Hillary Clinton: Instead of gutting consumer protection, we should be expanding it.

PissedConsumer is, first and foremost, a consumer advocacy website. Our website strives, in particular, to protect and promote interests of the buying public and to expose unsafe products, unfair business practices and other issues that threaten the welfare of the general public.

Nowadays people live in a consumer world. They are surrounded by material goods and accustomed to a higher standard of living. They have access to increasingly sophisticated technology, gadgets, and modes of communication. They travel greater distances. They are the greatest consumers in the history of the earth. But are they safe? And who is protecting them, regular folks?

One of our goals is to connect consumer protection class action attorneys, potential lead plaintiffs who are seeking or should be seeking legal representation, and other interested parties. We achieve this goal by using the content published on our site and our database.

There are consumer protection lawyers who stand guard and represent individuals harmed by big corporations. False advertising and deceptive marketing, unconscionable pricing,  high-pressure sales, bait and switch, security and data breach, defective or dangerous product liability, hidden or unlawful fees, charging for services never provided are only some examples of what wrongdoings against consumers a consumer class action lawsuit may involve.

These very same individuals, who were harmed by big businesses, come to PissedConsumer.com to complain, to say their say in hopes of being heard and helped. They are in need of and looking for protection and legal representation.

We are confident that PissedConsumer.com and consumer protection attorneys can form a strong consumer protection alliance.

Taking care of disgruntled mistreated consumers is what we have been doing for more than 10 years. In today’s noisy online landscape we give regular people a voice and a place where they can be listened to and heard. Our audience keeps coming to us because we have earned their trust through meeting and exceeding their expectations.

We are launching a new page for consumer protection class action attorneys, legal marketing agencies and other interested parties. Here you will find more details on:

  • what services we offer to find potential plaintiffs for class action lawsuits
  • what benefits you will get from using these services
  • how to contact us when you decide that these services are what you need

It is often the case that the issues and concerns described by our review authors on our site can become allegations in consumer protection class action cases filed by consumer protection class action law firms against various businesses.

If you are interested and want to know more, please contact PissedConsumer.com by following this link https://www.pissedconsumer.com/class-action.html 

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