When you read the Ingo Money reviews, it is evident that consumers have questions and concerns about the company. Some of the most common Ingo Money complaints and questions are in regards to accounts closure, declined cards, and cashing checks among and how to contact Ingo Money customer service among others.

We have selected the top consumer questions from the Ingo Money reviews and Q&A pages and found the answers to them on the company’s website and other credible forums.

Top 8 Ingo Money Consumer Questions

  1. How do I contact Ingo Money customer support?
  2. Why the company doesn’t allow me to log in?
  3. How do I cash my check?
  4. Why does Ingo Money Inc. show me the “unable to process” message and won’t deposit my check?
  5. How can I close my ingomoney.com account?
  6. Why am I not able to open an account?
  7. How long does it take for the funds to hit my IngoMoney.Com account?
  8. How can I add or edit my credit card details?

Below are the answers to the top 8 Ingo Money FAQs.

1. How do I contact Ingo Money customer service?

You can contact Ingo Money customer support through the contact information provided on the Ingo Money Customer service page. The Ingo Money contact information listed on the PissedConsumer service page includes the company’s phone number, customer service email and mail addresses, a link to the website and links to the various Ingo Money social media accounts including Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and Twitter.

You may also get in touch with the Ingo Money customer service through the contact form provided on the company's website on the Contact Us page.

Ingo Money contacts

With that said, a number of IngoMoney.com customers expressed their frustration in attempting to get in touch with the company's support team citing that they could not get through to a live person. This is what one customer had to say in the Ingo Money review #1376104:

 I could not speak with. A live person. The recording kept telling me my SSN # was incorrect an then i was disconnected

2. Why www.ingomoney.com doesn’t allow me to log in?

There are three main reasons why you may not be able to login into your IngoMoney account: your account may have been closed or put on hold, or you may be using the wrong user name or password.

If you have forgotten your password, go to the login page and click “forgot password to be able to reset your password.” According to the Ingo Money FAQ page, here is the procedure for resetting your password on Ingo Money account:

 If you can’t remember your password, or if you wish to change it, sign-in and tap ‘Forgot Password.’ Then, enter your email address, the last four digits of your Social Security Number and your date of birth. We will email a temporary password to the email address we have on record that you can use to sign-in. You will then be prompted to create a new password.

how to reset a password on IngoMoney.com

Usually, your username is the email address you used to open your Ingo Money account. If you do not remember it or it does not seem to work, get in touch with the Ingo Money customer service either by sending them an email or calling them. (Ingo Money contact information is provided in question 1).

Ingo Money username doesn't work

In their response to “why isn’t my user name working” on the Ingo Money FAQ page, it is stated that you can chat online with the customer service agents via the chat link at the bottom of the FAQ page. However, as at the time of writing this article, there is no chat link provided at the bottom of the Ingo Money FAQ page or on the other website pages.

Company highlights that there is a variety of reasons why your account may be closed or put on hold. You can send an email to their customer support email address: help@ingomoney.com so that you can be informed of the reason why your account is on hold. 

Why is my Ingo Money account on hold

3. How do I cash my check with Ingo Money Inc?

The Ingo Money App offers an easy process to cash your check as follows:"

  1. Sign in and tap ‘Cash a Check’
  2. Take a photo of the front and back of your check
  3. Choose WHEN you want your money
  4. Choose WHERE you want your money
  5. Submit your check for review”

The review process takes a few minutes, usually a few seconds, in some cases 3-5 minutes and in rare cases 1hour as according to the Ingo Money FAQ page. Once your check has been approved, you may be asked to void it and submit a voided image.

How to cash my check with Ingo Money

4. Why does IngoMoney.com show me the “unable to process” message and won’t deposit my check?

According to company's website, once you submit your check, it goes through a review process that determines whether your check will be approved or not.

Ingo Money points out that there is a variety of reasons why a check may not be approved including limit related issues, lack of sufficient check verification data, inconsistencies in check images, or insufficient data about the check writer’s accounts and others.

Why wasn’t my check approved by Ingo Money

If your check is declined, you will be notified on the app through the push notification or via your email. However, company states that they may not always be able to provide their customers with exact information as to why their check was not approved citing privacy regulations that prohibit them from sharing the check writer’s account information. If your check has been declined, you may contact the check writer to request a new check or a different payment method or attempt to deposit with a different service provider.

5. How can I close my Ingo Money account?

One of the most common Ingo Money complaints is in regards to difficulty cashing checks. As a result, some customers prefer to close their accounts. It explains why one of the most frequently asked Ingo Money questions is “how can I close/cancel my account.” Here is Ingo Money’s response on how to close your account according to their website:

We are sorry to see you go. Since Ingo Money does not require a membership, there is nothing for you to cancel. Simply uninstall the Ingo Money App on your mobile device and you’re all set.”

How to cancel Ingo Money account

6. Why am I not able to open an account with www.ingomoney.com?

Some customers reported having difficulty when attempting to set up an account with Ingo Money. One customer complained that their attempt to register showed that their email address had already been used to open an account. Ingo Money does not offer an explanation for this occurrence.

Why am I not able to open an account with  Ingo Money

However, on the FAQ page, they explain that one may not be able to register because the company is not able to verify your identity. For instance, if the name you provide does not match the one on your social security card. Ingo Money recommends that your double check the personal information you provide during registration. Otherwise, if you still encounter difficulties with registration, get in touch with them.

Why can’t I register in the Ingo Money App?

7. How long does it take for the funds to hit my IngoMoney.com account?

The time it takes for your funds to hit your Ingo Money account after your check has been approved depends on your funding account. PayPal and some banks make the money available in a few minutes. On the other hand, some banks and credit card issuers take between 1 and 3 business days to deposit the money to your account. If you are using an Amazon Gift card, the claim code will be available in your transaction history immediately after the transaction has been approved. MoneyGram makes the cash available for withdrawal immediately after the check is approved. MoneyGram has a provision of a maximum of 90 days for you to pick up your cash disbursement.

When will my money be available on Ingo Money?

8. How can I add or edit my credit card details on Ingo Money?

Ingo Money requires you to link at least one funding account where money can be sent to upon successful approval of a check. Your account can either be a PayPal account, a prepaid card or a credit card from a bank. Company offers you the option to link your account to more than one funding account. Therefore, you can add several credit cards, or a prepaid card alongside a PayPal account and so forth. Here is the procedure provided by Ingo Money on how to add a credit card:

To link an account, from the main menu, tap ‘My Accounts,’ then tap ‘Link a New Account’ and follow the screen prompts to add your account information. Tap the ‘Card’ tab to enter your bank debit card, prepaid card or credit card account information. 

How to add or edit my credit card details on Ingo Money

The “My Accounts” tab on the Ingo Money app also offers you the options to add, edit or delete a linked account.

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