We all make mistakes. The only thing that’s worse than making a mistake is not being able to fix it in time. PissedConsumer gives people a chance to share their stories, experiences, and opinions about companies.

Sometimes, however, a person could realize that they posted something in error or that some information posted was incorrect. At that point, it may be necessary to remove a complaint.

Removing Complaints Posted by You

You can remove your prior reviews if you are a registered PissedConsumer user and if the reviews in question were created under your account. Please log into your account and go to the review in question to remove it.

It could also happen that you may have posted a review or a comment on our website only to realize later that you did it in error; or you have misrepresented some facts or given incorrect information. If that is the case, you can remove your complaint from PissedConsumer by taking the following steps:

Send a notarized letter to PissedConsumer (Consumer Opinion LLC, 1930 Village Center Circle #3-6853, Las Vegas, NV 89134). You must make sure that the notarized letter you are sending includes all the required points: 

  • a statement that you are the user who posted the information that you now seek to remove;
  • a statement that the information previously posted by you was incorrect at the time it was posted;
  • your full name, mailing address, email address and signature;
  • the URL (address) of the subject post as it appears on PissedConsumer.com;
  • a statement that you declare under penalty of perjury that the information provided in this request is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge;
  • a legible notary stamp (please make sure we can read commission or id number).

All these points are also listed in paragraph 9 of the PissedConsumer.com FAQ page. You can also submit a notarized letter in a scanned format through the "Contact Us" page. A notarized letter is a document that has been marked with a seal or a stamp indicating that the signature on the document is legitimate. If you want to get your document notarized, you need to sign it in front of a notary public.

You will be asked to produce identification to prove that you are who you say you are. Thus, you need to have an official identification with a photograph such as, for example, a passport, a driver's license, or other government-issued ID document. It is imperative that you do not sign the document you want to be notarized ahead of time because a notary public must watch you sign the document in person. Some notary fees may apply. 

PissedConsumer.com reviews all notarized letters submitted. You can find more detailed information following this link.

Removing Complaints about You or Your Company

If you would like to remove complaints about you or your company from the PissedConsumer website, you have the following options:

  1. Obtain a valid court order for removal of false information and email/mail such a court order to PissedConsumer.

    When obtaining a court order, you may want to consult an attorney to get better assistance and guidance. A court order must clearly state where exactly the content in question is located on PissedConsumer.com and include the language where a judge specifies that PissedConsumer must unpublish the content in question.

    It is important to remember the following:

    • a court order must be signed by a judge and filed with the court;
    • to obtain a court, a lawsuit needs to be filed first;
    • if you are sending us a court order issued by a court in a country other than United States, such a court order must be properly domesticated to meet all the requirements of and to be acceptable by the US judicial system.
  2. Apply for Legitimacy Verification Program (LVP).

    This program provides an efficient alternative dispute resolution process where a Third-Party Neutral decides whether a post complies with PissedConsumer’s Terms of Use or not. If you decide that a post on PissedConsumer website violates the Terms of Use and you would like it to be removed, you can submit a corresponding Complaint to PissedConsumer.

    The author of such a post will be notified about the Complaint in accordance with the LVP Rules and will have an opportunity to respond by completing an Answer form. Both the Complaint and the Answer get reviewed by an independent, neutral third party ("Third-Party Neutral"). A Third-Party Neutral will make the final decision.

    A Third-Party Neutral is an independent attorney who is not employed by PissedConsumer, but whose firm is contracted with PissedConsumer to provide attorneys who will serve as Third-Party Neutrals in conformity with the LVP Rules. A decision made by a Third-Party Neutral is based solely on the data included in the Complaint and the Answer.

    It is important to remember that there are certain limitations as to how often you can use the Legitimacy Verification Program and as to the number of reviews you include in your Complaint. 

    The LVP utilizes a two-tiered fee structure based on the number of reviews being disputed. All fees are paid directly to a Third-Party Neutral. PissedConsumer does not participate in payment process in any way. Neither does PissedConsumer profit from the LVP in any way. PissedConsumer has established the Legitimacy Verification Program on a completely voluntary basis.

    Decisions made by Third-Party Neutrals are final. There is no right of appeal. To find more information, please check our Dispute Resolution (LVP Program) section, our Legal Information page and FAQ.

    To check out examples of various types of LVP decisions, please see paragraph 12 of our LVP Rules and Conditions. 

    If you have been engaged in litigation with PissedConsumer or have threatened legal action against PissedConsumer, you may not participate in the LVP. 

Making Changes to Your Complaint

It often happens that the original post was correct, but then some facts and/circumstances changed and there is a need to modify the body of the original complaint.

If a user wants to modify/add/update/change the content he/she posted on the site, there are several options including the following:

  • editing reviews;
  • posting an update;
  • posting a comment;
  • modifying the rating of a complaint;
  • marking a complaint "resolved".

To get more information about how to do that, please see our FAQ, paragraphs 10, 17, 18 and 19. 

Comments are also an ideal tool for companies that want to address issues of their customers and make company official responses publicly visible. 

Establishing Identity of Posters of False Information

If you want to find out who posted false information about you or your company, you need a valid subpoena. A subpoena is a written court-ordered command to produce documents or to appear in court or other legal proceedings. You should know that PissedConsumer has a Subpoena Policy that includes such requirements, for example, as given below: 

  1. You should obtain a subpoena from a Nevada court with a jurisdiction over Consumer Opinion, LLC in Clark County, Nevada. 
  2. A subpoena must describe the exact information you are requesting.
  3. If you are involved in a proceeding outside of Nevada, you must obtain a domesticated subpoena in Nevada.

To view PissedConsumer Subpoena Policy in full, please follow this link: https://s3.amazonaws.com/pissedconsumer/legal/_legal-information_html/Subpoenas/CIVIL+SUBPOENA+POLICY+20150311.pdf 

All questions regarding PissedConsumer.com’s Subpoena Policy should be directed to help@pissedconsumer.com

Contacting PissedConsumer

To make sure that every user’s inquiry and question gets straight to the right department, PissedConsumer offers several options on their "Contact Us" page. They are as follows: General Inquiry, Legal Inquiry, and Business Inquiry. 

If you want to get assistance from PissedConsumer regarding user profiles, subscriptions, technical support, media or other general issues, please use a General Inquiry form

A Legal Inquiry is designed to contact the PissedConsumer legal team regarding such issues as, for example, court orders, subpoenas, and copyright. 

Business owners who come across any question about set-up, use, optimization of their business accounts, etc. should use a Business Inquiry form

Legal disclaimers:

  1. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, it is not intended to provide any legal, medical, accounting, investment or any other professional advice as individual cases may vary and should be discussed with a corresponding expert and/or an attorney.
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