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When you buy an Apple device, you expect the high price tag to come with that same level of exceptional service. However, reviews on PissedConsumer show that not everyone is pleased with Apple tech support or customer service. Problems with the Apple app store, devices, and updates have caused issues for some customers, and they want answers. 

Apple Q&A

Number of Apple reviews – 725

Apple rating – 1.9⭐⭐

Apple claimed losses – $660K

Successful calls – 16%/2.8K

Resolved issues – 4

Getting in touch with Apple customer support should be straightforward. There is an Apple Store in most cities, after all! But you don’t have to leave home to get help with your Apple account or brand’s products. If you need Apple care for your products or account, you have options to reach customer support. 

Is Apple Customer Service Good?

Apple support is available in many ways. Many customers strongly support the Apple Inc. brand and are faithful to their products, including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Air Pods, and more. Plus, they are equally faithful to Apple customer service. While these customers might never be willing to say a bad word about Apple online support, others have expressed some frustrations with the company. 

Apple reviews show that not every customer has a great experience with the company’s customer service. In his Apple complaint, one customer explained his frustration with trying to have a battery replaced on his phone. According to the customer, he selected an Apple repair option from the choices he was given but didn’t feel like he got enough information about leaving his phone at a service center.  

He took his phone home and tried again by sending his phone in to be repaired by Apple Inc. When he got it back, the phone was in “worse shape than it was. No new battery. Now I have a battery that won't charge at all.” Finally, he tried the Apple Store phone number and found success. On his last attempt to contact Apple for help, he took his phone into the brick and mortar store for repairs. Of the experience, he said, “Luckily my experience at the Apple store was a good one. Third times the charm.”

Apple review about repair

There are many ways to contact the corporation: Apple social media, the support app, by phone, by live chat, and through the land-based store. has options to try and meet their customers where they are – online, on devices, or in person. 

How to Contact Apple Support by Phone?

If you are hoping to call Apple with a question, you’re in luck. You can contact Apple easily by phone if you prefer to speak with a representative. The Apple customer service phone number is 1-800-275-2273.

Apple sales and procust inquiries

The brand doesn’t shy away from listing multiple avenues for Apple complaints, questions, or issues. On the website, the company lists many different Apple support phone numbers, as well as links for support sites and online communities. 

The Apple customer service phone number in the United States is (800) APL-CARE, or 800-275-2273. If you have specific questions about Beats, you can call Apple at 800-442-4000. There are many other phone numbers listed on the Apple website for different areas around the globe.  

How to Reach Apple Customer Service Chat?

If you’d rather chat digitally than call Apple, you have that option. You can reach Apple customer service chat through the company website. To reach Apple live chat support, start on the company’s contact page. On the Apple customer service page, scroll down and look for the ways to contact the support representatives. One of those options will be a link to the Apple customer service chat. You can also go straight to the Apple chat support through the Get Support page on 

Once you’re on the chat support page, you’ll need to select the issue you’re experiencing. 

Apple support help page

Select the device you’re working with, or you also have options for questions about apps or your Apple ID. There are also options for billing and subscriptions, which might help with an Apple refund or cancellation. Once you make selections from the menu about the issue you’re having trouble with, you’ll be presented with options on how to proceed. One of those options will be the Apple help chat.

Apple support help chat

Simply select the Chat option, and you’ll be connected with a representative who can help you with questions about battery life, Apple watch troubleshooting, iPad apps, billing, and more. 

How to Contact Apple Support in the App?

If you’re on an Apple device, you also can contact customer service through the company’s support app. The support app is simply a scaled-down version of the full Apple support website complete with Apple help chat and phone numbers. 

Download the Apple support app to your phone, and you’ll have a collection of resources to help answer common questions, as well as an easy way to access the Apple customer service phone number. Start by selecting the device you’re working with. Then choose the issue you’re having. You’ll see options then for the Apple support phone number. You’ll also have the option to connect through an Apple customer service chat on your device. 

Sometimes, however, even with multiple points of contact, things still don’t get resolved. In his Apple review, one customer explained (#2721836) that a pool game app started giving him trouble and then charging him $7.99 per week. Despite being able to get in touch with a representative at Apple, he could not speak to a supervisor or get the issue resolved. 

Apple review about refund

What is Apple's Support Email Address?

If you would like to send your Apple complaint in writing, you might be searching for a corporate email address. Apple’s email address for customer complaints or concerns is not published on any service pages. Instead, customers are required to contact Apple support through phone or by chat. 

Apple customer service email is not one of the choices on the company’s support page or in the support app. However, once you submit your concern over the phone or through chat, you will likely receive a confirmation from the Apple customer service email. You then have the option to reply to that email for additional Apple support

How to Get Help Through Apple Social Media?

The customer support representatives are very responsive through Apple social media channels. The brand doesn’t list its various social media channels as an option for Apple customer service, and specific issues probably aren’t ideal to be discussed in a public venue. For example, you might not want to post all of your details about Apple Pay questions on Facebook or Twitter. Those issues might be best discussed in a private Apple help chat

However, some customers do choose to post their Apple reviews through social media, and the corporation replies to their posts. For example, one frustrated customer couldn’t figure out how to get his Apple watch to work and reached out to them via Twitter. Apple support replied quickly and positively and asked the customer to continue the discussion via DM so that he could get the help he needed.

Apple support on Twitter

If you cannot get the answer you’re looking for through the Apple customer service phone number, social media might be an avenue to post your experience in hopes of resolution. You can find the company online through the following Apple social media channels:

  • Apple Facebook (@apple);
  • Apple Twitter (@Apple);
  • Apple LinkedIn (Apple);
  • Apple TikTok (@apple);
  • Apple Instagram (@apple).

When you buy an expensive new Apple device, you want exceptional customer service to go with the new product. You can easily contact the company through the Apple support phone, chat, and in stores. It is recommended to make an appointment in the Apple store, if possible, for technical issues with devices, for the best in-person support. 

Chat and phone conversations might help resolve simpler questions. Still, even then, not every customer finds an answer to the issue they are experiencing with their Apple accounts or products. If you have not found an answer to your Apple Inc. concerns, why not leave a review on PissedConsumer? It is a way to let others know about your experience and potentially start a dialogue with the company.

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