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Recently a forum user under the screenname Ohmother described the ordeal required in the Airydress refund policy, an online retailer located overseas. The user purchased items from the online shop Airydress that advertises through Facebook, but when the items arrived, Ohmother was disappointed in the quality of the goods.

In her Airydress review post, Ohmother asked for help with returns from other users and provided insight into the return procedure for the company. The ongoing discussion with Airydress customer service covered multiple pages of the online forum.

In this article, we get into details of the Airydress return issues and showcase the consumer reviews and experience with the company's refunds:

Shopping on Airydress: Is it legit?

Wondering is Airydress legit? Shopping with is straightforward. You visit the website on your computer or mobile device. Like any fashion website, you see the items for sale, add them to your cart in your desired size, and then check-out.

Once you check-out make payment, however, the buying process appears to slow down. While Ohmother didn’t mention any issues with shipping delays, many others on have mentioned long waits for items to arrive. Some reviewers never received their order at all.

In the collection of Airydress reviews on PissedConsumer, users complain that they placed an order, sent the company money, but never received them. One user who left an Airdress review (#2552386) explained that she “placed an order on 3/27/21 I have been patiently waiting 5/921 it say package delivered the tracking number is invalid.” Unfortunately, this issue with shipping delays and items that don’t arrive is echoed across many Airydress reviews.

Can you return items bought on Airydress?

Ohmother requested help with Airydress returns as she felt the “site area for returns is so complicated” and she couldn’t “find what I’m looking for to return their shoddy goods!

When the first response to her complaints simply directed her back to the company’s return policy, she explained that the Airydress return policy page “sends me round in circles.”

Airydress return question on forum

Over the course of the thread, Ohmother and others detail what is required in the Airydress return policy. They also explain how frustrating it can be to try and arrange an Airydress refund.

Asking Airydress to refund the returned items

According to the company website, the official Airydress return policy states that items should be returned within 14 days. To make an Airydress return, customers are directed to their account with the company. Then they must choose the item they would like to return and the method of return.

Airydress customer service then directs customers to “Package up the item(s) to be returned with the original packing, and make the return as instructed on the return label and guidance.” Finally, returns are processed within one week of package delivery.

Airydress return process

The majority of Airydress complaints about returns center on the packaging and refund process. According to Ohmother’s forum discussion about the Airydress return policy, customers must bear the cost of return shipping.

Ohmother expresses her frustration with this part of the Airydress refund issue with a clever turn of phrase.

She asked, “If I advertised a washing machine and sent a wheelbarrow instead should the recipient be expected not to have redress for wasted postage costs?”

Ultimately, however, Ohmother was forced to pay for the shipping costs to return items she felt were not in line with what she was told she was buying. Her frustration with the extra cost was shared among many other Airydress complaints in the thread.

Airydress return costs comment

Airydress reviews and rejected refunds

In Ohmother’s case, her complaints led to a refund, although it was not a full refund amount. Not every customer who tried to return items for an Airydress refund is granted one.

Zully, who left a review among PissedConsumer’s Airydress complaints (#2550020), followed the instructions for a return but has not seen a refund.

According to the user Zully, she “returned the items that did not fit I have tracking number from usps but have not received my refund 2 weeks already.

PissedConsumer reviewer receipt for Airydress return

This experience is not unique. According to many Airydress reviews, customers send items back and never see a refund. Many online reviews about Airydress detail similar stories and complaints about refunds. A comment among the online reviews left by a PissedConsumer user echoed the original sentiment. She stated, “Me too, everything I ordered returned, been waiting forever.

Comment to Airydress refund issue

In the cases where users do see refunds, it is quite a bit less than expected. As was the case of a commenter in the original Ohmother “is Airydress legit” thread.

Airydress forum thread comment on refund sum

Contacting Airydress customer service

Reaching Airydress customer service can be complicated, at least according to what is posted online. The Airydress FAQ states that customers have options on how to reach the company. According to the company website, you can contact Airydress through Live Chat or by sending an email through a live form on the website. There is an Airydress phone number listed on the website as well. According to the site, you can call the Airydress phone number at +85281758942.

Airydress customer service number

Online reviews tell a different story, however. According to data, 398 complaints out of 1106 online reviews posted about Airydress since January 2021  dealt with returns. 226 of these reviews complained about issues with refunds. Additionally, of the more than 2,900 Airydress customer service calls made through the review platform, not a single issue has been resolved.

Customers might try to contact the company through social media. A comment on the Ohmother thread about how to contact Airydress explained that an “adverse comment” on the company’s Facebook ads “will get a response pretty quickly!”

Airydress ad comment on forum does have a presence on Facebook. When customers ask questions about Airydress clothing, the company does reply quickly through the comments on their posts. The most recent comment on their page by the company appears to be 9 weeks ago, or in March 2021.

Airydress comment response on Facebook

The company has a Twitter feed as well with some advertisements for Airydress shoes and clothes, but there is no recent activity by the company or its representatives. The most recent posts are all complaints about products and refunds.

Tips for safe shopping on Airydress

Shopping safely on any online retailer is always a matter of making informed smart purchases. Your first step for shopping on Airydress is to read the reviews and learn from the experiences of others.

Ohmother, the author of the original post asking for help with Airydress reviews stated it best. She said, “I’ve put a review on Trustpilot. I wish I’d read that before ordering.

With thousands of reviews found on review-based websites like or social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you have many resources for understanding how Airydress works. Pay attention to the sizing charts provided by the company and be sure you are prepared for international shipping times. Airydress tracking will help you keep up with your order at least.

If you shop with Airydress, hopefully, you’ll have a good experience. But go into the purchase prepared with the knowledge and keep that Airydress phone number handy – just in case.

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