sells itself as a financial tool of convenience. The PayPal wallet is essentially that – money in a digital wallet, ready to use for online purchases. When you use your PayPal balance, or a bank account or credit card linked through your account, provides a shield to protect your financial accounts. But does the shield work as well as promised? Is your money safer when you are using your PayPal account?

We researched the user reviews on PissedConsumer and other online review platforms to find out if the PayPal app is what it seems.

Paypal Questions and Answers

Number of PayPal reviews – 2.9K

PayPal rating* – 1.6⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $7.5 million

Issues resolved – 18

Successful calls – 6%/9.3K

Is PayPal Safe?

When handling money online, you want to be assured that your funds are safe. You want your bank and credit card accounts protected, and that is what offers. But is PayPal safe? The best rule of thumb is to see what others have said about their experiences with the PayPal customer service and the app.

According to PayPal reviews on PissedConsumer, more than 1460 reviewers have left a combined rating of 1.6 stars out of a possible 5. This overall concerned sentiment is echoed by the PayPal reviews on the Better Business Bureau, or, where there are more than 14,000 PayPal complaints at the time of writing.

Within the collection of reviews on PissedConsumer and other sites, you will find more than a few PayPal complaints and troubled customers worried about a loss of funds.

In one video review left on, a customer explained that she paid a PayPal invoice for a purchase made at an online retailer. When she tried to return the ill-fitting items for a refund, she discovered that they would "document the seller's account" but would not refund her purchase.

She explained in her PayPal complaint that “I contacted PayPal and sent them over 12 emails between me and the seller proving that I followed the refund instructions and even sent the photos.” Ultimately, PayPal did not refund her money.

This reviewer is not alone in her negative experiences with the PayPal app. According to another consumer's review (#2168023), the app “doesn't protect customers, only scam artists.” In his post about PayPal scams, the reviewer noted that his account was hit with a “service/transfer we didn't authorize, we notified paypal and we only received 100.00 of the 200.00 we were scammed out of.” In an unrelated experience, the same reviewer tried to initiate a refund for items he never received.

PayPal review about scam

According to PayPal FAQs, the company is aware of how many issues may arise between customers and potential fraud. There is an advice page in the FAQ section dedicated to helping customers spot PayPal scams and protect themselves.

How to Delete PayPal Account?

Wondering how to delete PayPal account access? The PayPal FAQs make this process surprisingly simple. In order to close PayPal account access, you will need to withdraw any money from your account. Then you will:

  • Click on “Settings” beside the Log Out button.
  • Select “Close your account” from the Account options.
  • Enter the information requested about your bank account.
  • Click on “Close Account.”

PayPal close account

Before you delete PayPal account be sure you have completed any transitions and withdrawn funds. Otherwise, you may lose money. In his PayPal review on Reddit, one customer discovered the hard way that funds are lost when accounts are closed. In his case, his account was closed by the company and he claims he lost $27,000 that was still in the account.

PayPal Reddit post

How to Receive Money on PayPal?

Receiving money on PayPal involves a few steps to verify your account before you send out requests or invoice. According to the PayPal FAQs, you can begin receiving money when someone sends money to your email address or phone number. In either case, you must first have an account set up with the company.

Once funds have been sent to you via a transaction or PayPal invoice, you can either spend them or withdraw them to your traditional bank account. You will not be able to withdraw funds until you have linked a bank account to your PayPal wallet.

Despite what appears to be clear information about using this payment method, there are many PayPal reviews about trouble accessing or withdrawing funds. Among these reviews about trouble with bank account woes, several customers have left feedback about trying to get help from PayPal customer service. Several indicate it is hard to speak with a person, even when calling the PayPal phone number.

How to Cancel a PayPal Payment?

If there is trouble with an order or you made a mistake when you sent money, you’ll want to be able to cancel PayPal payment and keep your funds. Wondering how to cancel a PayPal payment? It may depend on who received the money.

According to PayPal FAQs, it is possible to cancel a payment if it is unclaimed or still pending. Customers will know that a payment can be canceled if there is a “Cancel” link next to the payment in your Activity view. No cancel link? You can’t cancel PayPal payment for that transaction.

PayPal cancel pending payment

Once funds have been claimed, you must contact the recipient or seller to make other arrangements for canceling, including requesting a refund. If funds were removed from your account that you didn’t authorize, you are encouraged to report the transaction to the PayPal Resolution Center.

Understandably, customers trying to cancel payments for items they did not receive or payments that they did not authorize is a large source of complaints through PayPal reviews.  Many of these reviews indicate:

  • Customers contact the resolution center but do not get money back.
  • Customers paid for items that were not delivered.
  • Money was sent to the wrong vendor or charity and not refunded when requested.

How to Refund on PayPal?

If you tried to cancel PayPal payment but the money was already claimed, you are not eligible for an automatic refund. Instead, you must contact the recipient or seller to request a PayPal refund. The company FAQs explain that a PayPal refund must be initiated by the seller or recipient by clicking on “Issue a refund” on the Transaction Details page.

PayPal refund request

To request a PayPal refund, contact the seller. You can use the information provided on the PayPal invoice or the transaction summary page. Send an email to the seller to request a refund. If the seller refuses to send you a refund, you can open a dispute against the seller through the PayPal resolution center. The company will investigate disputes about purchases that did not arrive or were misrepresented as well as unauthorized transactions.

Many complaints on PissedConsumer and other sites including the Better Business Bureau explain issues with refunds and trying to dispute charges with the PayPal resolution center. In a number of these complaints, customers explained that they have contacted customer service through the PayPal phone number, but have not found a solution. Many of the complaints included:

  • Customers with authorized charges are not refunded.
  • Customers seeking refunds for items that did not arrive.
  • Customers contacting customer service multiple times with no resolution.

How to Contact PayPal Customer Service?

PayPal customer service features heavily in many of the online reviews. Frustrated customers leave PayPal reviews about their experiences hoping that customer service will help resolve the issue. In many cases, company customer service has already been involved with issues, but customers are still frustrated with that experience as well.

To contact PayPal customer service, you have several options.

  • You can reach customer service by calling the PayPal phone number at 1-888-221-1161.
  • You can reach the PayPal resolution center by logging into your account and then opening a dispute.
  • You can send traditional mail to the PayPal address at:

2211 North First Street
San Jose, California 95131
United States

  • You may contact PayPal representatives by message through assistant once you have logged into your account.

You want to feel like your money is safe and secured when you are using a PayPal account. PayPal goods and services promise security, but many people aren’t convinced. Quite a few feel they are not getting the protection promised for their PayPal fees, and are leaving complaints online.

Do you have questions about this payment tool, you can get answers on the PayPal Q&A page. If you have had personal experience with PayPal, feel free to leave your own review on PissedConsumer.

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