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Daniele B and her husband are dedicated Amazon shoppers. But they questioned their faith in the company one day when they encountered scammers through their Amazon account. In her review on PissedConsumer, Daniele reported that her husband called Amazon while the couple was setting up their new Amazon Fire Stick. Daniele complained of an Amazon scam when a scammer posing as a service tech “charged two gift cards on our card.

Amazon review about calls

Common Issues with Amazon

There are almost ten thousand Amazon reviews on, and many of them deal with issues like those described by Daniele. Most online reviews discuss issues with the Amazon customer service number and reaching a representative with questions. Still, others involve customers trying to contact Amazon about damaged items and running into frustration.

In her case, Daniele and her husband “called our credit card company immediately and reported it.” They say the scam continued when the Amazon scammer tried to have the couple email the illegally purchased gift cards to the scammer. Thankfully, according to the Amazon complaint that the couple left, their credit card company intervened to help.

However, according to this consumer, the drama wasn’t over just yet. Daniele and her husband managed to contact Amazon about scam and initially didn’t find the answer they were looking for. As stated in their reviews, Amazon wanted Daniele and her husband to “pay for the two items first” before the company could offer a resolution.

Daniele and her husband are just two of the thousands of Pissed Consumer reviewers frustrated with an Amazon call. There have been 1416 Amazon reviews left on since January of 2021. According to those online reviews, consumers have lost a combined total of $7.6 million.

20 percent of customers who call the Amazon phone number through the review platform have led to resolution. Even with some issues resolved, many other complaints have not been addressed to a customer’s satisfaction.

Scam of Selling Defective Products

Bindu V. left a written review about her experiences with Amazon customer service. Later she explains the situation in more detail in an update through video review. In her original Amazon review, Bindu explained that “5 times and two different sellers (two different brands) delivered defective/broken machine.” She is convinced that Amazon India “runs a scam of selling products that are not genuine.”

In her video review, Bindu adds a bit more explanation to her story. Bindu ordered a vacuum cleaner during a special Amazon sale. The vacuum arrived broken. When she called the Amazon phone number for a replacement, they initially told her she was stuck with the purchase because the sale was over.

After pushing back in her Amazon call, Bindu was able to get a second item delivered, which also turned out to be defective.  Bindu repeated these steps five different times, and each time she was sent a bad product from a variety of different companies.

Each time this consumer called the Amazon phone number, she was helped by customer service but she felt the middlemen who work with Amazon India were sending her defective products. Finally, Bindu gave up, sent back the last defective vacuum, and got a full refund. She recommends that customers “Buy only books on amazon india.

Bindu was able to find a financial solution to her problem with Amazon. Thankfully, after continuing to work with the company's customer service, Daniele and her husband were also able to resolve the issue with Amazon scammers and the charges on their account.

Amazon review update resolved

In her updated Amazon complaints, Daniele explained that the company did fix the issue and that she had “been provided with a full refund.” After reading the email, she sent to Amazon customer service about “someone pretending to be their technician, who then charged some items” for his own use, the company removed all charges.

Charged for Canceled Amazon Prime

Not every customer leaving reviews on Pissed Consumer can mark their issue as resolved, however. Many more customers are like Summer who canceled Amazon Prime but was charged for the service anyhow.

In her review (#2758524), she explains that she and her fiancé canceled the Amazon Prime service but that a refund has not been issued despite waiting at least 3-5 business days. According to her review, the Amazon Prime charge “was made for multiple months” and the complaint is still unresolved.

Amazon Prime review about charges after cancellation

Scam Via Amazon Calls

A reviewer in Texas, Chucky B. has an even larger unresolved issue with Amazon. According to Chucky’s review, Amazon employees have “scammed out of $18500.00, not including shipping and handling costs.

In his review (#2639438), Chucky explains that “I went through Amazon customer service via phone and your employees ripped me off.” After having his computer cleaned and internet disconnected, changing banks and credit card accounts, Chucky is still fighting theft that originated after a call to Amazon customer service. The title of his review suggests Chucky has turned his complaint over to the FBI due to his frustration with a lack of response from Amazon employees.

Amazon review scammed via phone

Tips for Using Amazon Safely:

Amazon is a huge website and its business model supports a marketplace of buyers and sellers. To keep your money and financial accounts safe on the site, consider following a few basic tips for best use.

  • Buy only Amazon Prime. It sends items that are stored directly in an Amazon warehouse and the company is able to work with refunds and replacements through Prime. This isn’t always true for items purchased without Amazon Prime.
  • Read reviews. If a seller or product has no or only a few reviews, it is highly suspect. Look for items or sellers with hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews to show that they are a legitimate seller.
  • Look for odd grammar or spelling. Legitimate sellers work hard to make listings attractive to buyers and will proofread for grammar and spelling issues. If a listing barely has any information or there are many obvious grammar and spelling mistakes, move on to a different listing before buying.
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