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Viagogo is a popular UK online ticket marketplace where people that have bought a ticket to a game or concert but are unable to attend it can sell this ticket to interested individuals. They say that buying and reselling tickets on their platform is straightforward. But is it really so? 

We did research to find out if Viagogo is a legit site and whether there are issues and unfavorable policies you need to be aware of.

Viagogo Q&A

Number of Lyft reviews – 1.6K

Viagogo rating* – 1.3⭐

Claimed losses – $550K

Successful calls – 5%/7.5K

Resolved issues – 11

Below you will find how Viagogo reviews answer the main customer questions about procedures, including if it is legit, how to sell there, get a refund, cancel or change tickets, etc. 

  1. What is Viagogo?
  2. Is Viagogo legit?
  3. What are Viagogo pros and cons?
  4. How to contact customer service?
  5. How to get a refund?
  6. How to sell tickets on Viagogo?
  7. What is Viagogo booking tickets fee?
  8. When will I get tickets from Viagogo?
  9. How to cancel or change Viagogo tickets?
  10. How to bring Viagogo complaints?

1. What Is Viagogo?

When people start browsing the Internet to buy or sell tickets, they first ask ‘What is Viagogo?’ Viagogo is the biggest online secondary ticketing marketplace that facilitates the resale of tickets for events such as sports, games, concerts, theatre shows, and more. 

The top distinguishing factor of the platform is that it allows sellers to set their own prices for Viagogo tickets. Viagogo reviews indicate that this has generated controversy and criticism among buyers as some sellers list tickets at higher prices than face value. Buyers complain that this practice promotes ticket scalping making it difficult for buyers to purchase tickets at reasonable prices.

2. Is Viagogo Legit?

If you are using the platform for the first time, you may wonder, ‘Is Viagogo legit?’ As with every service or product provided, there are mixed reviews. Some consumers are satisfied with their experience with while others are not.

On, they have a 1.3 rating out of a possible 5. The majority of customers report dissatisfaction. Therefore, although Viagogo is one of the biggest ticket marketplaces in the world and has been operating for quite a while, caution should be exercised, especially when conducting business online. There are numerous Viagogo complaints regarding extra fees or tickets that have never been received. As one of the customers said on their Viagogo review #3382827: 

I spent 720 dollars on a pair of tickets … and never got them. Dont you take a chance. Go with someone legit.

3. What Are Viagogo Pros and Cons?

Viagogo reviews indicate various advantages and disadvantages of the marketplace. They include:


  • A vast inventory of tickets for different events.
  • Secure payment system.
  • International currencies and multilingual support.


  • Selling some tickets at higher prices than face value.
  • Poor Viagogo customer service.
  • Lack of transparency on Viagogo fees.

4. How to Contact Viagogo Customer Service?

There are various ways to contact Viagogo customer service. The first is the Help Center that answers the most frequently asked customer questions. It also provides an elaborate Viagogo complaints procedure on how to resolve common issues.

Viagogo offers phone support in different countries around the world. Phone support is available in 9 languages, including English, German, and Spanish. The website lists phone numbers for select countries in the U.S.A, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia Pacific. Phone line opening times vary for different regions.

 You can contact customer support via email However, the company strongly recommends that you log in to your Viagogo account to find your order details. For further assistance, click on the “Customer support” tab and select a question that best describes your issue for a customer support representative to get back to you. 

You may also call the company - the Viagogo number is 1-877-263-240 for the United States and 1-877-263-2410 for International calls. 

Although the Viagogo contact page clearly stipulates how customers can contact customer support, numerous reviews on PissedConsumer point to poor customer service. Some Viagogo reviews show that often customers do not get a response to their calls or get controversy information as it happened in review #4008823. A customer “called a total of nine times to inquire on the status of the refund” and

…Of the nine times Ive called eight times Ive gotten completely different information and four times I had what the customer service told me put in writing…

5. How to Get a Viagogo Refund?

Several Viagogo reviews indicate that customers have difficulty claiming a refund and getting refunded. We researched the Viagogo website to find out if there is a refund policy and what it stipulates.

The Viagogo Terms and Conditions page indicates various circumstances under which you may be eligible for a refund as follows:

  • If the original ticket seller does not provide you with the tickets listed for sale. In this case, Viagogo states that they will, at their own discretion, review a comparably priced ticket and either offer you a replacement ticket or a refund.
  • If you receive invalid tickets whereby you are refused entry to the event. Where possible, Viagogo will collect proof that the ticket is invalid. However, even if there is proof that the ticket was invalid, Viagogo reserves the right to refund the buyer.

Viagogo states categorically that if your tickets are returned to the USA or cannot be delivered, they will attempt to redeliver them but they do not offer a refund.

To be considered for a refund following the Viagogo guarantee, you should report any issues with your ticket within 14 days of receiving it. If you are denied entry to an event due to an invalid ticket, you must contact Viagogo within 48 hours of the incident. In some cases, you may be required to file a dispute form in order to claim a refund. If so, the forms must be returned to Viagogo within five working days after receiving them.

Viagogo guarantees

Still, on the Terms and Conditions page in paragraph 6.8, Viagogo states “All sales and bids are final. No refunds, cancellations or exchanges will be issued for date or time changes, partial performances, or lost tickets.

Evidently, Viagogo refund terms contradict each other. Even in cases where you may be eligible, Viagogo reserves the right to issue a refund.

6. How to Sell Tickets on Viagogo?

The consumer help page provides clear instructions on how to sell Viagogo tickets. 

How to sell tickets on Viagogo

The process for listing your tickets is quite straightforward. However, some customers complain that they can be overcharged and sellers that they can not get their money. One customer outlines in their review #4003805:

Got overcharged for the concert tickets by 300%. Plus my credit card showed a fraudulent activity 2 days after , so the credit card details got leaked after purchasing on the viagogo…

7. What Is Viagogo Booking Tickets Fee?

The Viagogo customer care service department does not provide clear answers to that question. They mention that their fee covers the cost of providing customer service, guaranteeing tickets, and maintaining their online platform (for buyers) or the cost of marketing sellers’ tickets to potential buyers. 

Viagogo's fee

Viagogo review #4623431 confirms that indeed some fees apply. The reviewer explains that they bought two tickets for a concert for a total of £140. Instead, they were charged £306, which means that the extra fee would be £166. They explain that although no specific amounts are specified, they do not expect that the fees would be that high. However, they have not heard from Viagogo customer support:

They charged me £166 Fees for 2 tickets at £70 each and will not answer my emails asking for an explanation and/ or a refund.

8. When Will I Get Tickets from Viagogo?

Viagogo customer assistance is clear about this matter. According to the “When Will I receive my tickets” FAQs page, you should receive your Viagogo tickets within a few weeks after purchasing them. Sometimes, the tickets can be sent to you a few days before the event.

For e-tickets, you will be notified via email when they are downloadable and printable. Check the “purchases” section for the download.

Remember that you cannot change your delivery address after your tickets have been shipped. So, double-check that the provided delivery address and phone number are correct. 

If you do not receive your tickets within a few weeks, follow up with Viagogo support.

9. How to Cancel or Change Viagogo Tickets?

Once you buy a Viagogo ticket, the purchase is considered final. Therefore, it is not possible to cancel or exchange it. However, if you cannot attend the event but there is still time before the event date, re-list the ticket to find a new buyer. There are no listing fees for selling a ticket that you bought on the Viagogo platform. 

If you are having difficulty relisting your ticket, call the Viagogo phone number for further assistance. However, your relisting request may be denied if the date of the event is too near.

Can I cancel my purchase on Viagogo

10. How to Bring Viagogo Complaints?

Viagogo states that they value their customers and aim to provide an efficient process for handling complaints. 

They recommend contacting Viagogo support via the help center or by filling out the online Contact Us form if you have a complaint. You may also write to the Viagogo email address or call their phone number.

You will be asked to provide details about the issue, which helps to direct your inquiry to the right person. 

Once your complaint ticket has been submitted, it will be reviewed within 24 hours by a customer support representative who will call you back with an update. Should they need to, the customer representative will ask you to provide additional information. Viagogo will conduct further investigation and determine an outcome within 20 working days. In case you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you can take your complaint further by writing to

Viagogo is one of the largest online ticket resale platforms. At any one time, there are thousands of event tickets for sale. Though buying or selling the tickets is straightforward, you need to be aware of some common issues that customers encounter when dealing with Viagogo and some unfavorable policies regarding cancellation and exchange policy. 

Also, customers often have difficulty claiming and getting refunds, as Viagogo indicates that refunds are at their own discretion.

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