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The idea of Hopper is great – time-sensitive travel discounts brought exclusively to customers by a special app. However, customer reviews range from frustration over extra bank account withdrawals and sub-par lodging to mistakes in booking and difficulty reaching Hopper customer service

Hopper is an app that provides customers with special travel offers through “exclusive deals with travel partners,” according to the company’s website. Is Hopper legit? Reviews make us think it depends on who you ask.

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Number of Hopper reviews – 7.1K

Hopper Rating* - 2.6⭐⭐⭐

Claimed Losses - $3M

Successful Calls – 3%/36K

Resolved Issues - 71

What Is Hopper?

According to the company’s homepage, the Hopper app is a free way to book travel deals and “earn Carrot Cash for free.” So, what is Hopper? It’s an app that lets you track and then book attractive travel offers. Customer reviews tell us that sometimes this system works well, and other time it doesn’t. 

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Is Hopper Legit?

The pressing question for most users is simple: Is Hopper legit? The answer to this question will vary depending on the person you ask. There are many Hopper complaints that customers didn’t get what they thought they were buying or couldn’t reach customer service to sort out questions or problems. The company has a rating of 2.6 stars out of a possible 5 here on PissedConsumer. Only 3% of the almost 35,000 Hopper calls have been reported as successfully resolving issues, so this is a cause for concern. 

In one Hopper review, #4404645, the customer expressed frustration over the inability to obtain a refund for a canceled flight. He said the Hopper app “didn’t work for booking,” leaving him needing assistance.

However, “the number that listing on Google leads me back to the app.” The only available channel for reaching Hopper customer service was via email. After managing to connect with them, the company’s representative assured the man of getting a response. However, three weeks passed, and the customer never heard back. In his review, Michael finalized: 

Provide chat support for booking (only available once booked but was unable to book thus no customer service).

Some Hopper reviews outline other problems. One very succinctly explains that “Hopper sells the IDEA of saving you home on a hotel stay.” According to the review (#4626526), Hopper “withdrew $80 from my account for a so-called "price freeze" for a hotel reservation” but there were no rooms available. 

Other Hopper reviews make us feel a bit more confident when we wonder, “Is Hopper legit?” In his review, a customer was frustrated when he couldn’t reach customer service after requesting a refund.

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However, the company replies with an apology to the reviewer and a means to contact Hopper support through an official contact form. The link posted does, indeed, deliver the reader to an official customer support form but does not include a phone number. 

Hopper Pros and Cons

While there are plenty of Hopper complaints, not all reviews are bad ones. Customers have a lot to say about many different aspects of the company. 

People are impressed by:

  • Low prices.
  • Savings on the app.
  • Discounts. 

Customers have complained about:

  • Hopper customer service.
  • The exchange, refund, and cancellation policy.
  • No way to speak to anyone.
  • No accessible Hopper phone number.

Hopper Flights: How Does Booking Work?

Hopper has an easy-to-use interface through its app that tracks flight prices and other travel information. It includes a “price prediction” that lets you see when prices might be falling so that you can get the best possible deal.

In addition to Hopper flights, the app also includes special offers and low rates on activities, hotels, and many other travel categories. When you book flights or other travel arrangements, Hopper acts as a travel agent or intermediary between you and the company you’re booking with. According to Hopper reviews, this can create issues at times. 

Among the many reviews, customers express frustration about trying to make changes to their flight details once they have booked through the app. In one review, #4576011, a customer had the Hopper flight they booked canceled by the airline. The airline confirmed that they refunded the money to Hopper, but the customer complained that they 

cannot seem to get in touch with anyone as there is no number available to get my refund.

How to Contact Hopper Customer Service?

Many consumers leave complaints online about trying to track down the Hopper customer service number or other contact information. The only straightforward way to contact Hopper customer service is through an email or chat service.

According to their FAQ, you cannot use a Hopper phone number. The only contact Customer Service access is through the bookings you have made in the app, and no Hopper phone number is provided. The Hopper contact page offers instructions for sending a message through the app or chatting with an agent “if you’ve purchased VIP Support” for the website. This is the source of many complaints.

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How to Get a Hopper Refund?

Many Hopper complaints are about refunds and cancellations. This frustration makes sense when you realize that the company doesn’t have a specific Hopper refund policy. According to their Help center, if you submit a refund request, you must “allow 15 business days for processing” and wait for an email.

Hopper refund policy

According to the reminders about the Hopper cancellation policy, refunds are “always at the discretion of the airline.” The company also explains that you may be able to cancel for a full refund within 24 hours as well. Additionally, the Hopper cancellation policy specifies the company “may be able to apply for a goodwill refund” on your behalf.

Hopper refund terms

Customer reviews often express dissatisfaction with trying to get refunds. If you cancel Hopper flights – or if your flight is canceled for you – your options depend heavily on the airline, not the app. Customers try to contact Hopper customer service, but don’t always connect. If you cancel Hopper flights – or if your flight is canceled for you – your options depend heavily on the airline, not the app. In his online Hopper review, one PissedConsumer reviewer had his flights canceled but never saw a refund. He explained his frustration with the entire process and the lack of help from Hopper customer service in his more detailed video review on the PissedConsumer YouTube channel.

This frustrated customer is certainly not the only user among consumers’ online Hopper reviews. There are more than 7,000 reviews on PissedConsumer, and many are about refunds and communication issues when customers try to contact Hopper.

Tips for Safe Booking on Hopper

Apps like Hopper are popular. They advertise low prices on hotels and flights, and we are reminded of great deals through app on social media platforms daily. Like all apps, you can find terrific deals and have great experiences through the app or you can run into trouble if you aren’t careful. If you are excited about the low prices on Hopper, just be sure you’re being careful as you book your flight or overnight stay.

Tip 1 – Know that Hopper is a middleman.

The app is advertising specials and discounts, but they aren’t the service provider. If something comes up with your flight or hotel stay, you won’t get far with Hopper refund. Be aware of this as you make your plans.

Tip 2 – Don’t book contingent travel through Hopper.

You know that they are a middleman without a strong customer service department. If there is a chance you might need to make a change or cancel your trip, don’t arrange travel through the app due to Hopper cancellation policy. Book directly with the airline for maximum flexibility.

Tip 3 – You’re not using all of Hopper’s features.

Hopper is an app that not only allows you to buy inexpensive flights and hotel rooms, but it also uses software and algorithms to predict when flight prices will drop or when you might be able to get an even better deal. You may discover that the best strategy is to use the app for your research and then to buy your plane ticket directly through the airline’s website instead.

Is Hopper Worth It?

So, is Hopper worth it? With only 3% of reviewers leaving positive feedback about prices and almost 90% leaving negative feedback about Hopper customer service, refunds and other issues, it’s challenging to answer. 

There are thousands of Hopper reviews online under which customers often leave comments offering support for those affected and sharing their strategies and experiences. You can leave your personal review and join the community of others who have shared their concerns and some success stories as well.

*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

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