For individuals looking for a non-traditional banking option, Green Dot may be a great option. The company provides a range of debit and credit cards that can be used to shop online, send and receive money, and pay bills while earning unlimited cash back on eligible purchases. However, is Green Dot safe?

We did thorough research on Green Dot Corporation to help you determine whether it is a reliable company. Below, are detailed answers on the top Green Dot Bank consumer questions as derived from the company’s website, various review sites, and other reputable websites.

Green Dot Q&A

Number of Green Dot reviews – 1.8k

Rating*- 1.3⭐

Claimed losses - $780k

Successful calls – 9%/4.6k

1.      Is Green Dot Safe?

What is Green Dot, what services do they offer and is legit? These are some of the questions this part of the article will answer.

The Green Dot Corporation is a bank holding company that offers account services as well as settlement and processing services. Their service portfolio includes prepaid debit cards, credit cards, direct deposit funds, consumer cash disbursement, tax refund processing, and wage disbursements.

According to their About Us page, Green Dot Corp aims at providing its customers with convenient, reliable, affordable, and hassle-free banking solutions. We looked at Green Dot Corporation reviews across various platforms to verify if indeed the company is reliable.

On PissedConsumer the rating is 1.3 with the majority of the reviews being 1 star. has rated it with 1 star, however, the company has come forward to address and resolve most of the customer’s complaints on this platform. On WalletHub, it has a 3.3-star rating, and on the GlassDoor, the company is rated with 3.8 stars.

The numerous negative Green Dot bank reviews indicate that many customers are displeased with the company’s products and services. The top Green Dot complaints include:

Poor customer service

Numerous Green Dot customer service complaints indicate that customers have difficulty getting through to a customer service representative. In the cases that the customers succeeded, most do not receive the assistance they were seeking.

Failure to deliver cards

Several Green Dot card reviews indicate that customers did not receive their bank cards although the company said that they had sent it.

Unexplained card blocks or holds

Many customers on PissedConsumer complained that their cards were blocked with no explanation. For instance, in the Green Card review (#1187495), the customer reported that their card was blocked and they provided their personal information seeking assistance to have their card unblocked.

My card blocked and i tryed to activited and it want let me said i have to send a picture ID to get my card unblocked so please call me…

Balance errors

One PissedConsumer reviewer (#1896925) indicated that they couldn’t withdraw money at the ATM because it showed that they had reached their limit yet they had not made any withdrawals.

I have been trying to withdraw money from an Atm but it keeps telling me Ive reached my limit even though I havent withdrew any funds

Unexplained loss of money from customer accounts

Some customers (i.e. review #1896381) have complained about having money in their account and then the next time they check they is no money.

Holding stimulus money

Many Green Dot reviews indicate that while IRS confirmed that they had sent the money to the customer’s Green Dot account, in some cases the money was put on hold or it did not reflect on the customer’s Green Dot card. For instance, in the Green Dot review (#1898328) below, the customer received confirmation that they stimulus direct deposit had already been sent to card but they had not received it yet.

 ...I have sent 2 emails no response I'm not the only one who has this issue. The IRS website shows that my stimulis check was deposited in my account yesterday yet I have not received anything I need the money…

The New York Police Department (NYPD) issued an alert on Green Dot scam.  According to the NYPD, there were several reported cases of phone scams involving the Green Dot MoneyPak cards.

Usually, the victim receives a call from someone who claims to be from a utility company or the IRS. The caller informs the victim that they have a debt which they need to settle urgently else the company will cut off the utility or in the case of IRS, the victim will be arrested. The caller says that the payments need to be made via the Green Dot Moneypak cards.

Oblivious of any foul play, the victim buys the Green Dot Money Pak cards as instructed and calls the caller back. The caller asks for the card’s serial number and unbeknownst to victim, the scammer now has access to their card and they can withdraw money from it.

NYPD Green Dot Moneypack alert

To be safe from the Green Dot scam, NYPD recommends that you:

  • Remain wary of people who call demanding that you make immediate payments.
  • Don’t give out your credit or debit card numbers or their personal information to unsolicited callers.
  • Do not give your Green Dot Moneypak serial number to anyone.

Furthermore, Green Dot Corporation advises customers who suspect or have fallen victim to fraud to submit a fraud report and also report to local the police.

It is also worth mentioning that as at the date of writing this article, BBB has an alert on Green Dot. According to the alert, a Green Dot customer and the Minnesota Department of Commerce charged Green Dot Corporation with providing the customer with inaccurate information.

Allegedly, Green Dot told the customer that they had his income tax refund on hold to be returned to the IRS due to the IRS fraud block. However, Green Dot was holding the money due to their internal fraud-prevention block.

Consequently, Green Dot Corporation was ordered to provide the Minnesota Department of Commerce with documentation showing that the corporation provided training to their staff on the difference between IRS blocks and internal fraud prevention block. The company was also ordered to pay $2500 civil penalty to the State of Minnesota.

2.      How Do I Contact Green Dot Bank?

One of the top Green Dot FAQs on PissedConsumer is “How can I get in touch with a Green Dot customer service representative?” According to the Green Dot bank reviews, customers complained that although the Green Dot customer service number went through, they only got automated messages and could not get through to speak to a real person.

Contrary to the many customers’ experience, the company, on their customer support page, promises their customers quick, easy and helpful customer device. The same page also provides the following Green Dot contacts:

Green Dot bank phone number: (866) 795 – 7597

Green Dot postal address:

Green Dot Corporation
P.O BOX 5100
Pasadena, CA 91117

Customers are also advised to follow the company on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

PissedConsumer provides additional Green Dot phone numbers and corporate address as follows:

Green Dot customer service: (800) 473-3636

Corporate office address:

Green Dot Corporation
3465 E Foothill Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107

3.      Where Can I Buy a Green Dot Card?

According to the Green Dot FAQs help centre, you can either get your bank card online or at a store near you.

By clicking the “Open an account” button on the company home page, you’ll get on the enrollment page where you fill out your first and last name, address, phone number, email address, social security number date, and date of birth. You will also be required to consent to the company’s privacy policy, Electronic Communications Agreement, and Deposit Account agreement. Once you have signed up, your Green Dot card will be sent to your address in 5-7 business days. To start using it, deposit some money.

Alternatively, you can get any of the cards by searching the nearest Green Dot bank location. Additionally, you can choose from over a thousand partnering retailers nationwide including Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and 7-Eleven among others. To find a Green Dot location near you, go to the company’s help center page to the point shown below. You will be required to provide your location and the Green Dots locations nearest to you will be listed.

Green Dot account

One of the top Green Dots cards reviews are in regards to activation, card blocks and failure to deliver card.  As such, customers want to know about the Green Dot bank address and phone number they can use to contact the company so as to resolve these issues. The Green Dot bank address and phone number are provided in question 2 above.

4.      How to Cancel Green Dot Card?

Green Dot bank reviews indicate that some customers have had difficulty cancelling their card. The top Green Dot cancellation complaint is that customers are not able to get through to a real person when they call the Green Dot customer support to cancel.

In addition, the top Green Dot FAQs are on how to cancel, whether there are any fees, and whether customers get a Green Dot cash back if they have not exhausted their card balance. We looked at the company’s website to find out what the Green Dot corporation cancellation policy stipulates.

The Green Dot cancellations section of the help center recommends that you utilize all the money left in the account. Once your Green Dot card balance is $0, call the customer service and request to have your card cancelled. The company website does not provide information about Green Card cancellation fees or cash back.  Check your Green Dot account agreement for any additional information on cancellation.

How to cancel Green Dot card

5.      How Do Green Dot Corporation Cards Work?

According to the company website and Green Dot FAQs,  they offer different types of cards and each has its own features.

You can get a Green Dot debit card at a retail store and then register it on website. Once you register the Green Dot card, you automatically get an unlimited cash back account. With the card, you also get 3% interest on savings, 3% cash back, free reload using the app and withdrawals at Green Dot ATM locations.

The Green Dot secured debit card is different from the credit and debit cards in that you can use it to rebuild your credit history, and you are required to make a $200 minimum security deposit.

You can check your Green Dot card balance either by logging into your account on company's website or on the Green Dot app. Alternatively, you can link your Green Dot account to your phone number to receive transaction notifications.

Green Dot reload can be done at any Reload@theregister location near you.  Note that reload service fees and limits will apply.

It appears that along with  positive Green Dot reviews, there are numerous complaints about the company across various review platforms. Poor customer service, fraud and delivery issues are some of the top Green Dot reviews to be aware of. On the other hand, the company has a nationwide reach making it services easily accessible.

For more information about the Green Dot corporation:

  • Check out Green Dot reviews on PissedConsumer and other review websites.
  • Visit
  • Contact the Green Dot customer service.

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