High-quality leads are essential to a profitable business. It’s not enough to bring traffic to your website. Even basic lead generation through pay-per-click or generic marketing outreach strategies won’t necessarily get the job done. The trick is not just finding leads, but rather finding the right leads.

These high-quality leads are interested in what you have to say. They want to be convinced to sign up or buy now. They aren’t a blind target you’re trying to hit – they are real prospects. Real prospects who want what you have.

So how do you go about finding these quality leads? Sometimes it just takes finding the right source. There are millions of frustrated customers out there. Customers who are ready to find a solution to a problem with their current provider. Quality leads are people who want new options or fresh ideas. What better way to find new potential customers and generate quality leads than by taking those frustrated with the competition? A review website like PissedConsumer.com is one of many perfect opportunities for finding new, likely-interested customers.

Marketing and Sales Together

Lead nurturing starts from the first time a potential customer comes across your brand. Your best salesman can’t make up for shoddy or harmful marketing practices. Lead nurturing requires your marketing team and your sales team to work hand in hand. The sales team can’t land a sale if the marketing team isn’t promoting the right things to the right people.  Those two departments are playing for the same team. They should be in lockstep looking for the common goal.

Marketing gets the consumer’s attention. The sales team closes the deal. Thanks to online reviews and a tremendous amount of information online, often the customer comes with his mind made up based on marketing before even speaking to a sales person. Your best salespeople should be your marketers. Don’t wait for the lead to arrive before you show them why they should stay.

Identify Your Buyer Persona

Who are you selling to? Once you have a target audience in mind, you can create a full persona for your prospective buyer.

A buyer persona goes further than the general audience because it’s a mock-up of a single person. It’s a single male in his mid-forties who wants a more reliable piece of yard equipment. Or a married woman with multiple young children looking for a good night’s sleep. The more specific you are with your buyer persona, the more targeted you can be with your marketing.

Seek Out Your Target Audience

You know who you’re selling to, so where are you going to find him? If it’s a man frustrated by flimsy yard equipment, you might find him on a review website, leaving complaints about the competition. If you’re looking for the tired mother of two ready to just relax for a bit, check in social media groups for others who need support or perhaps the local wine aisle.

The frustrated man and the tired mother are in good company on a website like Pissedconsumer.com where there are thousands of others with the same complaint or goal. The PissedConsumer platform allows customers to leave reviews about their experiences, and to comment on the experiences of others. Despite millions of complaints and would-be customers looking for something better on PissedConsumer, it is easy to sort and segregate users according to the type of complaint. This allows the precise selection of a specific audience with a specific need, generating a highly targeted audience.

Don’t go looking everywhere for your target audience. Go directly to them, wherever they are. Then you can immediately generate leads you can use. The customer who reaches the point of leaving negative online reviews on a site like PissedConsumer is ready for a solution. So it’s the customer seeking advice from friends and experts. Why not use your marketing outreach to help guide them right to the solution you’re offering?

Seeking Your Target Audience

Mark Leads as Hot or Cold

Everyone in the B2B market knows that some leads are great and others are just a shot in the dark. A good lead is hot. Hot leads are likely to turn into high-quality sales. A random lead is cold. It might generate a sale, but the likelihood is far lower. When you get leads, are you treating them all the same way, knowing that some are better than others? That might not be the best strategy.

Set up criteria before you start a big push to generate leads. What leads are going to be hot? What makes a lead cold? Make your criteria and evaluate them as you get leads. Hot leads get immediate, special attention. Cold leads may not, especially if you have limited resources. This is how to use lead generation strategy effectively.

Don’t Forget Keywords

Keyword marketing is as old as online marketing with good reason. Keywords matter. If you’re looking for quality leads and quality sales, you’re going to find them with quality keywords. Do your research. Look at the big keywords and the longtail ones. Let the keywords help guide you to where your quality leads gather. Lead generation may be even easier than you think.

Establish Protocols to Scale Your Efforts

Streamline your efforts and make them easier to scale across models by establishing protocols for automation and format early on. Every page should have a clear call-to-action. Phrasing should be uniform across platforms. Colors and graphics should leave your pages uncluttered so that would-be customers can easily find where they need to go to “learn more” or “buy now.”

Your protocols might include establishing contact pages and how to automate some of your marketing efforts. Newsletters, regular emails, special offers, and more can be set-up according to a basic format, following your best-practice protocols, and then scaled across product lines, marketplaces, and platforms.

Take Advantage of a Review Website

A review website draws the consumers presumably looking for a better version of something that didn’t work well for them. What better place for lead generation? Review websites are loaded with customers waiting to be satisfied by a company that can give them what they want. All you need to do is find the right consumers on the site, offer them the solution they have been looking for, and you should have customers ready to buy what you’re selling with minimal effort.

After all, these customers want a service or item. They just didn’t like the one they bought first. It should be simple to offer these customers a better version of what they tried to buy the first time. This time with special attention to their needs and wishes. Be the solution to their problem. All you need to do is curate the millions of customers out there already looking. PissedConsumer can easily help you do that.

Have something special to sell? Have something far better than what your competition is offering? Here at PissedConsumer, we have access to hot leads who are actively seeking something new and improved. They want something better than they had.

PissedConsumer.com has more than 3 million consumers ready for a company that knows how to treat them well. They may very well be looking for the solutions your company is offering. You can reach the exact customers you are seeking through our marketing kit. We can curate a highly targeted audience for you to use, or reach out to that audience on your behalf through our newsletters, social media, and email marketing. Learn more about how we can help you generate and use quality leads.

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