It's time to summarize the work done last year and plan for the future. We could shape PissedConsumer into today's dynamic platform with our users and companies that want to care about their online reputation and customer satisfaction. That's why we want to share with you the results and achievements that have defined us in 2023. 

PissedConsumer Achievments in 2023

Significant Community Growth

In 2023, an impressive 6,000,000 new users joined the PissedConsumer community, eager to share their experiences and discover reviews from other consumers about companies worldwide. 

Every year, more and more consumers choose PissedConsumer as their preferred platform to express their voices and seek help. The regular year's surge in registrations speaks volumes about the strength and vibrancy of our community and consumer trust. Our users leave 1–3 reviews on average and read hundreds of feedback about companies regularly.

We also proudly announce that PissedConsumer has passed the 20 million registered user mark. 

Consumers Voice Their Issues Even More

Our users have written over 850,000 reviews and complaints this year, which is a 15% increase over 2022. Such massive feedback quantity is able to provide companies looking for improvement with valuable insights regarding customer preferences and expectations in each specific industry. Moreover, all these reviews have become a powerful leverage that has an immense impact on the purchasing decisions of other customers in 2023.

Millions of Customers Contact Companies through PissedConsumer

In 2023, our platform's integrated features enabled users to send over 700,000 emails directly to companies. This direct communication channel helps establish a constructive dialogue between customers and companies and leads to faster and more efficient resolution of customer concerns. Our users also have made 7,280,000 calls to contact customer support this year.

New Services Aimed to Help Businesses Improve Their Online Reputation

We introduced new review and reputation management services and customer support solutions for businesses looking to improve their online presence and customer relations. Now, companies can get one-stop solutions to fix their reputation and foster connections with their customers.

Our reputation management services allow companies to enhance and control their online reputation. It covers suppressing negative content, dealing with negative and false reviews, and, as a result, building a positive digital presence.

Customer support solutions will help companies better understand and address consumer concerns before they transform into negative reviews. They range from customer service audits and process development to full customer support outsourcing with 24/7 multichannel customer service.

Recognized by Independent Experts

This year, PissedConsumer made Inc. magazine's elite list of Inc. 5000, falling in the category of America's fastest-growing private companies. This recognition is significant because it underscores our commitment to consumers and companies and the high quality of our solutions. It signifies that we are significantly contributing to improving customer satisfaction worldwide. We plan to develop our review platform and reputation management services in the upcoming year to give consumers more significant insights and help businesses enhance customer service.

Words of Gratitude to Responsible Companies

We are excited that so many businesses have shared our philosophy and chosen PissedConsumer in 2023 as a solution to build a communication bridge with their consumers.

We appreciate that Shein, TourRadar, DaBella, LightInTheBox, BetMGM, The Doers Way, and many other companies worldwide choose us as a partner for improving online reputation and customer service. Thank you for helping us become better.

Companies That Have Improved Their PissedConsumer Rating in 2023

Hundreds of businesses with at least ten reviews could improve their ratings to above 4 stars on PissedConsumer by 2023. We are pleased to showcase the top 5 companies that have improved their PissedConsumer rating from 1-2 stars to 4+ stars, demonstrating the most significant progress throughout the year:

  • Tire Agent 
  • OneAmour Com 
  • Ola Party
  • Grasshopper Mower
  • Singlesnet

We Taught Consumers to Connect with Companies with PissedConsumer Club

In 2023, we also launched the PissedConsumer Club, which aims to optimize problem-solving for companies and consumers. All club members receive help on how best to contact the company and present their problems constructively to achieve a positive solution while avoiding negativity and swearing.

We've Got Our Brand Merchandise

This year, everyone had the opportunity to purchase our merchandise in a PissedConsumer shop. We are pleased that so many consumers share our ideology, leave accurate, constructive feedback, and have purchased our goods. In the coming year, we will evolve to improve our existing services and develop new solutions for businesses to better connect with consumers and enhance their online brand presence.

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