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Sapphire Resorts is one of the most popular timeshare programs in the US. While such timeshare programs offer their members convenient and flexible access to vacation locations globally, they can be quite costly in the long run due to the annual maintenance costs and taxes.

There have been numerous questions and complaints about the Sapphire Resorts customer service, procedures, and policies on PissedConsumer.  Therefore, before committing to the Sapphire Resorts timeshare program, you must do your due diligence to establish its credibility. Below is an overview of Sapphire Resorts rating on PissedConsumer.

Sapphire Resorts Q & A

 Sapphire Resorts reviews – 78

Sapphire Resorts rating* – 1.5⭐⭐

Sapphire Resorts claimed losses – $170K

 Successful calls – 8%/264

Issues resolved – 1

This article will address the most common Sapphire complaints and questions, including:

1. What is Sapphire Resorts? is a point-based membership club program. The company positions itself as an affordable, flexible, and high-quality modern-day vacation option. Their Resorts Condominiums International (RCI) system offers members access to over 4,500 Sapphire Resorts locations worldwide and discounted travel opportunities cruise vacations.

Who Owns Sapphire Resorts?

The website does not indicate who owns the company. However, it indicates that the company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and utilizes the RCI vacation exchange system started by Jon and Christel Dehan in 1974. 

About Sapphire Resorts

Furthermore, their About Us page indicates that the company adheres to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), Canadian Resort Development Association (CRDA), and Cooperative Association of Resort Exchanges (C.A.R.E) standards and guidelines. 

Sapphire Resorts and Geoholiday properties in Canada, Bahamas, Nevada, and Colorado are managed by the Getaways Resorts Management. The primary roles of the management company include quality assurance for each member and guest experience, overseeing the points-based membership, and sale of the membership programs.

2. Is Sapphire Resorts Trustworthy?

On their member benefits page, promises its members a relaxed, friendly environment for vacationing and access to a wide range of vacation options at the cost of standard hotel accommodation. They note that their facilities are well-equipped and designed for their customers’ comfort.

However, the big question is whether they follow through on their promise.

Sapphire Resorts Timeshare reviews on PissedConsumer indicate that most customers are disappointed with the company’s customer service and policies. On PissedConsumer, the company has a 1.6-star rating. The top complaints are:

  • Poor customer service. Members say that it is difficult to get in touch with Sapphire Resorts customer service, and when they do, the representatives are mostly unhelpful.
  • Pushy, deceptive, and manipulative sales tactics by the company’s sales representatives. Some reviews indicate that some of the Sapphire Resorts sales representatives went to the extent of abusing prospective customers who refused to buy.
  • Difficulty making a reservation at Sapphire Resorts locations. Members complained that they contacted Sapphire customer service on several occasions to make a reservation, but they were told that the properties were fully booked, hence unavailable.
  • Difficulty canceling Sapphire Resorts membership. Some members reported that when they tried to cancel their membership, they were told that it was not possible, thus they had to continue making Sapphire Resorts payments as per their initial membership contract. 
  • Wrongful billing. On several Sapphire Resorts timeshare reviews, members complained that they were overcharged or wrongfully billed. Some customers complained that they were not informed of certain charges that came up in the course of their membership at the time of sales.

For instance, in one Sapphire Resorts review (#2357559), the customer complained about manipulative sales tactics, difficulty canceling their membership, and rude customer service representatives.

A consumer was told that he could use his membership in Austin at the time of purchase. However, when he called later to make a reservation for Texas, he was informed that it was outside the Sapphire Resorts jurisdiction and the next best option would be Austin. Since the customer’s leg was broken, it would be challenging to travel. Upon asking to cancel the membership, he was told he couldn’t and had to keep making monthly payments.

3. How to Contact Sapphire Resorts Customer Service?

According to their Contact Us page, you can reach the Sapphire Resorts customer service through various channels as follows:

Sapphire Resorts Phone Numbers

  • General: 844-472.7744
  • Club reservation inquiries: 844.4SAPPHIRE option 1
  • RCI Exchange Reservations Services: 844.4SAPPHIRE option 2
  • Club Member Administration and Dues Payment: 844.4SAPPHIRE option 3

Fax 702.541.9942

Sapphire Resorts email is

Or, you could fill out the contact form provided on the contact us page. You will be required to provide your name, email, phone number, and a message detailing your issue or query.

Sapphire Resorts Member login

Members can also login into their Sapphire Resorts account and reach out to the customer service from the member’s portal.

Social Media has pages on Facebook and Twitter. However, there has not been any activity in both accounts in the past year. Notably, the company warns on their Facebook page to delete “any profane, threatening, or falsified information” in the comments section.

Sapphire Resorts customer service contact

Sapphire Resorts reviews on PissedConsumer indicate that many customers have difficulty getting a representative on the phone. Some complained that when they called the Sapphire Resorts phone number, they were put on hold, or the representative hung up on them. In some instances, the representatives were rude and unhelpful.

Sapphire Resorts review about customer service

4. How to Sell Sapphire Resorts Timeshare?

Since most members cannot go through with Sapphire Resorts cancellation, they would like to know if there is a way to sell their timeshares. For example, in the Sapphire Resorts timeshare review #2414308, the customer wants to sell their timeshare. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, they did not get to use their membership, but they continue to accrue Sapphire Resorts payments.

Sapphire Resorts review rip off

Although the Sapphire Resorts member login portal does have a provision for selling your timeshares, there are plenty of online platforms you can sell, including eBay and Craigslist. You may also sell directly to friends, colleagues, and families. 

However, chances are that the timeshares will sell for way less than you bought them. They can sell for as low as one dollar on eBay, but you will have transferred the responsibility of the Sapphire Resorts payments to the new buyer. 

Note that it can be challenging to transfer your timeshares to your new buyer. Therefore, get in touch with Sapphire Resorts customer service to find out how to transfer your timeshares.

5. How to Cancel Sapphire Resorts Timeshare?

This is the most prevalent complaint and customer question on Sapphire Resort Timeshare reviews. Due to poor customer service and unfavorable terms and policies, many members would like to cancel their Sapphire membership. However, no Sapphire Resorts cancellation policy or procedure is provided on their website. Neither is there cancellation information provided on the Sapphire Resorts member login area.

Different state laws stipulate a recession period within which one can cancel their timeshare contract. The specific rescission period varies from state to state. It ranges from 72 hours up to 15 days. For instance, in Nevada and Colorado, customers have up to midnight of the 5th calendar day from the date of signing the timeshare contract to cancel. While in Alaska, the recession period is 15 days.

Unfortunately, most customers call the Sapphire Resorts phone number to cancel after the recession period has already lapsed. As such, they are told that it is not possible to stop recurring Sapphire Resorts payments.

While some opt to deactivate the credit or debit card linked to their Sapphire Resorts account, others are looking for a way to get out of the contract. Some members have reached out to their lawyers and the state attorney office for assistance with Sapphire Resorts cancellation.

You should also beware of timeshare exit scams. Some reviewers mentioned that they had reached out to companies that advertise themselves as being able to cancel a timeshare. These companies say they can assist the members, but the process is quite costly. 


Sapphire Resorts reviews on suggest that the company is unreliable. Sales representatives employ manipulative tactics to sell the program with various Sapphire Resorts locations, and the customer support is often unhelpful and, in some instances, rude. There is no cancellation policy, and selling your timeshare can be difficult.

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