Smartfares customers have been asking questions about this travel solutions company on, blogs, and forums. Top Smartfares reviews and questions are in regards to Smartfares phone numbers and contact information, how to book on Smartfares, Smartfares cancellation policy, Smartfares ownership, and Smartfares flight confirmation among others.

We looked through the Smartfares reviews and Q&A pages on PissedConsumer, company website and popular forums and identified the following top Smartfares FAQ.

  1. How do I contact the customer service?
  2. How good is Smartfares?
  3. Why is it so cheap?
  4. How can I book with Smartfares?
  5. Who owns
  6. How can I print tickets?

1. How Do I Contact Smartfares Customer Service?

PissedConsumer provides various Smartfares contact information including Smartfares phone numbers, email address, chat link, headquarters address and links to the various social media pages:

  • Facebook,
  • Pinterest,
  • Google+,
  • Instagram,
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

According to both PissedConsumer and the Smartfares website, the Smartfares customer service is available 24/7 throughout the year even on public holidays and weekends.

Smartfares Toll-Free Phone Number:

  • (877) 245-3755

Smartfares 24/7 Assistance:

  • (877) 250-6329

Smartfares Call Center:

  • (858) 256-7201 International
  • (877) 245-3755 
  • (858) 223-1141

Smartfares Email:

Headquarters Address:

4545 Murphy Canyon Road

San Diego, California 92123

United States

You could also reach the Smartfares customer help through the contact form provided on the Smartfares’ contact us page where you will be asked to:

  • provide your first and second names, email address
  • select a category for your query
  • submit your contact form.

Smartfares contact form

2. How Good is Smartfares.Com?

According to the Smartfares about page, the company specializes in offering customers travel reservation solutions. Smartfares aims to offer its customers a wide range of cheaply priced travel tickets. It was founded in 2006 and its headquarters are San Diego, California, USA.

Is Smartfares legit

According to the company rating based on Smartfares reviews on PissedConsumer as of the date of writing this article, has an overall 1.3-star rating.  The one aspect of the company that customers like is low prices.

On the other hand, the top-rated criteria according to Smartfares complaints include exchange, refund and cancellation policy, customer service, and staff that were given 1 star out of 5. Smartfares cons are fake confirmation email and attractive but false fares.

Some customers have outrightly referred to Smartfares as scam or fraud. Below is an example of such a Smartfares customer review (#1403403):

Smartfares - BEWARE!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!

 I booked a flight to Melbourne only to find all the information on the ticket was wrong! Had the wrong airport, wrong time, wrong flight number!!....

… Customer service was terrible and wouldn't take responsibility for the incorrect information and said it was the airlines fault for the error....

… avoid this website at all costs! This is without a doubt a scam website that just wants to take your money, just go to the airline website directly and google your flight number before you fly.”

3. Why Is So Cheap?

 According to the Smartfares About Us page, the company leverages on multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS) to identify a wide selection of cheap flights.  The multiple GDS gives them access to unpublished rates that are lower than what is normally accessible to customers.

This system also allows Smartfares to explore unique destination and pricing combinations to give customers the best rates. In addition, Smartfares promo codes and discount codes give customers even cheaper rates.

why is smartfares so cheap

4. How Can I Book with Smartfares?

Based on Smartfares FAQ, to book with you need to visit the company’s homepage. You will be presented with a search bar with different categories of options to choose from:

  • whether you are booking a one-way ticket, a return ticket or a multi-city ticket;
  • if you want to travel in economy, business, or first-class;
  • how many passengers you are booking for.

You will also be required to provide:

  • your departure location and your destination
  • your departure date as well as the return date if you are booking for a return ticket. Once you have made the necessary choices, click on the search button.

how do I book with smartfares

On the next page, you will be presented with at least 3 options of the cheapest flights for your chosen dates and route. Compare the options presented and identify the most suitable one for you. Click on the view deal button for the option you settle for.

smartfares booking

Smartfares presents the following steps to finalize your booking:

How to book?  Follow these steps:

  1. Click on both flights to be able to open all booking windows
  2. Make sure all flights and fares are still available
  3. Enter credit card information and complete all bookings quickly, one after the other.”

Once you have completed your booking, Smartfares will issue you a 6-digit reservation code via email. You can use this code to confirm your flight booking on the My Reservations page.

5. Who Owns

According to the LBF Travel about us page, LBF Travel owns and manages several travel services brands including Smartfares among other travel companies. LBF travel is a global travel company that assists leisure and business travellers to research, plan, and book the best travel options.

LBF Travel owns and manages consumer brands including SmartFares, Travelation, HotelWiz and JetUpFront.”

Who owns smartfares

6. How Can I Print Tickets from

According to Smartfares, you should be able to find all your relevant travel related information in the My Reservation page. On the page, you will be required to provide your reservations code and email address to be able to access your flight-related information.

However, Smartfares points out that while flight confirmation details should reflect on the reservation page, sometimes the airlines update this information last minute. Therefore, it is advisable to get in touch with the airline 24hours prior to your departure to reconfirm your flight information.

How do I print tickets from smartfares

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