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If you are looking for a way to set up a simple debit card account and to enjoy some rewards, online banking companies may offer some solutions. When you compare RushCard with Green Dot Corporation, it’s easy to see similarities – especially since RushCard has recently partnered with Green Dot Corporation in some areas.

To find out all of the RushCard and Green Dot Corporation pros and cons we dug through hundreds of Green Dot Corporation and RushCard reviews on to discover more about both companies. Our RushCard vs Green Dot Corporation analysis included several measures like:

Read on to see the full RushCard vs Green Dot Corporation breakdown below.

RushCard vs Green Dot Corporation Customer Service Experience

The hundreds of Green Dot Corporation reviews and RushCard reviews left on PissedConsumer make it easy to compare them in terms of customer service. We pulled out key Green Dot and RushCard customer service information for the table of Green Dot Corporation and RushCard pros and cons above.

RushCard complaints found on the PissedConsumer website created a total ranking of 1.5 stars out of a possible 5. This ranking reflected the one-star ranking that was left for both RushCard customer service and product and service quality and “very bad customer service” was noted as a significant RushCard complaint.

In the RushCard complaint, one customer explained the frustration of trying to use the RushCard customer service number. The person explained his/her concern about the RushCard phone numbers he has “…not been able to access my money due to their "technology glitch"…my actual payday came and still no access…” The poster states that “…They will not even let you speak to a rep when you call, I did get a rep early this morning after waiting on hold for 55 minutes to be told someone would call me back in 3 hours, yeah that never happened…”

This RushCard review continued with “…Everyone affected keep track of late fees, missed work due to no gas, and fees that have happened because of this because legally they have to pay you back…”

The final thought left in this RushCard review was “…I work for 4 attorneys and I will update this… after I get the lawsuit going.”

If you have a question or concern about your RushCard debit card, you can reach out to the company using the RushCard customer service number.

More than 800 Green Dot Corporation reviews on the PissedConsumer site created a rating of 1.3 stars out of a possible 5. Many of these complaints included frustration about the issues with Green Dot Corporation's phone number and customer service. Customer service earned only one star out of five according to customers’ complaints.

In the Green Dot Corporation review (#1652190), one customer explains how frustrating it is trying to use the Green Dot Corporation phone number. The person states, “…I have been trying to activate my new Green Dot by phone and on line, they tell me by 5 digit Zip code which is 33404 is invalid...”

The reviewer continues by stating, “…I have been trying to do this Starting at 9:30 this morning 9/12/2019 it is now 4:14PM with no help from their customer service people…”

The poster ends his/her Green Dot Corporation review by stating “…I would not have this trouble if they had cards that did not fall apart, when I got my new card for this new season 7/2019, then last Sunday the new card fell apart, when I activated the other card(from)last month I had no problem activating it…”

If you would like to address your questions or concerns, you can call Green Dot Corporation's phone number at (866) 795-7597.

Green Dot Corporation vs RushCard Product and Services

According to the RushCard website, the company has recently partnered with Green Dot Corporation to offer customers debit card services with cashback offers.

Rushcard products and services

When you visit the RushCard website, you find information about the partnership and multiple links to the Green Dot website for more information. There does not appear to be a way to open a new RushCard account at this time. All new account information is linked to the Green Dot website.

But there is a section of the website for existing RushCard customers. When you click on the homepage link for existing RushCard customers, you are taken to a login screen to access your existing accounts.

Rushcard account

On this page, you can log in to your account or activate a new RushCard. All of the options there require customers to have a login or to have a new card to activate. There is little information provided for prospective customers other than a privacy agreement and a RushCard contact information page.

There is also a link to a page with legal terms and fees. On this page, you can find the breakdown of fees associated with the two types of RushCards, pay-as-you-go or Rush unlimited. The pay-as-you-go cards have fewer fees associated with them. Rush unlimited has more benefits but also more fees.

Rushcard cardholders policy

For example, the pay-as-you-go card has no monthly fee. The Rush unlimited card costs $7.95 per month according to the cardholder terms on the company website. Reloading both cards will incur RushCard fees, but if you choose to load your card directly, RushCard direct deposit is free for customer use. There are also RushCard fees for spending money, using a bank teller, using an ATM that is out of network and even not using your card. There is a $1.95 inactivity fee for the pay-as-you-go RushCard.

According to the Green Dot Corporation website, the company offers a cash-back debit card. The Unlimited card by Green Dot Corporation is heavily advertised on the home page and offers customers a …3% Cash Back Bonus when you make online and in-app purchases...”

Green Dot products and services

The home page also advertises a High-Yield Savings Account. According to the homepage, the account pays a 3% Annual Percentage Yield.

According to the Green Dot Corporation FAQ page about the Green Dot Unlimited card, the product is a debit card that is funded by direct deposit and then offers rewards for purchases. The Unlimited card includes a feature for ASAP Direct Deposit, which will deposit your paycheck up to two days early. The card can be used in any retail location that accepts Visa debit cards and the website also advertises there are no overdraft fees.

Green Dot Corporation debit card cashback

The Green Dot Corporation FAQ page also explains that the Unlimited card also …?omes with a High-Yield Savings Account that pays 3% annual interest…” There is additional information about the savings account on a different page of the website.

The page of the Green Dot website that outlines the features of the High-Yield Savings Account includes information about how the account works. The account is a free benefit of the Green Dot Unlimited debit card. You can …move money to or from your High-Yield Savings Account at any time…” Having access to the savings account will also allow you to …save up like crazy for your future!”

Green Dot Corporation benefits

The fine print on the savings account page explains that the interest is paid on the anniversary of the account opening based on an average daily balance for the prior 365 days.

Green Dot Corporation fees are explained in a PDF buried deep within the Green Dot Corporation website. You have to click through multiple pages of the FAQ page to find the fees for the Unlimited and other Green Dot Prepaid cards. According to the legal agreement PDF, there is a monthly fee of $7.95 for using your Green Dot Unlimited Card. This fee is waived if you spend more than $1000 per month.

There are also fees for withdrawing cash, balance inquiries, and replacement cards.

Green Dot corporation fees

Green Dot also offers prepaid cards that can be purchased in retail stores. The PDF of legal disclosures for these prepaid cards include Green Dot Corporation fees like a $1.95 card purchase fee, a $7.95 card load fee (that can be waived if you load more than $1000 to your card every month to spend), ATM fees and a cash reload fee for reloading your ATM card.

Green Dot prepaid cards fees

The Green Dot website also offers links for other services and information. There is a page for customers looking for Green Dot Corporation's contact information. There is also a page for law enforcement looking for banking disclosures from Green Dot Corporation as well as investor relations, career pages and more.

RushCard vs Green Dot Discounts and Savings

There are not currently any RushCard promo codes or special offers on the RushCard website page. But there are links to the GreenDot website, and there are Green Dot Corporation promo codes and special offers mentioned on the RushCard home page.

Green Dot cashback

When you click on the action button to take advantage of the $50 offer on the RushCard website, you are taken to the Green Dot Corporation website to sign-up for a Green Dot account. The fine print on the sign-up page explains that there is no RushCard or Green Dot Corporation promo code required for these savings.

The company “…will apply the $50 cash back bonus incentive to your Cash Back Bonus Balance within 24 hours of your account being opened…”

Green Dot Corporation cash back bonus

Currently, the only offer on the Green Dot website does not require Green Dot Corporation promo codes or coupons. The $50 cashback offer mentioned on the Green Dot website is the same one that is linked to the RushCard website.

According to the sign-up page on the Green Dot website, you can earn a “…$50 Cash Back Bonus when you sign up now!” This bonus offer on the Green Dot website is the same as the one included through the RushCard link.

The fine print at the very bottom of the page includes the same details we found through the Rush Card website. The $50 cashback bonus incentive will be applied to the Cash Back Bonus Balance within 24 hours of the new account opening.

A debit card is not just a convenience in our modern world, it is a necessity. Online services like Green Dot and RushCard make it possible to have your own debit card and to earn cashback on the things you buy. But you should always move carefully when you’re dealing with money. RushCard and Green Dot reviews make it easy to compare RushCard with Green Dot Corporation. After all, you want to know that your money is not only being used wisely but safe in the process.

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