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Millions of buyers visit to buy unique, handmade items from thousands of sellers across the globe. The platform transacts billions every year. However, there are numerous complaints about poor Etsy customer service. Buyers and sellers want to know how to call Etsy support number or the best ways to contact their customer service. 

This article explores the various ways to contact Etsy customer service for help. It concisely answers whether there is an Etsy support phone number to call or whether you can reach the company via email, live chat, and social media.

Here is an overview of the Etsy reviews and ratings on

Etsy Q&A

Number of Etsy reviews – 10.1K

Etsy rating* – 1.8⭐⭐

Etsy claimed losses – $1.9M

Successful calls – 5%/55.2K

Resolved issues – 74

  1. Is Etsy legit?
  2. How to contact Etsy by phone?
  3. How to contact customer service by email?
  4. How to chat with customer support via Help Center?
  5. How to contact Etsy customer service via social networks?

1. Is Etsy Legit? is a global online marketplace for unique and creative items. The American e-commerce platform has been in business since 2005. It specializes in the sale of vintage items, crafts, and handmade pieces.

Sellers can set up shop at only $0.20 per listing, while buyers can sign up and buy from different sellers. Sellers are also charged a 5% commission fee and a standard PayPal payment processing fee.

When it comes to Etsy ratings and customer reviews, consumers like the wide range of unique products to choose from. Many have had a great experience buying or selling there, but others wonder, "Is Etsy legit?".

On PissedConsumer, it is rated 1.9 stars. There are numerous Etsy complaints on by both buyers and sellers. Most revolve around poor customer service, shipping and deliveries, and account issues.

Etsy complaints by buyers include:

  • sellers canceling orders for no reason;
  • difficulty contacting sellers;
  • difficulty contacting Etsy support;
  • delays in order fulfillment and shipping;
  • items never delivered;
  • unexplained charges;
  • poor customer service by the sellers;
  • difficulty logging in to their Etsy account.

Etsy complaints by sellers include:

  • unexplained account closure by Etsy;
  • payments put on hold;
  • difficulty contacting Etsy customer service;
  • difficulty logging into their Etsy account;
  • rude and excessively demanding customers.

For instance, in Etsy review #2520816, the customer narrates his frustration with one seller. The Etsy seller was initially responsive when the customer was making an order but became unresponsive after payment was made. The customer attempted to contact Etsy customer service to help him resolve the issue, but he did not receive any help.

…on March 20th I contacted Dil Bahadur custom knife shop about him making me a knife I sent him the pic I wanted he said he could build it it would cost me $ 220.00…

…after receiving the money he said thankyou and he would get started on knife and update me as of today not heard anything from him…

In another Etsy review (#2968024), a seller complained about their account being banned without warning.

my account has been closed permanently i am a new seller i am a newbie maybe i may have violated a rule without knowing it i want my account to be opened

2. How to Contact Etsy By Phone?

Currently, there is no Etsy support phone number to call. Neither are there clear instructions on how to call Etsy customer service on both the sellers and buyers' FAQ sections. The question arises: "How do I speak to someone at Etsy?"

Some time back, the Etsy customer service phone number (844-935-3879) was available as an option to contact customer support for specific issues. However, it is no longer available on the website, as evidenced by several Etsy reviews on PissedConsumer.

With that said, some reviewers indicate that they were able to call Etsy support number but did not get to talk to a live person. They do not indicate the Etsy customer service phone number they called. For example, in review #2896886, the customer managed to call Etsy helpline directly to cancel an order that they had not authorized. They were put on hold for 10 minutes, left their phone number but did not receive any Etsy help.

On the sellers' page, the company indicates that sellers can leave their phone number for an Etsy customer service representative to get back. Nevertheless, it is not clear where the seller should leave their phone number.

Etsy phone number sellers page

3. How to Contact Etsy Customer Service by Email?

There is no Etsy customer service email address listed on the website. However, you can use the "Email us" option provided for various issues to contact Etsy support.

Etsy email us option

If you click on the option, you will be provided with a contact form where you are required to describe the issue in as much detail as possible. Once you send the form, Etsy customer support will get back to you within two business days.

If you need Etsy help with an order, but can't find it on your account, check for the order's transaction confirmation on your email. The transaction confirmation is usually sent from the Etsy customer service email: Once you sign in to your Etsy account, the transaction should have connected to your account.

Etsy help with order email

For legal issues such as copyright infringement, write to the Etsy email address provided on the terms and conditions page.

Etsy notice requirements email

4. How to Chat with Etsy Customer Support Via Help Center?

Earlier in 2020, their support offered an Etsy live chat option, as evidenced by reviews (#1926985). But, there seems to be no Etsy chat feature at the moment. At least, it is not available on the Etsy Help Center. Multiple reviews on PissedConsumer further collaborate that there is no Etsy customer service chat option (review #4353109).

Etsy live chat review

However, the Etsy Help Center is quite elaborate and provides answers to the most common customer questions. You can access it through the website or on the Etsy app.

Nevertheless, some customers encounter issues that are not highlighted in the Etsy Help Center that would need in-person assistance. Since there is no Etsy customer service chat option for immediate assistance, customers have to fill out a contact form, where applicable. Or, they still can try to contact support via the Etsy customer service email.

Some buyers are keen to find out how to contact Etsy about a seller. According to, buyers should first attempt to contact sellers about the issue. However, if it is futile, they can then contact Etsy about the seller. The platform serves as a mediator between the buyer and the seller to resolve the issue. You can open a case for two main issues: non-delivery issues and not-as-described cases.

Etsy issue resolution page

Steps for Contacting Etsy About a Seller

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Under "Purchases and Reviews," click on the order that has an issue.
  3. Select "Help with Order."
  4. Then select "Still Need Help."
  5. Choose "Yes, I want to Open a Case."
  6. Select a reason for opening the case and provide as much detail about the issue as possible.
  7. Submit.

Once you have opened the case, allow three days for the seller to resolve it. If they do not, escalate the case to Etsy customer support to review the issue.

How to open a case on Etsy

Unfortunately, some reviews indicate despite reaching out to about a seller, some buyers did not receive the help they needed (e.g., review #2968660).

5. How to Contact Etsy Customer Service Via Social Networks? has social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Etsy support is most active on the Twitter page. Although the company once had a dedicated Etsy customer support help page on Twitter (@Etsyhelp), they no longer monitor it. Customers now contact Etsy for help on the main page.

To reach out to the company on Twitter, you can tweet them or initiate an Etsy chat by sending them a direct message. There are numerous Etsy complaints on the Twitter page about poor customer service. Often customers do not get help, or the representative takes too long to respond to the Etsy chat messages. When they respond, customers are asked to provide details of the issue through a direct message.

The Twitter page does not provide alternative contact methods such as an Etsy support phone number or email address. As such, some customers question, "Is Etsy legit?".

For example, in an Etsy review on Twitter, the customer pointed out the company's poor customer service. They had not received any Etsy help 15 days after reaching out.

Etsy customer support reply on Twitter


On its website, the company claims to provide Etsy customer support 24/7. Unfortunately, numerous reviews across Reddit and PissedConsumer indicate otherwise. While the Etsy Help Center is comprehensive, it does not address all buyers' and sellers' issues.

There are limited channels for contacting There is no Etsy customer service live chat or phone number option to get immediate help. For email correspondence, you need to fill out an Etsy contact form if it is available for your issue. On Twitter, Etsy support is slow to respond and does not address customer issues.

What has been your experience with Etsy customer service? Leave a review on

*The company ratings on the PissedConsumer website are calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in the company’s profile. The algorithm parameters are: users’ rating, the number of resolved issues, the number of company responses and more. The PissedConsumer algorithm is also subject to change in the future.

Legal disclaimers:

  1. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide any legal, medical, accounting, investment or any other professional advice as individual cases may vary and should be discussed with a corresponding expert and/or an attorney.
  2. All or some image copyright belongs to the original owner(s). No copyright infringement intended.

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Phished Customer #7682
It seems like they have a security gap. I was a victim of a phishing attack on my private phone. Time and text match perfectly a purchase on ETSY.Finding a way to contact them is close to impossible.
Nick #7828
my package has not come in the mail my item has not come in the mail Here's the order number 18449353879
Marti Hanson #7867
I deleted my app. I should not have done that. I got it back but now have 2 carts I need to combine. I need help from Etsy!
Anonymous #7922
I have been owed money since February. I'm a seller,my site is on vacation mode.Try to txt email, ect you can not contact a person for any response.....BBB?
Elvina K. gillespie #8103
I am not going to pay a other $ 5.00 for me to take to some one else you need to send me the number cards or put the $ 4.82 back on my credit card and I will report you to Facebook
Fabio goose goose #8129
Switzerland Zurich ( glattbrugg )Order lace to be received how do I get to know where it is or speak to someone
Kathy Summers #8145
The money for my order 2947501155 left my account on the 16 July but I have received no acknowledgement or notice of when that would be delivered. Part of the order was delivered on order no, 2954067186. This was only a small item and less than 20% of the total monies!!!!Where is the balance of my order?
Tom Kirby #11664
None of these contact pages exist. There is no chat, email, phone number etc. anywhere that I can find. Just help pages that do not answer my questions, and "contact support" buttons that take you round and round in loops to nowhere. THERE IS NO SELLER SUPPORT. If I had known this, I would never have signed up to sell on Etsy.
Prue Woodbridge #11674
I purchased a DVD on Etsy. Before my order was despatched I realised that it was for the wrong Region, so a couple of hours after paying for my order and before receiving an email from them saying it had been despatched, I asked the seller - Netblock Video, to cancel my order and refund my payment. Their email confirming the item was despatched never arrived and, needless to say, I have heard nothing further from them. They have not replied to my email or subsequent two emails and naturally they have not refunded my payment. I placed the order as a guest as I do not normally purchase from Etsy. With no response from the seller 48 hours later, I tried to contact Etsy which meant opening an account - an impossible feat. I ticked numerous boxes saying I wasn't a robot and endless photos of buses, bicycles, traffic lights and crossings, but without success. It was the first and last time I purchase anything from Etsy!!! I should have known from the name - NETBLOCK Video! Be warned, people. They'll take your money and that's the last you'll hear from them.
Nilema Shrejaa Nooli #11790
Please do not but anything from Etsy. The shop owners close the shop abruptly. We lost money and Etsy does not take any responsibility for contacting the shop owners.A fake store. Be cautious and do not buy anything from Etsy. Save your money.
Lorraine Grant #11873
I ordered a cross for my granddaughter and it came without a chain what is wrong
Theresa hales #11952
I need help with my item that I received yesterday
Socorro Varela #12075
My order order for Fresh Persimmon fruit has not arrived and I have no number to contact since ESTy has was its hands and has NO cutomer Service.Where is my fruit? if it come here bad I will never use ESTY again. HEL!
Tahara Evans #12294
I had an issue with a seller and I wanted a refund because I have found something else I liked and she was giving me a hard time so she ended up closing my whole account and I can’t sign my account cause I have ordered something for somebody else and now that’s national so y’all took my money and I’m very upset
Julie Farmer #12749
I have been scammed by an Etsy seller.I need a refund and I don't have a pound in my account, until I get the refund
Gail Ellen Sawicki #13228
Your customer service is the worst. I was on the phone for an hour to just buy a gift card. Online is difficult to finish and your customer service on the phone are hard to understand and extremely rude. I will never order from and tell many to also don’t order from you
Tonneke Kemmenaar #13436
Dear Sir, madame,I have written to Etsy several times, and several weeks ago, I am still waiting for an answer. There is €123 in my account since october. It is still not paid to me. Every time it gives a new date but never transferred. I don't know what to do next.
Kay Farrell #13743
I ordered a beaded ballet from a woman called Estelle on Craft Jewellery site, my item was due to be delivered between Feb 20-Feb 23 this woman is not answering my emails.. I'm telling you now I better get a refund or I will take it further
Patricia Boldin #13775
I ordered a painted wine bottle with a sunflower on it.never received the item.its been almost a month now.
Annie mack #14358
I have been experiencing fraudulent transactions via Etsy for the past 3 months It goes on and on and on. Because I am so concerned about this I Completely Closed My Etsy AccountI now have No Way at all of Contacting Etsy about this and my Bank have been unable to Stop it.I am a Very Elderly Lady and I'm at my Wits end to know what to do about this I Dearly Wish I'd Never Ever Purchased from Etsy's Site.