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If you want to buy car seat covers, bedding, curtains, towels, bathroom accessories, and home décor items, Beddinginn offers a wide range of products at affordable prices.

However, before you make your order, establish that Beddinginn is safe. Find out if the Beddinginn customer service is easy to reach and helpful. Are the products as advertised and of high quality? What are the Beddinginn cancellation, return, and refund policies?

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Number of Beddinginn reviews – 1.1K

Beddinginn rating* – 1.6 ⭐⭐

Claimed losses – $170K

Successful calls – 2.1K

Resolved issues – 18

We provide an overview of Bedding reviews, ratings, and answers to frequently asked questions:

  1. Is Beddinginn safe?
  2. How do I contact customer service?
  3. How does the coupon system work?
  4. Where is Beddinginn located?
  5. How can I track my order?
  6. How to cancel my order?
  7. How to get a refund?

1. Is Beddinginn Safe?

Beddinginn is an online supplier of bedding sets, car seat covers, and home décor items. They offer thousands of products and ship to over 230 countries worldwide. Their website states that they aim to provide high-quality, fashionable items at reasonable prices. The company also provides different Beddinginn coupon codes to make the items affordable to customers.

Is Beddinginn legit: company information


Is Beddinginn legit? We looked at Beddinginn reviews on and other forums to establish if they are reliable.

Most reviewers on are dissatisfied with Beddinginn. The company has an average 1.6-star rating. There are numerous Beddinginn complaints regarding poor customer service, missing items, false advertising, double billing, and difficulty canceling orders, returning items, and getting refunds.

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2. How Do I Contact BeddingInn's Customer Service? recommends that customers contact their customer service via email. You can write directly to the Beddinginn customer service email at or use the “Send E-mail to Us” link on the Contact Us page.

How to contact Beddinginn?

A Beddinginn phone number is provided on their Facebook page: +86 512 8588 9920. You can call during working hours between Monday and Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time + 8 hours.

Although Beddinginn has Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, their customer support doesn’t interact with the customers in the comments sections. You can attempt to reach the company by sending a direct message to its social media pages.

According to the Beddinginn complaints, i.e., review #4004257, some customers have difficulty finding the company’s contact information. Others do not get a response to their phone calls or emails. The few that got through said that Beddinginn customer service representatives were unhelpful or rude. The poor customer service often makes customers question: is Beddinginn legit?

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3. How Does Bedding Inn's Coupon System Work?

Beddinginn offers customers different coupon codes they can apply at checkout to get a discount on their order. You can get Beddinginn coupon codes if:

  • You register as a buyer on You get a one-time $5 coupon that you can apply on orders above $70.
  • Pay for an item on the website. You get a 10% coupon code for your order amount. The code expires in 60 calendar days.
  • Share the Beddinginn website on your social media pages. You will get a $5 coupon that you can apply on orders above $50. The coupon is only valid for 7 days.
  • Check the website's promotions. Valid for the stipulated promotion period.

The Beddinginn coupon policy provides that only coupons generated and distributed by are valid. Each code can only be used once.

Several Beddinginn complaints indicate that customers could not apply their coupon codes when making an order as they kept getting an error message. However, this could happen if the coupon code is expired.

Beddinginn consumer reviews

4. Where Is Beddinginn Located?

Beddinginn reviews indicate that customers are not sure where Bedding is located. An aspect that makes them wonder, is Beddinginn legit?

According to, the company’s name is Sun On the Cloud Technology Co., Limited. A simple Google search for Sun On the Cloud Technology Co., Limited shows that it is incorporated in Hong Kong, China, although the exact location is not indicated.

Beddinginn contact information

However, the Terms of Services page has contradictory information on the company's location. Although it confirms that the company’s name is Sun On the Cloud Technology Co., Limited, it is indicated that the company is located in the UK and governed by UK laws.

The provided Beddinginn location is:

E16 1AH

Beddinginn company address

5. How Can I Track My Beddinginn Order?

Numerous Bedding reviews show that some customers do not get a confirmation after checking out their order. Others get a tracking number, but when they attempt to track their order on the indicated shipping company’s website, they get an error. Worse still, it is difficult to reach Beddinginn customer service to follow up on orders.

Therefore, we checked to find the right procedure for tracking an order.

According to the website, once they ship out your order, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you used to sign up for a Beddinginn account. The confirmation email contains your order information, including your tracking number.

You can also see your Beddinginn track order information by logging into your account, then clicking the “View Detail” button for the specific order. An order tracking column will come up with all the information about the order.

Beddinginn track order

6. How Do I Cancel My Beddinginn Order?

Beddinginn states that orders for custom-made items and curtains canceled within the first 24 hours of payment confirmation will be eligible for a full refund. For orders canceled after the first 24 hours of purchase but before the product is shipped, the company offers 50 percent of the product cost as well as the shipping cost.

However, the company states that once an order has been shipped, it cannot be canceled.

Orders that are not custom-made and are not canceled before being shipped will be eligible for a full refund. However, once orders have been shipped, they can no longer be canceled.

Apparently, customers should email the company about any cancellations, as the only instruction in the company’s cancellation policy is as follows:

“…If you have further inquires of your order after the shipment, please contact us at or chat with us online.”

Bedding Inn cancelation policy

This method has not worked out well for some customers, and it is also a common BeddingInn complaint. In one BeddingInn review left on PissedConsumer (#1398811), the customer claimed that he or she had a terrible time when he or she attempted to call BeddingInn's phone number and cancel an order that was inadvertently ordered twice. The customer eventually had their credit card blocked so no further money would be taken and the customer was left wondering if the company was legitimate.

“... There is no where to cancel the order. There are not phone numbers inside of the US to call … I tried to call using two numbers that I found online. Bother were outside of the US. Neither number connected ...”

7. How Do I Get a Refund From

According to their website, the Beddinginn refund policy aims at ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with your order, you can return the items within 7 days of delivery. To be eligible for a refund, the items should be unused, undamaged, and in their original packaging and tags. However, custom items, bath, and intimate category items are not returnable.

To initiate a return, contact Beddinginn customer service via email. Or, call the Bedding phone number for a prompt response. The after-sale representatives will advise on whether your items are eligible for return and provide you with a designated address to send them. You are responsible for return shipping costs.

Once you send back the items, provide the after-sale staff with the relevant Beddinginn track order information for the shipped items, including the registered email address, item code, order number, and package list.

Beddinginn offers a full refund on faulty or damaged items due to a mistake on its part. However, if you applied the Beddinginn coupon codes on your purchase, the discounted amount will be deducted from the refund.

Typically, refunds are processed within 24 hours after receiving the returned items. The refund amount is deposited to the payment method you used to make the order.  You should receive the refund within 1 week if you paid via PayPal and up to a month for a Credit card.

Beddinginn refund policy

Although the help center clearly stipulates the process for returning items for a refund, numerous Beddinginn reviews show that customers have challenges with returning items and getting refunds. Sometimes, they do not get a response to their calls or emails to initiate the return. Other times, the after-sale representatives declare the items unreturnable without good reason. Yet, in some instances, customers return the items but never get a refund.

For example, in Beddinginn review #1466715, the customer expressed frustration with the company regarding poor customer service, false advertising, and inability to ship the items back.

In the video reviews, the customer reports that the website indicated that the ordered bedsheet was cotton. However, on delivery, they were not cotton but rather Tencel cotton. She packaged the items in brand-new condition, unused, and with the original packaging, only to get to the post office and realize that the shipping costs would be $70, the same amount she ordered the bedsheets for. Besides, Beddinginn offered a partial refund of $35, not the full amount. She ended up not returning the items.

Bottom Line

Although Beddinginn offers a wide range of products at affordable prices, there are numerous complaints to be aware of before making your order. The top Bedding complaints are regarding poor customer service.

Notably, it is difficult to access customer support as Beddinginn phone number often does not go through. The company recommends that customers reach out via email, but even so, they do not provide a timely response.

Another commonly reported issue is that customer orders often go missing, and customers cannot track them or get assistance from Beddinginn customer service. This is because the company does not always provide a confirmation email with Bedding track order information.

Other issues include unclear company location that makes returns difficult, poor product quality, false advertising, and wrongful billing.

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