Consumers have many questions that appear on the Roblox Questions and Answers page as well as in reviews. We found the majority of Roblox complaints and questions on Pissed Consumer can be broken down into the following categories:

The Most Popular Consumer Questions about Roblox

Below is a summary of questions, in no particular order, that Roblox consumers have asked the most.

1. How do I contact Roblox customer service?

Roblox customer service team can help users with billing and account related questions. For questions about site features, game play or building, consumers can visit the Roblox Wiki and read Help Articles on company's website. Customers may also see if their questions are answered in the Roblox FAQs. Users can call the Roblox customer support by phone number 1 (888) 858-2569, or complete the online help form at or send correspondence to the company mailing address.

2. What do I do if my account was hacked?

The Roblox customer help team encourages users to check their computers for off-site downloads and/or browser extensions that might have made their computers vulnerable. If users do see something from a third party that could have been from a malicious site, it needs to be deleted. The site advises:

“You'll need to get rid of this first before any password resets can be done. Run a full virus scan on your computer to remove harmful files and programs. Restart your computer and run the scan one more time to be safe.”

recover hacked roblox account

After removing any suspicious downloads or extensions, users should reset their passwords. The Roblox Corporation also recommends that users enable 2-step verification as an added security measure for their account. This feature can be found under Security in Settings.

If resetting the password doesn't work, the company suggests contacting Roblox Customer Service because company wants to ensure they are talking to the original account owner.
The company states:

“The best way is for users and parents to contact us from the first email address added to the account or from the billing email address that was used for the very first payment made on the account,” the site advises.

how to reset roblox password

3. How do I get free Robux on

The company states in its Roblox FAQs that there is no way to earn free Robux.

how to get free robux

However, users can obtain Robux in different ways, as described below.

how can I earn robux

4. What can I do if I didn't get my Robux from

Roblox FAQs section answers this question by urging users to view their purchased Robux and make sure they are logged into the account which made the purchase.

How to view Purchased Robux consumer questions that require more detailed options and/or user devices on how to resolve problems fall under the categories listed below.

Where's my Robux

I didn't get the Robux

5. What do I do if I have an unauthorized charge from Roblox Corporation?

The company directs any consumer questions regarding unauthorized charges to its Help Section. suggests consumers that have questions regarding unauthorized charges to credit cards, debit cards, or PayPal accounts should contact Roblox Customer Support for assistance.

Roblox also asks that when reporting any unauthorized charges, users should provide a list of the charges by date and amount, their billing name, last four digits of the card and their Roblox username.

unauthorrized charges by Roblox

After receiving this information, Roblox customer help will investigate the matter and assist users with a refund request. Company asks users to contact them before disputing any charges with credit card lenders or banks because  “…Once a charge is disputed, Roblox may be unable to provide a direct or immediate refund due to the dispute process…”.

Users should also inform the Roblox Corporation if an unauthorized charge came from a mobile provider such as Google Play, iTunes, Xbox, Windows, and Amazon. The company says:

“Although these purchases will appear on any linked credit card or account that you have associated with your mobile provider, it's important to let us know the 3rd party service where the charges were made.”

The Roblox Corporation also states that they are unable to refund charges from certain providers.

“…Please be aware that we are not able to refund charges for certain mobile providers including iTunes, Amazon, and Microsoft. You will need to contact their customer support teams separately. However, we do request that you alert us to unauthorized charges on these platforms so that we can investigate the associated accounts to prevent further fraudulent charges whenever possible.”

unauthorized Roblox charge from mobile provider

6. How do I get a refund from Roblox?

According to Roblox terms, all payments are final and not refundable or exchangeable, except as required by applicable law.

how to get Roblox refund

7. What can I do if I forgot my password or username?

According to the Roblox FAQs, passwords can be reset following the steps below:

how to reset roblox passwordhow can I reset Roblox password

If the above steps don't fix the problem, the business suggests contacting Roblox customer service team.

how to contact Roblox customer service

8. Can I transfer my Builders Club membership to a different Roblox account or from one Roblox account to another?

According to Roblox FAQs, Builders Club memberships and assets, such as Robux and items, are non-transferable.

transfer Roblox Builders Club membership

9.Why was I banned from

Roblox Corporation states in its Community Rules that bans can occur for many reasons listed in the terms of service. They include hate speech or actions, impersonation, defamation, threats, looking for dates, sexual content, discrimination, and unethical or illegal activities.

why i was banned by Roblox

10. Why was my account deleted?

Similar to being banned, Roblox explains in its Community Rules the various reasons why an account may be terminated. Usually this occurs after being warned about repeated violations of terms.

Why was my Roblox account deleted

11. How do I report inappropriate behavior on Roblox?

Roblox Corporation asks that users use the "Report Abuse" feature located on their site to report inappropriate behavior to moderators. There are different ways to report abuse, but anything users find that is inappropriate, such as games, chats, advertisements, or other abuse, can be reported by following the steps below.

how to report Roblox violation

Users can select how games are violating rules.

roblox report inappopriate media

report violations on roblox

Users can also report inappropriate chats, for the detailed instruction go to Roblox Support "How to Report Rule Violations" tab.

report Roblox chat

Gamers can report in-game abuse if they assume that Roblox rules were violated.

report roblox abuse

report roblox in-game abuse

These are Roblox consumers’ top questions. If your question hasn’t been addressed, you may use one of the options below to get an answer:

  • Ask the company via our Questions and Answers section.
  • Contact the business using Roblox customer service info on
  • Post a review to share your experience with others, and get an insight on how to solve your problem.

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