find the best options for streaming services. They want to find subscription packages that let them see the shows or live events they want without paying for services and extra features they don’t. 

Sling TV has a lot going for it regarding channel selection and ease of use. But not everyone who tries it is satisfied. Many customers are wary of trying new providers – they fear getting trapped paying for the worst steaming services. Many reviews on mention concerns about contacting Sling TV customer service.

Number of Sling TV reviews – 3.5K

Sling TV rating* – 2.1 ⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $490K

Successful calls – 29%/49K

Issues resolved – 11

Key Insights:

  • There are several options to contact Sling TV catered to customer needs, from the Sling TV customer service phone number to live chat.
  • The Sling TV cost varies offering flexible channels. An introductory Sling TV trial for either package in the first month of your subscription is available. 
  • Sling TV reviews reflect dissatisfaction regarding the price increase following the initial trial period.
  • There is no Sling TV phone number to cancel your subscription. Carefully examine the Sling TV Help Center instructions to stop your service. 

Contacting any company’s customer support should be straightforward, especially when paying for an ongoing service. So why do so many Sling TV reviews find that not to be the case?

Here is the Sling TV frequently asked questions and answers the customers are looking for:

  1. How does Sling TV work?
  2. How much is Sling TV?
  3. What channels are on Sling TV?
  4. How to contact customer service?
  5. How to cancel Sling TV?

1. How Does Sling TV Work?

Sling TV is a streaming service known for its extensive live sports coverage and diverse content offerings. In addition to flexible Sling TV channels, the service also allows subscribers to record and save live TV in the cloud. There is a Sling TV trial with a lower monthly price as well as an option to add live sports, news, and entertainment to the other streaming bundle services.

To get started, you don’t need to contact Sling TV. You simply sign up online, choose channels that you’d like, and you’re ready to start your journey on a streaming device, like a smart TV or through the Sling app. If you decide to cancel your new subscription, do so quickly through Sling TV customer service to avoid being charged for an extra month. Many Sling TV reviews express frustration with the price jump that happens after the introductory trial. 

2. How Much Is Sling TV?

So, how much does Sling TV cost?  According to the company website, Sling TV services start at $40 per month. There are two overlapping packages of Sling TV channels, and you can subscribe to one of the packages for $40 per month or both for a discounted $55 per month. Premium movie channels and streaming on more devices than the original package includes come at an additional cost. There is an introductory Sling TV trial of $20 per month for either package in the first month of your subscription.

Sling TV services

Some customers are finding that even with the flexible channels available through Sling TV, the Sling TV cost isn’t getting as much as it once did. One frustrated Sling TV reviewer complained about a recent issue they had trying to change the billing cycle. Despite being a customer since 2016, when they called Sling TV customer service, they were not able to speak to a supervisor or find a solution to their concern:

I use to love sling. It was affordable and customer service reps were all so sweet and helpful. Not any more. 

3. What Channels Are on Sling TV?

Sling TV offers two primary packages. Customers choose the one they want based on the Sling TV channels offered on each. The Sling Orange plan is anchored by ESPN and Disney. It also includes other popular channels like CNN, HGTV, The History Channel, and the Food Network.

What channels are on Sling TV?

The Sling Blue package is anchored by local channels like ABC and Fox as well as FS1, FX, and Bravo. It includes NBC, HGTV, AMC, and many other channels.

In addition to the standard Blue and Orange packages, Sling TV customer service also offers a premium option that includes extra paid programming services like Showtime or STARZ.

Sling TV premium subscription

While the Sling TV channels seem straightforward, that isn’t always the case. One customer was missing her local channels and called multiple times to try to resolve the issue. According to their Sling TV complaint, they “can’t even get an ETA on when tech support will fix it or contact us.” Users call the situation with Sling TV customer service“ridiculous considering this is the third time it has happened.” 

4. How to Contact Sling TV Customer Service?

There are many ways to get in touch with Sling TV customer service. 

Sling TV customer service phone number

There is no Sling TV phone number offered by the provider. However, If you’d like to call the customer service, you may dial 1-888-309-0838. The number is not readily available on the website, but it is possible to call Sling TV customer service if that is your preference. 

Sling TV email

If you’d rather not call the Sling TV customer service phone number, you can email the company for a few concerns. If you have privacy concerns, the Sling TV email address to use is If you would like to work as an affiliate with Sling TV, you can email

Sling TV customer service live chat 

The Sling TV customer service live chat feature is the preferred way of contacting the company. When you contact Sling customer service through the chat feature, the company’s AI solution will first help you, but if you can’t find a solution, you will be connected to a live chat representative.

Sling TV Chatbot

To get started in the chat, simply click on the blue Chat button in the bottom right corner of the screen on the Sling website. 

From there you will be prompted to click on buttons to narrow down your issue and find a solution. 

How to contact Sling TV customer service

Sling TV on social media

Sling TV also has a presence in social media. You can connect with the company through:

  • Sling TV Facebook.
  • Sling TV YouTube channel.
  • Sling TV Instagram.
  • Sling TV X (formerly Twitter).

Despite having many options for contacting Sling TV, not every customer is satisfied. In one of Sling TV reviews, a customer explained that they were “charged $70 after the free trial after I had already canceled.” They spoke with Sling TV customer service and discovered that they had no record of their previous conversations with the company about canceling and being promised a refund. 

Ultimately, the customer found that the “service of sling is awful” and finalized 

customer service reps are very rude and in helpful and do not care about their customers and will lie to you. Do not get sling what ever you do.

4. How to Cancel Sling TV?

As the customer from the previous review noted, canceling the Sling TV service doesn’t always go smoothly. In their case, they called to cancel and thought they had completed the process only to realize that they had been charged after the fact and the company had no record of previous cancellation. Perhaps canceling over the phone isn’t the safest option. 

The Sling TV Help Center states that customers can “easily cancel your subscription at any time.” The website encourages those looking for Sling TV cancellation options to login and then visit the My Account page at

How to Cancel Sling TV

There is not a Sling TV phone number to cancel listed on the website. Instead, specific instructions take you through the process of canceling your own account. They tell users to “find and select the Cancel Subscription link on the My Account dashboard” on the company’s website. Then customers should follow the prompts and they will eventually receive a confirmation email with details about canceling their account.

Sling TV cancellation

According to the company’s cancellation policy, if you cancel a Sling TV subscription, you will not be offered a Sling TV refund for prepaid or partial months of service. The Sling TV cancellation policy is very clear that there are no contracts, but you cannot expect a refund for using less than the month of service you paid for. Despite this, according to reviews, requesting refunds is one of the top reasons why customers contact Sling TV.

The cancellation policy does explain that you can cancel at any time and if you call Sling TV during a free trial to cancel you will not be charged.

Sling TV Cancellation Policy

Things don’t always go smoothly when it comes to canceling service or sorting out potential refunds. Many Sling TV reviews explain that customers are charged after canceling and are left without potential refunds. 

One customer canceled Sling TV via the app, because they didn’t like “lagging service.” Then he got charged over $100. After calling Sling TV customer service, he learned that

they couldnt see my cancellation request but would cancel now, but wouldnt refund me what they charged.

Not every customer is satisfied. Some of them are frustrated by the Sling TV cost being a bit higher than expected. Others are trying to figure out how to cancel the Sling TV subscription without being charged. Many are struggling with finding a Sling TV customer service number and contacting them.

Fortunately, you can give yourself some peace of mind by doing a bit of research before entering your credit card information and checking out what reviews are saying about Sling TV before you sign up. Already a Sling TV customer? You may share a review with potential or current users. 

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