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Roblox, a gaming company based in California, has created a platform for imaginative players to create characters, build worlds, develop their own versions and adaptations of games, and come together to play them. is a popular gaming platform for young gamers, and it remains popular with teens and young adults as well who enjoy the creative aspects and the flexibility of new developments. At times, however, questions or issues arise and gamers or their parents need to reach Roblox customer service. Based on reviews, those interactions aren’t always as enjoyable as the game itself. 

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Number of Reviews – 12.6K

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Claimed Losses – $14.6 million

Successful Calls – 13%/66.8K

Resolved Issues – 70

To help you seek a solution with the company, we’ve compiled the answers to these Roblox questions below.

1. How Can I Contact Roblox Customer Service?

For general answers about issues like a Roblox refund or safety concerns, you might start your search in their FAQs.

While these are not interactive, they do provide a great deal of specific information. If you have Roblox complaints or questions that are more specific, you can contact support.

You can reach Roblox customer service in several ways. In addition to a large collection of online articles and resources, you can also reach out directly to the company about billing or account issues by calling the Roblox customer service number at 1-888-858-2569.

You can also contact Roblox through the online help form on the Contact us page of their website and email the company directly.

Another option might be to contact Roblox through one of its social media sites. The company uses social platforms to post information and announcements, but consumers often reply or leave comments with their Roblox reviews and questions.

You may be able to connect with Roblox through their social media pages (@roblox) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

2. Is Roblox Safe?

Safety in online games is always a concern, especially for parents of younger children who may enjoy playing. So, is Roblox safe? The company attempts to address some of the most popular safety questions through a special section of its website on Safety and Civility.

Despite the efforts by the company to address parent concerns like “is Roblox safe for kids”, reviews tell a story that is a bit less polished. According to Roblox reviews, many players have had safety concerns with the website. They have left Roblox complaints about accounts being hacked and fighting unauthorized charges. Some have had experiences with inappropriate content through the site.

In his review (#3406501), a grandfather explained that his granddaughter made a small purchase of Robux (the in-game currency of Roblox) with his credit card. After the initial purchase, “someone hacked her account and bought 5 10 dollar purchases of Robux.” The reviewer disputed the charges immediately and left his review hoping to be contacted by Roblox support.

There are thousands of reviews with similar stories of extra charges, hacked accounts, being locked out of accounts, and frustrations with resolving issues with customer service.

So, is Roblox safe? While the company might be working hard to make it that way, when millions of people gather in online games and communities, there seem to always be those who want to take advantage of others.

3. What Can I Do If My Roblox Account Was Hacked?

According to Roblox reviews, account hacking is very common. If you’ve had your Roblox account hacked, you will likely not be able to log into your account as the hacker likely changed the password. You may also be told by others that your account has interacted strangely with other ones. Finally, purchases charged to your account that you didn’t make is also a guarantee you’ve had your Roblox account hacked.

While your first instinct might be to contact Roblox, you may be able to sort the hacking issue out yourself using the online instructions the company has published.

According to the online instructions by Roblox customer service, if you believe your account has been hacked, you should be able to recover your account by following three steps.

  • First, remove any malware like off-site downloads or browser extensions.
  • Then, reset your password through Roblox.
  • Finally, Roblox recommends setting up two-step verification to help protect your account moving forward.

If you are not able to reset your password and you find yourself still locked out, you are encouraged to contact Roblox customer service to verify your identity. You can contact the company through the online email form set up for Roblox complaints and questions. You might also reach the company by calling the Roblox customer service number at 1-888-858-2569.

4. How to Delete a Roblox Account?

If you are looking to delete your account and cancel Roblox, you will need to follow the instructions. If you’ve had your Roblox account hacked or you simply don’t use the account anymore and worry about safety, it makes sense to cancel any membership and delete your account.

If you are trying to cancel a reoccurring membership on your phone, you will need to cancel purchases made in the browser version of through the browser. According to the Roblox cancellation policy, you must cancel a mobile membership, you can choose to cancel the membership through the Settings app of an Apple device or in your Google account if you have an android device.

If you’re looking to cancel a subscription through a laptop or PC, you can cancel Roblox through the browser. According to the Roblox cancellation policy page, you can easily cancel your membership by opening Settings, then Billing, and then selecting Cancel Renewal.

The cancellation page encourages customers to contact the Roblox support number or email for assistance if they are not able to cancel their accounts following these instructions. To delete your Roblox account including any of the personal information the company has about you, you must contact the company through the online support form. Then, select the option under “Data Privacy Requests” to begin the process of deleting your account.

5. How to Refund Items on Roblox? supports in-app purchases. This creates the possibility of making accidental purchases, or if your account is hacked, you may be charged for unauthorized purchases. If you are trying to cancel Roblox purchases and get a refund, you will be subject to the company’s policies.

Be warned that if you suspect fraudulent charges on your Roblox account and start the dispute proceedings with the bank before contacting the company, you won't be eligible for a refund later on.

To resolve an authorized or accidental purchase through Google Play or the browser, you are asked to contact the company through the Roblox support page. Unauthorized charges made through Microsoft, Amazon or Apple devices or services must be disputed with those service providers. 

These are Roblox consumers’ top questions. If your question hasn’t been addressed, you may use one of the options below to get an answer:

  • Ask the company via our Questions and Answers section.
  • Contact the business using Roblox customer service info on
  • Post a review to share your experience with others, and get an insight on how to solve your problem.

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