Hundreds of PissedConsumer users have had bad experiences with Hopper and their app. Thousands of customers have requested refunds or complained about the refund policy. These Hopper reviews aren’t just about pandemic travel a year ago when the world shut down. In fact, 323 of those reviews on have been left since January of this year asking about refunds or requests for help from Hopper customer service

Hopper is a popular app that acts as a travel agent for customers looking for great internet deals. But as these thousands of users have learned, sometimes a great travel deal doesn’t live up to its potential. Unfortunately, less than 1 percent of the online reviews left on our site indicate the issue was resolved. So, does Hopper customer service ever offer refunds? We look to the many Hopper reviews online to find out.

Hopper Flights: How Does Booking Work?

As one user discovered, booking with this company is not the same as booking through the airline directly. In his Hopper review on Reddit, the user asked others who to contact about a canceled event and a flight credit. He quickly discovered that he was caught in a web between American Airlines, the flight provider, and Hopper airlines, which acted as a travel agent.

Reddit review Hopper

When you book a flight, you are using Hopper as an agent on your behalf. As this user discovered, this additional layer makes cancellation and Hopper refunds tricky.

What Are Hopper Cancellation and Refund Policies?

Many Hopper complaints are about refunds and cancellations. This frustration makes sense when you realize that the company doesn’t have a specific Hopper refund policy. According to their Help center, if you submit a refund request, you must “allow 15 business days for processing” and wait for an email.

Hopper refund policy

The list of “important” reminders is much more detailed and thorough than instructions on how to cancel Hopper flights. According to the reminders about the Hopper cancellation policy, refunds are “always at the discretion of the airline.” The company also explains that you may be able to cancel for a full refund within 24 hours as well. Additionally, the Hopper cancellation policy specifies the company “may be able to apply for a goodwill refund” on your behalf.

Hopper refund terms

In the case of the Reddit user seeking a refund, he contacted the company and waited for any updates. In his first update to his Hopper complaint, the user explained that after more than 15 days, he “hadn’t gotten word back from Hopper.” He did manage to reach American Airlines customer service which granted him a waiver. He suggested that others with Hopper complaints just call the airline directly.

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Contacting Hopper Customer Service

This Reddit user echoes many other complaints about customer service. Many consumers leave complaints online about trying to track down the Hopper customer service number or other contact information. The only straightforward way to contact Hopper customer service is through an email or chat service.

According to their FAQ, you cannot use a Hopper phone number. The only contact Customer Service access is through the bookings you have made in the app, and no Hopper phone number is provided.

How to contact Hopper Customer Support

You won’t find a published Hopper phone number on the website either. Nor there is an email address. The Reddit poster discovered this as well when he finally received word from the company about his canceled flight. According to his post, he did ultimately get a cancellation notification from the company after speaking with American Airlines.

Since the flight was canceled by American Airlines, the poster states that “normally this means I would be entitled to a refund due to the airline cancelling the flight.” He got frustrated when he “found their website was very confusing to determine the status” of his refund request. Finally, he just submitted a charge-back through his card. According to his review, he was not able to contact Hopper after waiting for news and found a credit card charge-back was the only route left.

Hopper review on Reddit

Leaving a Hopper Review on PissedConsumer

If you cancel Hopper flights – or if your flight is canceled for you – your options depend heavily on the airline, not the app. In his online Hopper review, one PissedConsumer reviewer had his flights canceled but never saw a refund. He explained his frustration with the entire process and the lack of help from Hopper customer service in his more detailed video review on the PissedConsumer YouTube channel.

This frustrated customer is certainly not the only user among consumers’ online reviews. There are more than 1,200 reviews on PissedConsumer, and many are about refunds and communication issues when customers try to contact Hopper.

Negative Reviews About Hopper Refund

If you have had a negative experience trying to sort out a Hopper refund or other difficulties with the app or company, you can leave a review on PissedConsumer as well. Thousands of customers have left reviews about their experience trying to contact Hopper for refunds or cancellations across multiple platforms.

Even more, customers have left comments on original posts offering support for those affected and sharing their strategies and experiences. You can leave your personal Hopper review and join the community of others who have shared their concerns and some success stories as well.

Tips for Safe Booking on Hopper

Apps like Hopper are popular. They advertise low prices on hotels and flights, and we are reminded of great deals through app on social media platforms daily. Like all apps, you can find terrific deals and have great experiences through the app or you can run into trouble if you aren’t careful. If you are excited about the low prices on Hopper, just be sure you’re being careful as you book your flight or overnight stay.

Tip 1 – Know that Hopper is a middleman.

The app is advertising specials and discounts, but they aren’t the service provider. If something comes up with your flight or hotel stay, you won’t get far with Hopper in terms of refunds. Be aware of this as you make your plans.

Tip 2 – Don’t book contingent travel through Hopper.

You know that they are a middleman without a strong customer service department. If there is a chance you might need to make a change or cancel your trip, don’t arrange travel through the app. Book directly with the airline for maximum flexibility.

Tip 3 – You’re not using all of Hopper’s features.

Hopper is an app that not only allows you to buy inexpensive flights and hotel rooms, but it also uses software and algorithms to predict when flight prices will drop or when you might be able to get an even better deal. You may discover that the best strategy is to use the app for your research and then to buy your plane ticket directly through the airline’s website instead.

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