During this Covid-19 pandemic when most people are spending a lot of time indoors, there is an increasing demand for entertainment options. Individuals who like gaming are likely to come across EpicGames.com. However, it is important to find out whether Epic Games is safe before making a purchase.

We did a mini-research and found the top Epic Games FAQs. We then went ahead to find their answers from the company’s website, in review sites, and other reputable websites. This article also takes a look at what Epic Games previous customers’ experiences have been. Read on to learn more about:

Epic Games reviews

Number of Epic Games reviews – 1.2K

Rating* - 2.5⭐⭐⭐

Claimes losses – $1.4M

Successful calls – 4%/6.8K

  1. How to contact support?
  2. How to uninstall the launcher?
  3. Is Epic Games safe?
  4. How to refund a game on Epic Games?
  5. How do I delete an account?

1. How to Contact Epic Games Support?

One of the recently raised questions according to Epic Games reviews is how to contact their customer service. Online reviews reveal that customers would like to know the Epic Games phone number to call to speak a live person.

PissedConsumer provides the following Epic Games contacts including a phone number and various email addresses:

Epic Games phone number: (919) 854-0070

Epic Games email addresses:

DMCA enquiries - dmca@epicgames.com
Legal - dpo@epicgames.com
Media - pr@epicgames.com

Additionally, PissedConsumer provides the following Epic Games headquarters address:

Epic Games, Inc.
620 Crossroads Blvd.
Cary, North Carolina 27518
United States

Epic Games support can also be reached through the company’s various social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

The website doesn’t exactly specify an Epic Games customer service phone number. However, the company advises its players to first visit the help center and FAQs page provided on the website for answers to the company’s common questions.

Notably, the summary of Epic Games customer service calls on PissedConsumer indicates a low percentage of successful connection (4% 0f 6.7K total calls). This could be explained by the advisory on Epic Games help center. The advisory states that due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, customers should expect longer than usual wait times for assistance from the player support team.

2. How to Uninstall Epic Games Launcher?

This is one of the most common Epic Games FAQs across various forums including the Unreal Engine forum, Reddit, and Quora. While the launcher offers gamers a platform to play Epic Games Fornite and other games, there have been numerous launcher complaints.  The main Epic Games launcher complaint is that reviewers are not able to completely uninstall the launcher from their computers yet it takes up quite a bit of computer space. Even when they delete the Epic Games Launcher source file, the launcher continues to run. Others complained that even when they deleted their Epic Games account, the launcher continued to run.

In response to this question on the Unreal Engine forum, one of the participants suggested an Epic Games Launcher uninstall solution for windows users. To completely uninstall the launcher, a user has to go to the “program and features” section of the Windows control panel. Then, find the launcher folder and delete it manually.

Epic Games uninstall

Another participant advised Mac users to manually delete the Epic launcher files from all directories: Application support, Caches, Preferences, Logs, and Cookies.

Epic Games remove

3. Is Epic Games Safe?

Epic Games Inc. is a video game company that creates games as well as offers a game development technology for creators. The company was founded in 1991 by Mark Rein and Tom Sweeney and has over the year grown to develop some of the most popular video games such as Unreal Engine, Infinity Blade, Fornite, Shadow Complex, Bullet Storm, and Epic Pinball among others.

In this section, we look at Epic Games store reviews across various platforms to find out what previous customers’ experiences have been.  On PissedConsumer the rating is 2.5, BBB.org has rated it with 1.1 stars, and on GlassDoor, the company’s rated with 3.1 stars.

The top Epic Games complaints include:

Poor customer service

While some customers complained that they couldn’t find an Epic Games phone number to call, some of those who found it expressed frustration in not being able to get through to customer service. Yet, some complained that even though they got through to an Epic Games customer service representative, they did not get the needed help. The unreachable customer support has resulted in some people being wary of Epic Games “glitches”.

For instance, in Epic Games review #1900761, the customer reported that they unexplainably lost all their skins, back bling, and gliders. Suspecting that they had been hacked, they contacted the customer support for help. While they got some instructions on how to reconnect to their previous account, they did not get back all their slings, V-bucks, gliders, and progress.

I lost all of my skins, back blings, gliders, etc. I submitted a request like this at the beginning of March and received two emails from Hector and Christopher…

However, when I was logged back in, I still did not have my full progress back…

Being hacked, loss of V-bucks and loss of account control and history

This is one of the top complaints about the company. Several Epic Games user reviews indicate that  many customers had been hacked. As a result, they lost their V-bucks, their progress and someone else controls the game. In some instances, the hacker made purchases on the account owner’s credit card.

For example, in Epic Games review #189395, the customer reported that their son’s account had been hacked on several occasions. In one instance, the hacker kicked the son out of the account and used his V-bucks.

My son fortnite account was hacked on multiple occasions…
...The hacker (who is Arabic) would use his v bucks and would kick him out of his own account on multiple occasions I tried to contact Epic games though their customer feedback section and had no reply...

Unexplained account deletion

In some cases, customers were logged out of their accounts and the accounts were deleted.

However, several players have positively reviewed Epicgames.com (e.g. review #1857104). These customers reported that they were satisfied with the wide range of games available in the store including the Epic Games free games list, and that the games are fun to play.

Epic Games positive review

4. How to Refund a Game on Epic Games?

In many Epic Games reviews customers request a refund. Some customers referred to Epic Games scam because of issues such as wrongful billing and V-bucks disappearing before they could use them.

For instance, in the Epic Games review #1600045, a customer complains the following:

This is a joke, do NOT give moeny to this game or any epic games its a scam...

Another reviewer (review #1859799) also brings up a concern, explaining how they've purchased V-bucks and didn't receive them on their account.

I buy v bucks for 100 and I don't got thee V bucks... please help or you are scammers...

Other players also reported difficulty getting through to the Epic Games phone number when trying to get assistance. Therefore, one of the top Epic Games FAQs is how to return a game for a refund.

According to the Epic Games refund policy,  you can return any Epic game for a full refund within 14 days of buying it as long as you have not played it for more than two hours.  The Epic Games refund terms stipulate that you will get a refund for both in-app and downloadable content bought on the their store. However, for a game to be eligible for a refund, you must have bought it on an Epic Games Store and the game must not have been modified or transferred to another person.

You can also cancel a preorder for a full refund as long as the game has not been released yet. Once the game has been released, you can submit your Epic Games refund request with 14 days as long as you have not consumed it for more than 2 hours.

If a product goes on sale after you have purchased it, you can refund it for its initial purchase price and then repurchase it for the sale price. The 14 days and 2 hours caveat apply in this case too.

Epic Games Inc. states that they have the discretion to determine whether you have abused any refund terms and consequently not make a refund.

The procedure for initiating a refund request is provided in the Epic Store FAQs.  To do so, click on the “Contact Us” button inside your store and submit your Epic Games refund request. If your game is eligible for a refund, the full purchase price will be deposited through the payment method you used to make the purchase. However, you can request the customer support to refund to an alternative method. Either way, the time taken for the refund to reflect will depend on your payment method.

Epic games refund policy

5. How Do I Delete My Epic Games Account?

As evidenced in the Epic Games store reviews on various platforms, numerous customers feel frustrated with customer service, instances of hacking, and frequent cases of Epic Games downtime. Consequently, the reviews reveal that several customers want to find out how to delete Epic Games account.

The Epic Games FAQs provides the following procedure for deleting your account:

  1. Go to the Epic Games website.
  2. Login into your Epic Games account.
  3. Scroll down the “General Info” segment.
  4. Select “Delete account” and click on the “request account delete”.
  5. An “enter security code” window will pop up.
  6. Enter the security code sent to your email and then click on “confirm delete request”.

The company notes that Epic Games account deletion is irreversible. Once you have confirmed deletion, you will be logged out of your account and you cannot login again. Also, once you remove your Epic Games account, you won’t get back any of purchases, in-game progress, and any items associated with your account. In case you are not sure whether you want to delete your account, you can disable it temporarily instead.

While the wide range of games provided by this company is a great option for keeping entertained, numerous Epic Games reviews indicate that customers complain about poor customer service, instances of being hacked, unexplained account blocking or deletion, and challenges with getting refunds among others.

If you’d like to share your experience with Epic Games, you’re welcome to leave a review. In case of issues, you can contact the company using the “Call to company” feature on PissedConsumer.com.

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