Customers have many questions about Explore Talent. Most of them are related to the company's customer service, if the company is a scam if the company actually works, how much memberships cost, how to delete accounts and how to get a refund from the company. We searched through Explore Talent reviews on PissedConsumer and the company's website and to find solutions for the most common Explore Talent complaints, which we have listed below.

  1. How Do I Contact Customer Service?
  2. Is Explore Talent A Scam?
  3. How Much Does It Cost?
  4. How Do I Delete my Account?
  5. Does It Really Work?
  6. How Do I Get A Refund from ExploreTalent?

Reading through Explore Talent reviews and complaints should give consumers a general idea of what to expect when placing an order with the company. If you have a question for Explore Talent that has not been answered, you can ask it on the Explore Talent Questions & Answers section on PissedConsumer's website or reach out to Explore Talent customer service representatives. Maybe someone will have an answer.

1. How Do I Contact ExploreTalent's Customer Service?

According to, the company can be reached by phone, through email or the contact form on the company's website. Customers can call Explore Talent's phone number, which is 1 (702) 553-2700 Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard time.

The company's mailing address is:

Explore Talent

3395 S. Jones Blvd #15

Las Vegas, NV 89146

Encountering trouble while attempting to reach the company's customer service is a common Explore Talent complaint, according to PissedConsumer 15 reviews. Several PissedConsumer users have had negative experiences when they have tried to talk to someone at the company about issues that they felt were important.

According to one Explore Talent review (#961432), it was difficult to contact customer care team after they canceled their free trial and were then charged $300. The customer said that after some wrangling with the company, they finally received a refund. The customer also explained that he or she was taking legal action because of Explore Talent's unprofessional behavior regarding how they handled the matter.

"… I have communicated with them 11 times explicitly telling them to cease calling, texting, and emailing me, they have not ceased to bother me daily with fake auditions or supposed commercial opportunities …"

2. Is Explore Talent a Scam?

Explore claims that the company is not a scam, and boasts of having over 10 million members with over 20,000 auditions and job openings, which they claim is five times more than any other talent website. Explore Talent also claims that the thousands of positive testimonies from satisfied customers prove the company is legitimate.

" is by far the world's largest talent resource website and their services are unbeatable. With a big name like Explore Talent, we cant afford to be a scam nor would we want to..."

According to one Explore Talent review on PissedConsumer, the company is not on the up and up. The customer said that he or she tried the service for a few months and decided to cancel his or her membership after not getting any leads.

After calling Explore Talent customer support and canceling the account, the customer began getting "amazing" emails for casting calls only to be ignored when he or she replied to their emails.

" … Now that I am not paying they are calling me every day with amazing casting calls. I can not believe this company practices this type of business and scams so many people. THEY ARE paying for something they are not getting. Everything is FAKE."

Is Explore Talent legit

3. How Much Does ExploreTalent.Com Cost?

There are several packages customers can choose when selecting a package. According to Explore Talent's terms and agreement policy, customers can pay $49.95 per month to use the company's services. However, the company also offers discounted prepaid pro packages as follows:

  • $39.73 per month
  • $99.73 per 3 months
  • $188.73 per 6 months
  • $288.73 per 12 months
  • $475.00 per 24 months (not available in California)
  • $575.00 per 36 months (not available in California)

Featured Talent package rates are listed below:

  • US$19.95 per month
  • US$49.95 per 3 months
  • US$79.95 per 6 months
  • $129.95 per 12 months

Customers should be aware that prepaid packages are recurring charges and are nonrefundable. Explore Talent claims that requests for refunds will be reviewed on a case by case basis by Explore Talent's customer help department with the possibility of only a pro-rated refund for unused months.

How much does Explore Talent cost

We could not find any Explore Talent FAQ to answer any questions regarding the differences between the types of packages the company offered. Customers are advised to call Explore Talent's phone number at 1(702)553-2700 (Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard time) to get any specifics.

4. How Do I Delete my Account?

According to ExploreTalent FAQ, customers can cancel their accounts online by clicking the contact us or Cancel Account button on the website and complete the form by choosing "cancel membership" from the pull-down menu.

Customers can also call Explore Talent's phone number, 1(702) 553-2700 during the hours of 10am and 6pm Pacific Time, Monday - Friday. Customers are advised to always speak directly to an Explore Talent customer service representative rather than to leave a message.

Explore Talent customer service contact form

Speaking with a real person has proved to be a real challenge for some customers. According to one Explore Talent complaint, it is difficult to cancel an account because the Explore Talent customer help department does not answer the phone. This customer also claimed that while he or she tried to cancel an account online, an error page always occurred, making it impossible for them to cancel the account online. Left with calling as an only option, the customer was frustrated because no one would ever pick up the phone.

" … You have to call or submit a request to "Cancel" your subscription, representatives do not answer their phones, and you have to wait a very long time, if anyone will pick up AT ALL …"

5. Does Explore Talent Really Work?

Explore Talent claims that it does work to help actors and models find jobs. To prove this, the company has posted thousands of testimonials to its website. The company encourages people to explore its website and read testimonials from satisfied customers.

"... They are not promising to get you hired for any project. Instead, they are going to help you speed up the process of finding auditions, casting calls and jobs through their massive database and match-cast technology, which will pair you up with the ones that match your preferences as a talent..."

However, one Explore Talent review (#1291473) on PissedConsumer indicates that the company does not deliver on its promises. After paying monthly fees for two years and never getting any leads, the customer tried to cancel his account by calling the Explore Talent phone number and through sending emails, only to find that it seemed no one would get back to him.

" … I've submitted my profile for movie roles, but haven't received any … If you pay for a service you should get what you pay for. Sadly, with Explore Talent, all I get from these people is nothing. I sent emails for cancelation. Nobody has written back…"

6. How Do I Get A Refund from Explore Talent?

In Explore Talent's agreement terms, the company states that if customers paid a fee and did not receive the services promised, they can write or email Explore Talent customer service to request a refund, and the company will return the amount paid within 7 days of the request.

How to get a refund from Explore Talent

This seemingly easy process was not what one customer experienced. According to one complaint left on PissedConsumer, a customer who had been promised a part in a commercial had to pay for a six-month package in advance in order for the director of the commercial to see the customer's profile.

The customer was then told the director would make contact within three weeks. After three weeks and no word from the director, the customer decided to cancel the account. The customer claimed that Explore Talent said they were keeping half of their money and refund the rest within seven days.

"... I waited 3 weeks. I was supposed to be contacted about the shoot at the end of the 3rd week. I didn't hear anything & was experiencing financial hardship so I called for a refund … it's been over a month & my refund remains to be seen. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM"

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