Customers have many questions about BeddingInn. Most of them are related to the company's customer service, canceling orders, how coupons work and how to get a refund from the company. We searched through the company's website and looked through BeddingInn FAQs to find solutions for the most common BeddingInn complaints, which we have listed below.

  1. How do I contact customer service?
  2. How do I cancel my BeddingInn order?
  3. How does the coupon system work?
  4. How do I get a refund from

Reading through BeddingInn reviews and complaints should give consumers a general idea of what to expect when placing an order with the company. If you have a question for BeddingInn that has not been answered, you can ask it on the BeddingInn Questions & Answers section on Pissed Consumer's website or leave a review via our Reviews page. Maybe someone will have an answer.

1. How Do I Contact BeddingInn's Customer Service?

According to the company’s website, customers can contact BeddingInn’s customer service department either by emailing or by calling the BeddingInn phone number at 86-512-85889920. The company’s hours are listed Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time + 8 hours. Customers can also mail the company at:


13535 Marquardt Avenue

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

According to 19 BeddingInn customer care reviews, poor customer service is a top BeddingInn complaint. Several Pissed Consumer users have had negative experiences with BeddingInn’s customer help department. In one BeddingInn review, a customer claimed that when they received something they did not order, they had a difficult time resolving the issues.

They reportedly ordered curtains for $350 and instead received sheers that were of very poor quality. When the customer called BeddingInn's phone number to speak to customer help to work something out, he or she claimed that BeddingInn urged them to keep the sheers and even offered them coupons instead of giving them a refund. The customer also said that it took almost a month for the shipment to arrive.

“... Very frustrating customer service and very bad experience . DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. They are scam and criminal.”

Another BeddingInn review detailed a similar experience, in which the customer claiming he or she received something not ordered. In this case, the customer claimed that BeddingInn’s customer help department tried to convince them to keep the order and also offered them a $10 coupon. The customer did not return the item because it would have cost them $52. The customer said he or she was now stuck with a product he or she would never use or give to anyone.

"…They tried getting me to keep product and would credit me $10USD. I started to return it and it was going to cost me $52 ro send it back so i ended up keeping a product I will never use or give to anyone..."

2. How Do I Cancel My Order?

BeddingInn states that orders for custom-made items and curtains canceled within the first 24 hours of payment confirmation will be eligible for a full refund. For orders canceled after the first 24 hours of purchase but before the product is shipped, the company offers 50 percent of the product cost as well as the shipping cost.

However, the company states that once an order has been shipped, it cannot be canceled.

Orders that are not custom-made and are not canceled before being shipped will be eligible for a full refund. However, once orders have been shipped, they can no longer be canceled.

Apparently, customers should email the company about any cancellations, as the only instruction in the company’s cancellation policy is as follows:

“…If you have further inquires of your order after the shipment, please contact us at or chat with us online.”

Bedding Inn cancelation policy

 This method has not worked out well for some customers, and it is also a common BeddingInn complaint. In one BeddingInn review left on Pissed Consumer, the customer claimed that he or she had a terrible time when he or she attempted to call BeddingInn's phone number and cancel an order that was inadvertently ordered twice. The customer eventually had their credit card blocked so no further money would be taken and the customer was left wondering if the company was legitimate.

“... There is no where to cancel the order. There are not phone numbers inside of the US to call … I tried to call using two numbers that I found online. Bother were outside of the US. Neither number connected ...”

3. How Does Bedding Inn's Coupon System Work? allows customers to use many coupon codes with their orders. New customers are given $5 coupons when they open an account. Customers also receive coupon codes when they pay for an order through the website. These coupons are valued at 10 percent of their total order with a maximum of $50.

In addition, BeddingInn's FAQ states that customers also get coupon codes when they share something from BeddingInn’s website to their Facebook, Twitter or other social media websites. Customers can also get coupons code from various BeddingInn promotions.

According to BeddingInn, coupons can be easily applied in the column at the bottom of their shopping cart when they are checking out.

For returning customers, the amount of coupons is explained below:

  • $5 of coupons can be used on orders equal to or greater than $100
  • $10 of coupons can be used on orders equal to or greater than $150
  • $15 of coupons can be used on orders equal to or greater than $200
  • $20 of coupons can be used on orders equal to or greater than $250
  • $25 of coupons can be used on orders equal to or greater than $300
  • $30 of coupons can be used on orders equal to or greater than $350

Bedding Inn coupon codes

BeddingInn’s coupon policy is listed below.

  • Coupon codes will be generated and distributed by
  • The face value of Coupon will be deducted in the case of refunds.
  • Minimum order amounts must be met in order to redeem a coupon code.
  • For every coupon code, you can only apply it at the time when you place the order, but can’t use it after the order has been made.

Bedding Inn coupon policy

4. How Do I Get a Refund from BeddingInn.Com?

BeddingInn’s website states that if customers are not 100 percent satisfied with the quality of their purchase, they should contact BeddingInn’s customer support department first before attempting to return or exchange any items.

Custom made items can’t be returned or exchanged. In addition, items from the “bath" and “intimate” categories are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

BeddingInn's return policy has a 7-day window, and the company claims that refunds will be issued as soon as returned packages are confirmed.

Items must be unused, undamaged and in their original packaging with all of the original labels attached.

Customers are responsible for return shipping costs.

Customers must contact BeddingInn’s customer service department first to receive all the information necessary for making a return.

Bedding Inn refund policy

Some customers have had issues with this policy primarily because they have been unable to contact anyone at the company, making the problem of getting a refund a recurring BeddingInn complaint. In one BeddingInn review, a customer wrote that he or she had sent three email messages within the last couple of weeks to resolve an issue and had not heard back from anyone.

" … When I tried to use their Live Chat all I get is 'Our agents are not available at the moment.' There is no other option to contact this company. How they even are still in business? Maybe there is simply not such a product and it is a false advertising ..."

In another BeddingInn review, a customer claimed that the company deliberately deceived customers because they made it seem as though the company was located in the United States when it is actually located in China.

" … We think it is inappropriate to charge the customers for the return shipping after deliberately misinforming them about the quality of the products and neglecting to note from where it is shipped … "

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