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Some customers are frustrated about their buying experience with CathyBuy clothing and are looking for CathyBuy customer help. Consumers’ top questions are about returning items they are unhappy with and how to contact CathyBuy customer service. We have collected the CathyBuy frequently asked questions from our CathyBuy question page to provide customers with the information they have been trying to find.

Customers like to have confidence when they spend their money. They also like to know that the retailer is accessible to them when they have questions or concerns about their purchase. We went looking for answers to some of these CathyBuy frequently asked questions on the company’s website.

Top 6 Consumer Questions about CathyBuy

Have you been looking for answers to your CathyBuy frequently asked questions? You can find quite a bit when you take the time to dig through the company’s website, and we’ve done that on behalf of our customers. Look below to find answers to consumers’ questions.

1. How can I contact CathyBuy customer support?

Most reviewers who leave questions about are looking for the store’s customer support. The CathyBuy customer assistance information is spotty on the CathyBuy website and we have compiled what information there is on our CathyBuy customer service page.

The clearest option to contact CathyBuy customer help is to fill out the form provided on the Contact Us page of the company’s website. This is obviously the preferred method of choice by the company as there is no other contact information listed on the Contact Us page.

Cathybuy Contact Form

This form does give you options on the subject of the message and then a space to write a more detailed bit of information.

A second potential means of contacting the company is through a letter. The company does list their address on the About Us page of their website, but makes a note that it is “not return address.” The location of the company is listed as Hong Kong which may account for the lack of a CathyBuy customer service phone number.

Cathybuy mailing address

In the Returns and Exchanges section of the website, there is an email listed for information about returns. It stands to reason that you might also email to reach the CathyBuy customer help team for other issues.

Cathybuy email address

2. What is the return policy?

Many CathyBuy reviews request information about the company’s options for returns. The CathyBuy return policy is detailed on the Return and Exchange page of the company’s website.

Cathybuy return policy

According to FAQ, the CathyBuy return policy requires customers to return a new, unused product in the original packaging within 30 days. The return policy also requests that customers contact the customer service department via email at to notify the company of the impending return.

Once accepted the company will issue a refund and send you a confirmation email.

The website also states that most returns are processed within 5 business days (after your package is received). Finally, the CathyBuy return policy states that the company does not accept exchanges or returns once “specials” are sold.

The return policy also lists specific items that cannot be returned.

Items are not eligible for Cathybuy return

These items include specials and swimwear, although swimwear may be returned if it is damaged. Be aware you must send an image of the damage to the company via email in order to qualify for a refund for those items.

3. Where is located?

According to the About Us page on the CathyBuy website, the company is located in Hong Kong.

This distance may account for additional processing and delivery time for new purchases and returns. There are many complaints against CathyBuy about how long the shipping can take on these items. One satisfied customer left a CathyBuy review about the distance and how it affects shipping.

In review #1472108 she explained, “....why u people dont realize you are ordering from China and ita going to take over a month to recieve ur items!!! Mine came today and they are beautiful!!” She continued with, “i ordered the right size i checked the specs first!!! It took 5 weeks but i knew that!!! So all of u that complain should do a little research be4 u order.”

As addressed in her review, the location of the company may also be affecting sizing and labeling. Another frustrated customer discovered this the hard way. In her CathyBuy review, #1474041, the customer explained “...I ordered all 3 items in a 2XL, I think they forgot the XL with the sizes, cause it looks like a size 2!! but they added the tags to say 2XL....”

The CathyBuy customer review went on stating, “...OMG, THE QUALITY IS AWFUL. I purge my clothes often, and I had just started a bag to the Goodwill and these 2 items are going in that bag...”

4. How can I track my CathyBuy order?

If you are looking to track your order from, you can do so through the tracking page on There is a tracking page that requires the confirmation number from your purchase.

Cathybuy order tracking

Enter your email or your order number and you can track your order through

Despite how simple the CathyBuy website makes this appear, there are customers frustrated by the tracking aspect of the website. In their CathyBuy reviews, customers are having a hard time finding information.

One reviewer explained the frustration of trying to track shipping in review #1471647, “Where is my order from 1-30-2109 & 1-31-2019? I can't even track it with my 2 order numbers. Am I getting ripped off?”

5. Can I get a refund from CathyBuy?

According to the Returns and Exchanges policy, it is possible to get a refund for items that are returned. 

In order to qualify for a refund, you will need to mail the item you are returning to the company within 30 days of delivery. The product must be new and undamaged and in its original packaging. In order to qualify for a refund, you must also submit a change request to the CathyBuy customer service team via email at

If you are approved for a refund, your refund will be processed within five business days of the company receiving your returned item. This may take longer than you’d like as you will be returning the item to the company’s shipping location in Hong Kong. Once the item has been accepted and processed you will receive a confirmation email of your refund according to the company’s written policy.

Cathybuy refund policy

Your refund will be delivered back to your credit card or original method of payment within 7-15 business days according to the company’s policy. The website acknowledges that “it may take some time before your refund is officially posted.

The company encourages customers to check with their bank or their credit card company if the refund seems delayed and then contact the customer service department via email at

6. When will CathyBuy deliver my order?

A common question has to do with delivery times. Many customers get concerned about their purchases when they don’t arrive relatively soon after ordering. A recent customer (Review #1477079) experienced this frustration with long delivery dates.

After receiving a confirmation email the customer complained: “…when I clicked on the link they said they couldn't find that tracking number…” The customer continued, “…This company is a sham! 3 weeks and I still have not gotten my purchased products.”

This frustration is shared with many other reviewers and likely stems from the sheer distance that the purchased items must travel in order to be delivered. The company is actually located in Hong Kong according to the About Us section of the website.

Cathybuy corporatre address

The Cathybuy FAQ page explains that the clothing is designed and made in China as well, which means a customer’s purchase must be assembled and then shipped internationally. This explains the delayed shipping that some customers experience.

Where does Cathybuy deliver items from

To help with delays, offers a tracking page on their website where customers can see whether their purchase is in the shipping process.

Still looking for CathyBuy customer help? You still have options on how to find more answers to your questions.

  • Visit the CathyBuy customer service page in order to find the CathyBuy customer service number and other contact information.
  • Read CathyBuy reviews on our site in order to find others with similar experiences who might have insight into your own questions.
  • Leave a review about your CathyBuy experience in order to start a conversation with the CathyBuy customer assistance.

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