If you do not have a credit history or you have a low credit score and you are looking for a credit card provider, First Progress offers secured credit cards. Due to the no minimum credit score and no credit history requirement, First Progress attracts many customers. However, the big question is whether the company is legit.

First Progress Q and A

Number of First Progress reviews – 678

First Progress Rating* – 1.6⭐⭐

Claimed Losses –  $59.3K

Successful Calls – 33%/3.9K

First Progress Resolved Issues –  5

To help you make an informed purchasing decision, we looked through the First Progress reviews on PissedConsumer and other review platforms to find out whether it is a legitimate company. We also identified the top First Progress consumer questions and sought their answers from their website and other reputable platforms.

1. How to Contact First Progress Customer Service?

On their contact us page, customers are advised to visit the First Progress customer center where they are required to log in to access customer service. New customers looking to apply for a MasterCard are advised to do so online via the First Progress application form. Furthermore, FirstProgress.com provides a mailing address that you can use to write to them.

First Progress Card
P.O. Box 9053
Johnson City, TN 37615-9053

PissedConsumer provides the First Progress phone number, which you can call directly on your phone or via the PissedConsumer website. So far, there have been 3,600 First Progress calls made via PissedConsumer.com with a successful connection rate of 36%. Note that there is no indication of the First Progress customer service hours on the company’s website.

Thus, one of the top First Progress complaints is in regards to poor customer service. Several reviews on PissedConsumer.com indicate that some customers had difficulty getting through to the First Progress customer service representatives. In the instances that the customer was able to get through on the phone, some complained that they were cut off, while others were taken around without being offered a solution to their issue.

For example, in the First Progress review #2111599, the customer complained that they called the company to seek a refund. However, the line was cut off while on hold waiting to speak to someone.

first progress customer review

2. Is First Progress Legitimate?

According to their website, First Progress is a full-featured credit card company started with the aim of giving people with a low credit score or no credit history access to credit card services, and an opportunity to build their credit score. Instead of looking at your credit score, the company requires you to make a refundable deposit that works as security for your credit card. However, FirstProgress.com reports your credit card usage and payment activity to the national credit bureaus monthly.

First Progressreports cards

First Progress offers three credit card options each with a specified APR and annual fees as follows:


Annual Fee


Platinum Prestige MasterCard



Platinum Select MasterCard



Platinum Elite MasterCard



For all cards, you are required to make a minimum deposit of $200. According to the First Progress FAQs, if you qualify for one card then you are eligible for the other two. New applications take up to 3 weeks to be approved. The First Progress cards are available across the United States except in Arkansas, Iowa, NewYork, and Wisconsin.

first progress deposit terms

We looked at First Progress reviews and ratings across various review platforms to answer the question “Is First Progress Legit?” On PissedConsumer the rating is 1.6 stars, whereas WalletHub gives it 3.5 stars, and TrustPilot rated it with 3.7 stars.

As seen from customers’ reviews, the top First Progress complaints are in regards to:

Poor customer service.

Several customers reported that they had difficulty getting through to a representative on the First Progress phone numbers.

Application processing delays.

This is the most common First Progress credit card complaint. Several reviewers reported that although they had already completed their application and had paid the required deposit amount, they had not heard from the company. After several weeks, their First Progress application status is not completed. In other instances, the reviewers complained about not receiving their cards even after approval, yet others were not provided with account information.

For instance, in First Progress review #1914953, the customer complained that over 3 weeks had a lapsed since they had applied for the First Progress card and made a deposit yet the application was still under review. The customer also expressed their frustration in not being able to contact the First Progress customer service.

I applied on April 14, 2020 and as of today May 8, 2020 my application is still in review status. I also paid my $200 deposit the same day.

I don't understand why this process is being prolonged…

Cancellation and refunds complaints.

Several customers who had canceled their cards were yet to receive a refund on their deposit.

Unexplained billing.

There are instances where money was taken out of the customer’s account nevertheless the customer had not made a transaction using their card.

Difficulty making a payment.

While there are over 300 complaints on PissedConsumer, there are a few 5-star First Progress reviews too. Satisfied customers reported being happy with the assistance they got from the customer service representatives, quick approval for the credit card, and the opportunity to access credit and rebuild credit score despite having no credit history or a low credit score.

For instance, in the First Progress credit card review #2087124, the customer gave this company 5 stars and praised one of their customer service representative for offering clear information on how to make payment.

…I was very worried that I was gonna get a late charge. The representative was very clear and informative on the many ways that my bill can be paid. She took my payment, advised me that it would be noted as paid and advise me on when it would be available to me…

3. How to Cancel Your First Progress Credit Card?

As evidenced by the First Progress reviews on PissedConsumer and other review platforms, several customers would like to know how to cancel their First Progress card for a refund. For instance, in the First Progress credit card review #2117402 the customer indicated that they would like to cancel their card and have the deposit amount refunded into their account.

The First Progress cancellation policy is implied in the company’s deposit agreement as well as in the FAQs. According to the First Progress cancellation policy, the company can change or terminate its agreement with the customer at any given point by providing reasonable notice in writing or in accordance with the law.

First Progress deposit agreement

According to the First Progress FAQs,  upon cancellation, the company will credit your account with the full security deposit. In the case that you have an outstanding credit balance, a check refund of the balance will be sent to your mailing address within 10 weeks.

Alternatively, you can request for your credit balance refund check to be expedited through a mail sent via the First Progress mailing address.  Once your expedited First Progress cancellation request has been approved, the check will be sent within 7 days.

First Progress closing

First Progress credit card complaints indicate that several customers opted out of the service due to delays in application approval or no communication from the company. The issue for most customers is that refund takes longer than expected. Some customers reported that they experienced difficulty getting through to the First Progress customer service to resolve the issue.

In a response to one First Progress review #1914953 on PissedConsumer, one reviewer came to the company’s defense stating that they eventually refund the deposit, though their customer service is terrible.

4. How to Pay First Progress Card?

A search online for “How to Pay First Progress Card” will bring up several third-party options for making your First Progress payment including online platforms such as prismmoney.com and doxo.com among others. However, on their Home page, the company recommends that you make your monthly First Progress payments via a bank account to avoid incurring extra charges when using third-party payment vendors.

There are some First Progress complaints in regards to having difficulty making payment. This is a cause of concern for many customers as it might result in additional fees or negatively impact their chances for First Progress credit increase as well as negatively impacting their credit history.

For instance, in the First Progress review #2120180, the customer complained they were unable to make the payment on the website which resulted in a late fee. Besides, they expressed their frustration in not being able to get through the First Progress phone number to seek assistance.

5. How to Increase the First Progress Credit Card Limit?

You credit limit is the maximum permitted outstanding balance in your account including the principal amount, the accrued interest, and fees (whether billed or unbilled). The initial credit limit for all First Progress secured credit cards is equal to the required $200 deposit amount.

For all the three First Progress MasterCard, you have to mail your request for a credit limit increment. It can be done through the First Progress mailing address. For card holders below 21 years, a cosigner must co-sign the agreement indicating that they agree to the increment and take responsibility for the First Progress payment.

In some instances, your First Progress credit increase may be made without you being required to make an additional deposit amount to your account. The maximum credit limit for all cards is $5000.

The terms for First Progress credit increase are provided on each card’s important disclosure page. For the Platinum Prestige MasterCard, you can choose to deposit at least $350 up to $2000. For the First Progress Platinum Elite and the Platinum Select MasterCard, the increased deposit amount should be at least $300 up to $2000.

First Progress Credit Limit

Getting a credit card provider who is willing to offer you credit card services without credit history or a minimum credit score is a great opportunity. FirstProgress.com offers you an opportunity to grow your credit line and access to credit card services. However, while there are some 5-star First Progress credit card reviews, the numerous complaints in regards to poor customer service, refunds, and cancellations as well as delays in application processing cannot be ignored.

If you have had an experience with First Progress, feel free to leave a review on PissedConsumer.

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You can also seek specific answers to your questions through the First Progress Q&A page on our platform.

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