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Jomashop is an online retailer of fashion items, including watches, sunglasses, handbags, jewelry, apparel, shoes, and more. They have a collection of over 75,000 items from over 650 unique brands sold at discounted prices. The company ships within the USA and to over 150 countries.

However, there are numerous Jomashop complaints on various review websites and forums. For instance, several Jomashop reviews on PissedConsumer indicate poor customer service, low product quality, and difficulty returning, among other issues.

We researched the company to help you determine whether they are reliable and how you can contact Jomashop customer service. Below is an overview of Jomashop reviews and ratings on

Jomashop Q&A

Number of Jomashop reviews – 514

Jomashop ratings* – 1.9⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $170K

Successful calls – 8%/103

Resolved issues – 6

We also answer the top Jomashop consumer questions about customer service, shipping, tracking, discounts, and warranty.

  1. How to contact customer service?
  2. Is Jomashop safe?
  3. Why is it so cheap?
  4. What is the shipping time?
  5. How do I track my order?
  6. How do I cancel an order?
  7. What is the Jomashop warranty?
  8. How do I get a discount?

1. How Can I Contact Jomashop Customer Service?

One of the top Jomashop reviews on is in regards to how to reach Jomashop customer service. According to the Jomashop contacts page on PissedConsumer, you can reach the Jomashop customer help via the Jomashop phone number, customer service email address, and chat link, fax, and corporate email address as follows:

 Jomashop Customer Service Phone Numbers:

(877) 834-1434

Jomashop Email:

Corporate Office Address:

140 58th Street Suite 3B
Brooklyn, New York 11220
United States



The Jomashop customer care team can be reached from Monday through Thursday 9.00am - 6.00pm, and on Fridays 9.00am - 3.00pm. The recommended email address for making inquiries is

Jomashop chat:

There are two options to contact Jomashop via chat: WhatsApp or the live chat feature on the website. The Jomashop chat feature on the website has a bot that attempts to address your issue by presenting you with responses from the FAQs before directing you to a customer service representative.

Both options can be easily accessed through the links provided at the top left corner of the website.

Jomashop chat

Customers can also get in touch with Jomashop customer care via the contact form provided on the contact us page. You will be required to choose a subject for your query and to provide:

  • your name,
  • email address.
  • order number.

There is a comment section where you can provide more information about your inquiry.

2. Is Jomashop Safe?

According to their website, Jomashop promises to exceed their customers’ expectations through excellent customer service and a varied selection of high-quality products at competitive prices.

about Jomashop

They also guarantee customer satisfaction through easy returns and a favorable warranty policy. However, the big question that customers have is: is Jomashop legit?

is Jomashop safe

Customers want to know if the company honors its promises. Is Jomashop safe to buy from? We looked at their reviews and ratings on to determine if customers were satisfied with the company’s products, services, and policies.

As of the date of writing this article, Jomashop had a 1.9-star rating out of 374 rated reviews on the website. The majority of customers are dissatisfied. There are numerous complaints about poor Jomashop customer service, false advertising, poor product quality, and unfavorable returns and refund policies.

Many reviews show that Jomashop returns are not as easy and fast as promised, and the products are not authentic. Also, although they emphasize on the About us page that all transactions are digitally encrypted, customers often complain about being wrongfully charged or double charged for their orders.

For instance, this Jomashop complaint (#1383425) highlights multiple issues regarding poor customer service, low product quality, counterfeit products, difficulty returning, and failure to refund.

The video review narrates that the customer ordered a TAG Heuer Carrera watch. However, it arrived damaged and did not keep time. Although he was able to contact Jomashop, the customer service representative took him in circles before being allowed to return the watch. Furthermore, the customer checked the Jomashop watch on Trusted only to find it was not genuine.

After returning the watch, Jomashop refused to refund the customer, citing that the watch had scratches. Yet, the customer had highlighted the scratches as part of the watch's damage at the time of delivery.

3. Why Is Jomashop So Cheap?

According to a response to this question on Quora by a watch collector, Jomashop is able to sell watches and other items at discounted prices because it is Grey Market Seller. Jomashop gets most of their stock at reduced prices from authorized dealers who are looking to unload excess inventory. As such, Jomashop is able to sell the products at discounted prices that are “below the manufacturers’ suggested retail prices (MSRP).

Why Jomashop is so cheap

There are Sell Us Your Watch, a Sell Us Your Rolex, and a Sell to Jomashop page where sellers looking to sell to Jomashop can do so. On the Sell Your Watch and the Sell Us Your Rolex page, sellers are provided with a form where they provide their contact and product details. You then submit the form to get an estimate of how much is willing to pay for the products. 

Afterward, Jomashop will make you a purchase offer and send you a shipping label within the US. Once you accept the offer, they will process the transaction and send you a check. Manufacturers looking to sell to other product categories apart from watches can initiate negotiation with Jomashop through the Sell to Jomashop page where they provide their name, email address, and details about the products they would like to sell.

how to sell watches on jomashop

However, since Jomashop is not an authorized dealer, customers do not get the manufacturer’s warranty. The shop provides a Jomashop warranty for its products to offer customers an option for the manufacturer’s warranty.

4. What Is Jomashop Shipping Time?

Jomashop reviews indicate customers’ frustration with the company’s shipping. Some say that it took several weeks to receive their items, while the items were not delivered in other cases. We looked at their website to find out— where is Jomashop located and what are their shipping timelines and options.

Jomashop shipping guide

According to their About Us page, Jomashop ships from their fulfillment center in New York. All ground shipping to the 48 continental states is done via FedEx, UPS, or USPS, and all orders are insured.

Second Day or Next Day Air service is used to ship outside the 48 continental states. Orders that qualify for free shipping are shipped via ground. Your order can also be shipped to an APO or FPO address via the United States Postal Service Shipment (USPS).

what is Jomashop shipping

Jomashop shipping time via ground typically takes 1 to 6 business days. Shipping costs vary depending on the shipping company, shipping option, and package weight.

5. How Do I Track My Jomashop Order?

Tracking helps customers to estimate the Jomashop shipping time and follow up in case of a delay. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a tracking number in your email. Use the tracking number on the respective shipping company’s website to track your order.

If you already have a Jomashop account, log in to view your order history. Click on the particular order to check its status. Alternatively, you can track your order using the Jomashop Order Status checker on the Jomashop help center. It is a contact form where you must provide your order ID, billing last name, and email address or zip code.

How to track Jomashop order

If you have not received your item within 10 business days of your order being dispatched, contact Jomashop customer service to follow up. They will investigate your order to determine the cause of the delay. If the package is lost, claim with the shipping company for compensation per the insurance. You should be reimbursed within 2 weeks of making a claim.

6. How Do I Cancel an Order on Jomashop?

According to the Jomashop FAQs center, there is a limited amount of time available to cancel or modify an order. To cancel an order, get in touch with Jomashop customer assistance through the Jomashop phone number, live chat, or the customer service contact form. You will be required to provide your order number when making your order cancellation. notes that there are no guarantees that your order will be canceled or modified. In the case that the cancellation or modification is successful, the shop representative will communicate to confirm. Otherwise, a lack of communication from the website is an indication that your cancellation/modification request was not successful.

jomashop cancellation policy

7. What Is Jomashop Warranty?

According to the Jomashop product warranty page, offers a warranty of 1 to 5 years for every brand of the watch sold on the website. The warranty covers watches that gain time, lose time, or do not keep time. However, it does not cover external damages to the product such as external tear and wears from daily use or incidental damage to the watch. Jomashop outlines the warranty length for the various brands of new watches.

What is Jomashop warranty

8. How Do I Get a Discount on Jomashop?

You can find Jomashop discounts on the Jomashop home page, the Jomashop coupon codes page, and the students' discounts page on For each discount, available you will be provided with the terms and validity of the discount. The home page features daily deals, limited offer deals, weekly deals, and trending offers among others.  Discounts range from reduced prices on products to free shipping offers.

How Do I Get a Discount on

Jomashop offers customers a wide range of fashion products at affordable prices. Their website is easy to shop on and they ship across the US and internationally. However, the numerous complaints about the company make customers wonder — is Jomashop is safe?

For instance, customers are curious to find out where Jomashop is located as orders can take too long to be delivered. There are also numerous complaints about poor customer service. Although the Jomashop contact information is readily available, sometimes customers do not get a response to their phone calls and emails. Other times, the customer representatives are unhelpful or rude.

Returning items even when you meet the Jomashop return policy conditions is difficult, and customers hardly get refunded. Other issues include poor product quality, false advertising, and wrongful billing.

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