Rachel Bashford
Rachel Bashford
Consumer Expert

Marketing in order to attract new customers has become a complex field to navigate. With competitive conquesting, businesses can implement a range of strategies to target their competitors’ audiences and grow their own customer base. 

Competitive conquesting is when you concentrate on your rivals’ customers using specific techniques to win them over and encourage them to purchase your products instead. 

Marketing to gain new customers can be expensive, but with the precision-led methods involved in competitor targeting, you can streamline your campaign and attract a relevant audience. The latest research shows that ad spending in the Digital Advertising market is projected to reach $740.3bn in 2024, so precise targeting is key to spending decisions.

Competitor targeting enables you to discover the gaps in your competitors’ marketing and deliver focused advertising to their customers, resolving their pain points. Key competitive conquesting tactics include bidding on competitors’ keywords, targeting rivals’ audiences over social media and identifying competitor weaknesses. 

Driving forward with a strategic approach, like the one used by  PissedConsumer, allows you to reach a specific audience that is interested in particular products or services, enhance brand awareness, and reach relevant consumers who are ready for your brand. 

Win Competitors’ Consumers with PissedConsumer

PissedConsumer is a leading review platform and reputation management company. 51+ million consumers use our platform every year to compare companies, read reviews, share experiences, and contact businesses directly. We have reviews for 150k companies in 160 industries, and these numbers are constantly growing. In all likelihood, we have reviews on your direct competitors or guaranteed reviews on companies in the same business niche as you.

Millions of PissedConsumer users are warm leads who are either in the process of choosing a company or studying reviews or have already had a negative experience with competing companies and are open to suggestions.

We offer solutions that will win this unique audience and provide a range of benefits that regular Google and social media audiences don't have:

  • Promote your brand to a warm audience that is making purchase decisions right now
  • Target consumers who are interested in your product or service category
  • Show your ads to an audience with negative experiences with your competitors and looking for an alternative.

In addition, the insights gained from analyzing these audiences will help you understand what aspects of your business need improvement so that you avoid your competitors' mistakes.

3 Steps We Do to Attract Customers From Competitors

Winning over your competitor’s customers takes careful planning. Three aspects are important to this perspective: knowing your customers, finding out what your competitors' customers are dissatisfied with, and determining how to attract them to your brand with trust and credibility. 

Identify Your Top Competitors 

A short interview enables us to figure out your brand’s needs and to recognize potential opportunities for targeting competitors’ audiences and related target audiences for your brand. We then create a market niche analysis of your entire industry or selected competitors, enabling you to position your product to lead in the market uniquely. 

PissedConsumer has more than 160,000 companies from 160 market categories involved in our platform, enabling us to develop a more advanced competitor analysis that digs deeper into your rivals’ audience segments.

Collate Your Competitors’ Audiences

Your brand’s market niche analysis helps us to form lists of warm audiences for advertising based on your competitors' visitors and potential target audiences from related subcategories for custom audience advertising. 

You will even be able to reach out to customers who have visited your competitors’ pages and help them understand how your goods and services can improve their purchasing journey.

Advertise Your Products With Perfect Precision

Once we discover which buyers are more open to your brand, our advertising experts create an agile and flexible advertising campaign. 

Adaptive ads are created in your advertising account based on your brand identity and business offering. We launch and manage your advertising campaign, constantly improving its effectiveness by conducting A/B tests and increasing target audience volume to garner more robust and more trackable results.

Deploying responsive display ads on the Google Display Network expands your reach across 35 million websites and apps. Responsive ads automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit available ad spaces or devices and achieve measurably better results. 

Moreover, advertising companies may include email marketing or sponsor newsletter placement. We help you create email sequences with an average open rate of 42-46% that leverage detailed audience segmentation and personalized content to inform customers about offerings and discounts. 

You also have the opportunity to place an ad or sponsored content in our monthly newsletter, which is received by over 2 million active buyers. This increases your brand’s visibility while targeting your competitors’ audience segments to help manage brand reputation. 

Google Ads Is Just One Way You Can Use the Audience

Alongside our expertise in Google Ad placement, we offer a diverse range of customized solutions that help you get new customers.

You can take advantage of sponsored posts on our blog and social media to reach a wider audience as we ensure that millions of consumers know about your products and services. 

A key example of audience size is our blog, which has 30,000 recipients in monthly organic traffic. With a sponsored post on our blog, you can instantly target a whole new segment of consumers.

Our specialist services also include social media, as we have nearly 10,000 followers on YouTube, 44,000 followers on Facebook and 23,600 followers on LinkedIn. You can be a part of this powerful social network through sponsored posts that target your competitors’ customers and raise your brand profile. 

Can Competitive Conquesting Win Your Competitors’ Customers?

Marketing campaigns require intricate planning and organization. Securing new customers interested in your products and less than happy with your competitors’ goods or services is undoubtedly a win-win situation. 

PissedConsuemr's competitive targeting is a smart strategy to adopt so your business has a commercial edge in the market and drastically expands your client base with active, interested customers.

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