Viagogo is a popular UK online ticket marketplace where people that have bought a ticket to a game or concert but are unable to attend it can sell this ticket to interested individuals. Although this appears to be a straightforward procedure, the increasing number of Viagogo complaints posted on Pissed Consumer indicates that consumers have concerns about the online ticket reseller. We have gathered Viagogo frequently asked questions and answered them right below.

10 Most Common Viagogo FAQs

The majority of Viagogo consumer questions had to do with procedures, including how to resell a ticket on Viagogo and ask for a refund while there are also worries about the legitimacy of e-tickets from Viagogo, among others.

A breakdown of Viagogo consumers’ top questions is provided in the following section.

1. How can I contact Viagogo?

According to the Viagogo Customer Help page, the best way to contact them about an order or sale is to:

  • Log in to your Viagogo account.
  • Click on “My Purchases” (or “My Sales” if you are a seller).
  • Choose the order you want to contact Viagogo about.
  • Click on the “Customer Support” tab.
  • Select the question that describes your issue the best.

Viagogo Contact Details

Then, one of the company advisors will get back to you at their earliest convenience. For other questions, they prompt the consumer to go through the Viagogo FAQs page and there is no other mention of alternative ways to communicate with them, which has caused significant frustration among consumers.

“On Sept. 29th, I purchased tickets for Christine and the Queens show […] Received an email on October 1st saying: "Your seller informed that he cannot fulfill. We are now looking for new tickets to replace your order." Today is 10/10/18 and I still haven't heard back regarding my replacement tickets...”

However, after some serious research, we have found out that consumers may contact Viagogo customer help via email ( too. You may also call the company - the Viagogo toll-free number is (866) 961-3071 for those living in the UK.

Do check out Pissed Consumer’s Viagogo customer service page, though, for additional Viagogo contact info for consumers, including telephone numbers for people living overseas, a website contact page, and the address of the headquarters.

2. How can I resell my tickets on

The Viagogo consumer help page clarifies the process that needs to be followed to sell spare tickets:

  • Visit the website and click on “Sell Tickets” option (top right-hand corner).
  • Choose the event you want to sell tickets for or ask them to add the event if you can’t find it on the list provided to you.
  • Type in the ticket details and all other information requested, including how you wish to be paid when your ticket is sold.
  • Confirm the listing.

Resell tickets on Viagogo

3. How can I get a refund for my tickets?

The Viagogo customer support page is unclear about this matter. They state that you will be probably refunded for your purchase if the event for which you bought a ticket is canceled but do not offer any information about how to claim a refund, implying that this is a rather internal process.

Viagogo canceled event

Indeed, in paragraph 1.3 of the company’s Terms & Conditions page, it clearly says that whether a consumer gets a refund or not is in Viagogo’s sole discretion.

Viagogo refunds

Also, an alarming number of Viagogo complaints report serious delays in refunding consumers:

“Indie Band Modest Mouse cancelled right before show time at the Decc arena in Duluth MN […] I called Viagogo on Sept 19th for process they follow on refunding, and was told they had no information on the cancellation, but once they did they would process my request. A month or so went by, so I called again Oct 26 to check the status. Got the same response…”

Nevertheless, it seems there is a guide from FanFair Alliance – an organization trusted by leading music promoters that was established to help people get a refund from online ticket touting that went south. According to them, consumers that wish for a refund should put pressure on the company. This can be achieved in several ways:

  • Contact Viagogo via email or the Viagogo phone number provided above to raise a complaint and ask for a full refund.
  • Contact @viagogo over social media asking the company to follow you so you can send Direct Messages to the company.
  • Contact your credit card company or bank letting them know of the problem. Go through the Consumer Rights Act and if you detect a breach in the way Viagogo has handled your case, you need to mention that to the bank.
  • Call your local Citizen Advice for help.

4. What can I do about unauthorized Viagogo charges?

We have received several complaints about unauthorized credit card charges. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of consumers dealing with this particular issue are still struggling to figure things out with Viagogo.

“Urgent: My company credit card has a fraudulent charge that was created on 9/25/2018 for the amount of $132.82 to your company DE USA...”

However, a partnership between FunFair Alliance and a campaigner called Claire Turnham (and founder of Victims of Viagogo Facebook group) has helped 100s of consumers to get their money back after being mis-sold tickets.

Viagogo refund help group

According to them, it is vital that you support your chargeback claim with evidence to show that you have already taken reasonable steps to find a solution to the problem yourself. Before that, inform Viagogo that you are filling a claim and initiating a chargeback process.


  • Use this link from the Financial Conduct Authority if your bank does not accept the claim for some reason.
  • Beware that your claim can be disputed by Viagogo within 45 days. In this case, let your bank do what is necessary (if your claim has been approved) and wait another 45 days for the process to complete.
  • If your chargeback is unsuccessful, you can request a further investigation from the Financial Ombudsman Service.

5. Can I sell tickets on

According to Viagogo customer support, any individual with a spare ticket can sell it via the platform.

Resell tickets on Viagogo

What is against the law, though, is to overcharge potential buyers: “I paid more than three times the ticket price at the door and no names were on the tickets. I spent $366 instead of $105.”

There is a UK Supreme Court ruling that describes such activities as a violation of the Terms & Conditions of the primary seller.

Viagogo ticket market

6. When will I get the tickets ordered from

Viagogo customer assistance is clear about this matter. You can expect to receive your ticket as soon as the event organizers release tickets. It can be weeks or a few days before the event. For e-tickets, you will be notified via email when they are downloadable and printable unless you have purchased “Instant Download” e-tickets, which should be available to download and print right after you buy them.

When will I get Viagogo tickets

7. How can I print my Viagogo tickets?

Based on information from the Viagogo customer support page, you may print your ticket either directly after you purchase it (if it is an Instant Download e-ticket) or as soon as it is ready to download. The company will send you an email with a link to use to download and print your ticket. Alternatively, you can head to the “Purchases” section and follow the instructions provided to download and then print your ticket.

how to print Viagogo tickets

8. How will deliver my tickets?

If you are traveling to the event, Viagogo will send your ticket to wherever you are. The details on the Viagogo consumer help page mention that you need to add your travel address and the departure date so the company sends the tickets to the right place.

How Viagogo delivers tickets

You may also pick up your tickets yourself if they are being made available for collection. The company will send you an email with the location to collect the ticket. For more instructions, you can visit the “View Pickup Instructions” link at the “Purchases” section.

9. What is the booking fee?

Again, the Viagogo customer care service department does not provide clear answers to that question. They mention that their fee covers the cost of providing customer service, guaranteeing tickets, and maintaining their online platform (for buyers) or the cost of marketing sellers’ tickets to potential buyers. 

Viagogo booking fees

No specific sums are disclosed, which has led to increased concerns expressed not only through the Pissed Consumer review pages but also other popular online news portals, like the BBC News and The Times.

Don't buy tickets from Viagogo

10. Are e-tickets from Viagogo safe/legit?

As with every service or product provided, there are mixed reviews. Some consumers are satisfied with their experience with while others are not. Viagogo is one of the biggest ticket marketplaces in the world and has been operating for quite a while. On the other hand, they have received a lot of criticism lately over the way they operate. So, caution should be exercised, especially when conducting business online.

Is Viagogo legit

If your question is not answered above, you could:

  • Leave a review on Pissed Consumer - Some consumers may have had the same problem resolved so sharing their experience and insight will be valuable.
  • Ask your question on the Viagogo Q&A section on Pissed Consumer.

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