A number of questions have come up in the Jomashop reviews and Q&A pages on PissedConsumer.com. The top Jomashop reviews, questions and complaints are in regards to the Jomashop customer service, warranty, shipping policy, return policy, quality of products, promo codes, and reliability of the company.

We looked through Pissedconsumer.com and identified the following top Jomashop FAQs. We then went ahead to find answers to these questions on Jomashop.com, PissedConsumer, and other reliable websites.

  1. How can I contact customer service?
  2. Where does Jomashop ship from?
  3. Why is it so cheap?
  4. How reliable is Jomashop.com?
  5. How do I get a discount?
  6. What shipping does the company use?
  7. How do I cancel an order?
  8. What is Jomashop warranty?

1.   How Can I Contact Jomashop Customer Service?

One of the top Jomashop reviews on PissedConsumer.com is in regards to how to reach Jomashop customer service. According to the Jomashop contacts page on PissedConsumer, you can reach the Jomashop customer help via the Jomashop phone number, customer service email address, and chat link, fax, and corporate email address as follows:

 Jomashop Customer Service Phone Numbers:

(877) 834-1434

Jomashop Email:


Corporate Office Address:


140 58th Street Suite 3B

Brooklyn, New York 11220

United States



The Jomashop customer care team can be reached from Monday through Thursday 9.00am - 6.00pm, and on Fridays 9.00am - 3.00pm. The recommended email address for making inquiries is inquiry@Jomashop.com.

Customer can also get in touch with the Jomashop customer care via the contact form provided on the Jomashop.com contact us page. You will be required to choose a subject of your query and to provide:

  • your name,
  • email address
  • order number.

There is a comment section where you can provide more information about your inquiry.

2. Where Does Jomashop.com Ship from?

According to the Jomashop About Us Page, the company ships its products across the globe from a fulfillment center located in New York.

“...and state of the art, New York City-based fulfillment center capable of delivering products to every corner of the world…”

where does jomashop ship from

3. Why Is Jomashop So Cheap?

According to a response to this question on Quora by a watch collector, Jomashop is able to sell watches and other items at discounted prices because it is Grey Market Seller. Jomashop gets most of their stock at reduced prices from authorized dealers who are looking to unload excess inventory. As such, Jomashop is able to sell the products at discounted prices that are “below the manufacturers’ suggested retail prices (MSRP).

Why Jomashop is so cheap

Jomashop has a sell us your watch page,  a sell us your Rolex page and a sell to Jomashop page where sellers looking to sell to Jomashop can do so. In the “sell your watch” page and the “sell us your Rolex” page, sellers are provided with a form where they provide their contact details and product details. You then submit the form to get an estimate of how much Jomashop is willing to pay for the products. 

Afterwards, Jomashop will make you a purchase offer and send you a shipping label within the US. Once you accept the offer, Jomashop will process the transaction and send you a check. Manufacturers looking to sell to Jomashop other product categories apart from watches can initiate negotiation with Jomashop through the “Sell to Jomashop” page where they provide their name, email address and details about the products they would like to sell.

how to sell watches on jomashop

However, since Jomashop is not an authorized dealer, customers do not get the manufacturer’s warranty. Jomashop provides a Jomashop warranty for their products to offer customers an option to the manufacturer’s warranty.

4. How Reliable Is www.jomashop.com?

According to the Jomashop home page, the company promises customers a warranty, assures them of the authenticity of their products and is committed to offering expert customer service. Jomashop’s goal is to provide customers with authentic products at discounted prices. However, the big question that customers have is: Is Jomashop legit? In other words, does Jomashop honor their promise?

is jomashop safe

As at the date of writing this article, Jomashop had a 1.9-star rating out of 288 rated reviews on PissedConsumer.com. According to the rating stats different customers have had different experiences with Jomashop as follows: 125 1-stars, 73 2- stars, 69 3-stars, 11 4-stars, and 10 5-stars. It is evident that the majority of the Jomashop reviewers on PissedConsumer are dissatisfied with Jomashop products and services.

The customers who were satisfied with Jomashop products and services were especially happy with the prices of the products, the easy to navigate Jomashop website and easy access to luxury products. Here is the example of Jomashop review.

 Jomashop - Love my new watch, this site rock not sure why all the reviews here full of hate :(...”

The top Jomashop complaints according to PissedConsumer.com reviews are in regards to poor customer service, Jomashop return policy, Jomashop refund policy, Jomashop warranty, delivery delays, damaged or defective products at delivery, false advertising, and failure to honor promotions, and poor quality of products among others. Complaints against Jomashop customer service cite rude customer service agents, lack of resolution on issues raised, and long response time.

In Review #1511501, the customer has four Jomashop complaints in regards to different aspects of the company’s products and services including poor quality of products, poor customer service, and failure by Jomashop to honor their warranty and shipping to the wrong address.

“...Also to be fair I do not believe JS sells fake items, just some sketchy products and then offer poor CS.

Jomashops' fail #1: Pre-owned Panerai Radiomer Black Seal watch; the display box was damaged and not recorded in the sale listing, strap was wrong from pictures in the listing, bad time keeping out of the box, stem and crown pulling out after five months and after 4-5 months wait, a week of trying to find out what was up with my watch and reporting them to the BBB and AG I was told it would not be fixed and was offered a shop credit...

...Jomashops' fail #2: JS shipped the items to the wrong address….

...In this order I received a $500+ MontBlanc pen with bad ink and no option for JS to replace the ink. Also after a week of looking they could not find one of the items I had decided on…

…Jomashops' fail #4: Charriol watch; watch had water/condensation under crystal after one wear in 4 days and never submerged. After two weeks in JS possession I was told the watch would not be warrantied due to damage to the case, of which was from tools and most positively happened in the two weeks they had it...

5. How Do I Get a Discount on Jomashop.com?

You can find Jomashop discounts on the Jomashop home page, Jomashop coupon codes page, and the students' discounts page on www.Jomashop.com. For each discount, available you will be provided with the terms and validity of the discount. The home page features daily deals, limited offer deals, weekly deals, and trending offers among others.  Discounts range from the reduced price on products to free shipping offers.

jomashop deals

6. What Shipping Does Jomashop Use?

Jomashop lists the following shipping options on their shipping options page:

  • Ground Residential / Commercial: Free on all orders over $100.00 USD / $5.99 USD For Orders Under $100.00
  • UPS 2 Day Shipping: $14.99 USD
  • UPS 1 Day Shipping (only for domestic U.S. orders): $29.99 USD
  • UPS Next Day AM (only for domestic U.S. orders): $55.00 USD
  • Saturday Delivery (only for domestic U.S. orders): $50.00 USD
  • International Shipping via UPS/USPS: $20.00 USD and up”

Orders that are eligible for the free shipping promotions are shipped free of charge via ground delivery. Jomashop notes that they reserve the option to determine the specific shipping method to use.

jomashop shipping options

7. How Do I Cancel an Order on Jomashop?

According to the Jomashop FAQs center, there is a limited amount of time available to cancel or modify an order. To cancel an order, get in touch with Jomashop customer assistance through the Jomashop phone number, live chat, or the customer service contact form. You will be required to provide your order number when making your order cancellation.

Jomashop notes that there are no guarantees that your order will be cancelled or modified. In the case that the cancellation or modification is successful, Jomashop will communicate to confirm, otherwise, a lack of communication from Jomashop is an indication that your cancellation/modification request was not successful.

jomashop cancellation policy

8. What Is Jomashop Warranty?

According to the Jomashop product warranty page, Jomashop.com offers a warranty of 1 to 5 years for every brand of watch sold on the website. The warranty covers watches that gain time, lose time or do not keep time. However, it does not cover external damages to the product such as external tear and wear from daily use or incidental damage of the watch. Jomashop outlines the warranty length for the various brands of new watches.

jomashop warranty

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